Changes to Guelph Politico Coming in 2018

In the interest of taking stock, as usual, at the end of the year, let us now look ahead to the coming year, and what changes you might expect on your favourite local political site. No! I mean Guelph Politico. Here are seven goals that we can all look forward to in the coming 12 months. Continue reading “Changes to Guelph Politico Coming in 2018”

Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2017

It’s the end of the year, and that means that it’s time for lists. Lists and more lists. Top 10s on every conceivable subject. Guelph Politico also likes to do lists this time of year, and the subject we chose is the Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of the Year. From retirements to mergers, from reviews stalled and reviews achieved, and from one renovation project nearing completion to another finally making it on the books, it was another busy year in the Royal City. Let’s countdown the hits in order… Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2017”

What Kind of Does Guelph Want Right Now?

What matters to the people of Guelph? That’s a question those of us in the media struggle with all the time. So I decided to look at the website to see what people in Guelph have been caring about this summer, and what issues, ideas and challenges they’re trying to draw attention to. Think pets. Think transit. Think the environment. See what difference some people on are trying to make for Guelph below. Continue reading “What Kind of Does Guelph Want Right Now?”

The Annotated Market Squared Column About the “Upside Down” of Guelph

Back in May, I posted a fairly consequential column to Called “We need to talk about Guelph”, this piece took on a life of its own and started a really positive and intricate discussion about the tremendous need in our community. When the column was shared on the “Overheard at Guelph” Facebook page, someone said that they had wished that links had been included to some of the things discussed, and I thought, “Hey, I can do that…” Continue reading “The Annotated Market Squared Column About the “Upside Down” of Guelph”

EDITORIAL: Don’t Lament the Things We Lost, Protect What Remains

As far back as I could remember, I always wanted to work in a video store. Quentin Tarantino worked in a video store and he turned out okay. Randy, the movie geek in Scream movies, did as well, but that turned out less well. Be Kind, Rewind, a personal favourite of mine, was a movie about a couple of ne’er-do-wells trying to save their local street corner video store, but no amount of “Sueded” movies was going to save Thomas Video this year from the fate of so many other video stores. 2016 was a hard year for loss, but some losses, here in Guelph anyway, hurt more than others. Continue reading “EDITORIAL: Don’t Lament the Things We Lost, Protect What Remains”

Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2016

It’s that time of year for lists, a glorious time for ranking and evaluation people, places and things that happened in 2016, and Guelph Politico is no exception to the trend. So submitted for your approval below are the Top 10 Political Stories of the Year. Share. Discuss. Dissent. It’s all good. Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2016”

Allt-ernative Budget Thoughts

As you may know, Ward 3 Councillor Phil Allt will be absent from today’s #GuelphBudget meeting because he’d rather be selfish and go to the hospital and donate a kidney to his ailing brother. (Just kidding, of course.) So while Allt takes care of some family business, he leaves these thoughts about the City’s business, and what he thinks the priorities for the 2017 budget should be. Continue reading “Allt-ernative Budget Thoughts”

Reporter’s Notebook: What Does a Prime Minister Photo Op Look Like?

You may noticed that coverage of the Prime Minister’s visit to Guelph didn’t say much, because when Justin Trudeau was here he didn’t say anything. Well, he did talk to staff at Polycon, a plant owned by Magna on Independence Road, but nothing was said to the dozen or so in the local press that was there, no announcement, and no speech about the awesomeness of Guelph and/or Canadian manufacturing. Still, I’m sure there’s some curiosity out there: What does a prime ministerial photo op look like? Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: What Does a Prime Minister Photo Op Look Like?”