Concerns About Access Follow Guelph Chamber Debate

When it comes to local campaign, the major event of any race is the debate hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. But the Chamber is under fire from a couple of different corners after this past Wednesday’s debate, from accusations of not allowing access, to being undemocratic, to not being able to watch the debate live on Rogers. Continue reading “Concerns About Access Follow Guelph Chamber Debate”

RECAP: The Guelph Chamber’s Federal Candidates Debate

On Wednesday night, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce held its regular candidates debate in the council chambers of City Hall. It was a first for new Chamber President and CEO Shakiba Shayani, and it featured a rare appearance by the Conservative candidate. Many questions were asked, and many were answered. Here’s the recap. Continue reading “RECAP: The Guelph Chamber’s Federal Candidates Debate”

United Way Campaigner Shayani Takes the Helm of the Guelph Chamber

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce has announced its new President and Chief Executive Officer, and it’s a face that’s familiar to Guelph’s charitable pursuits and the non-profit sector. Shakiba Shayani  will be the new head of the Chamber effective September 9. Continue reading “United Way Campaigner Shayani Takes the Helm of the Guelph Chamber”