The Unofficial List of Guelph-Based Podcasts

It was an idle thought that passed my mind earlier this week, but I put it to Twitter: is there a list of podcasts made in Guelph, and/or by Guelphites. As it turned out, it looks like there’s not. Until now. Thanks to the suggestions of others, and my own brief research on Google, I’ve compiled here an unofficial, ongoing list of Guelph podcasts. Listen and learn, and if you know about something that isn’t on here, feel free to let me know.

100% Candice – “Just a girl trying to get her joy back.”
Canned Con Cast – “A podcast where we talk.”
Command+Edit – “Improve your life as an editor – both at your desk and away from it.”
Don’t Get Any – “Two roommates who write stuff because they’re privileged suburban Jewish kids and they think people care what they have to say.”
End Credits – “A local movie show for local movie fans.”
Folk Roots Radio – “Folk, roots, Americana, alt. country and blues… and air artist interviews.”
Guelph Politicast – “Issues, personalities, and politics from around Guelph, ON, Canada.”
History of New Wave – A history of the New Wave music genre.
The Jeopardy! Fan – “Contributed recaps, live panels, stats, and more from a hopeful contestant and the fan community!”
Kazoo!Fest Podcast – “A series of podcasts featuring artists performing or exhibiting work at the festival.”
Keep Calm and Beer On – “Music, Mayhem and Craft Beer Review”
Kreative Kontrol – Vish Khanna on “Music, Culture, and More”
Open Sources Guelph – “A weekly current affairs and political discussion show.”
Podcasts with Gury Gury – “Podcast weblog for the Canada’s Most popular SALSA DJ Gury Gury.”
Rogues Cast – “Your main source for all the geeky madness that happens when we’re in a room together.”
Speed River Delta – “Stories and music from the folks who live here.”
Talking Turkey – “A meta-conversational podcast with Neil & James.”
University of Guelph Podcast – “Showcasing the latest presentations, lectures, and events from around the University”
The Village Podcast– Chat about books and movies from Guelph’s famous Bookshelf.
Wikazaru– “This is a podcast dedicated to honoring the best loved music of our guests. We talk to interesting people about interesting music.”

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