2022 Election Preview: Pandemic Politics and How Ontarians Will Vote

This is a politics website, and it’s hard to escape the knowledge that an election is coming next year. Actually, there are two elections coming in 2022, but for the purposes of this lengthy analysis piece, we will focus on the first one, the Ontario provincial election. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives were elected, but let’s look back at how this term began, look at where we are now, and then look at what might be coming next… Continue reading “2022 Election Preview: Pandemic Politics and How Ontarians Will Vote”

A Holiday Message from Guelph’s MPP

Its Christmas Day, and here is a present you definitely wanted: A holiday message from your Member of Provincial Parliament! Because you demanded it, here’s a holiday/end-of-year message from Guelph MPP and Green Party of Ontario leader presented here in both video and textual formats. Continue reading “A Holiday Message from Guelph’s MPP”

OP-ED: Will the Guelph Innovation District Be Everything We Want it To Be?

A few days ago, Guelph-based builder Fusion Homes announced that they had closed the deal to buy the Guelph Innovation District Lands. A slick video posted on social media promised “thousands of jobs, and endless new entertainment, shopping and dining experiences,” but was that the point of creating the GID in the first place? One concerned Guelphite wants the developer to remember the core ideas of the GID in the first place. Continue reading “OP-ED: Will the Guelph Innovation District Be Everything We Want it To Be?”

Painting the Town Orange and Other Stories: 2022 in Social Justice

Nearly one-year on from a seismic shift on equality and social justice felt in the year 2020, the demands for change were still heard loudly throughout 2021. From a very consequential decision made by the local school board, to a major break in the demand for Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous people, to all the various humanitarian and equity issues in between, this was a very busy year on the social justice file. Let’s recap. Continue reading “Painting the Town Orange and Other Stories: 2022 in Social Justice”

Top 10 Guelph News Stories of 2021

If it’s December, then it’s time for end of the year lists, and what a year it was in the Royal City! We had a not-surprising surprise election, and we had to get ready for two more. Housing was a major issue, but so was the environment, and the year saw a lot of people get back into the habit of protesting. Transit made some news, so did downtown disgruntlement, and the Dolime Quarry, but what ended up number one? Let’s find out. Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph News Stories of 2021”

OP-ED: A Thriving and Welcoming Downtown is Good Business

Guelph’s business community has begun the long and challenging process of rebuilding from the COVID-19 pandemic. For many businesses, rolling lockdowns and additional restrictions have caused significant hardships. Recovery will take time for all of us. Continue reading “OP-ED: A Thriving and Welcoming Downtown is Good Business”

OP-ED: Democracy Guelph Still Not Dissuaded from Supporting 12-Person Council

For the past 30 years or so Guelph has had 12 part-time city councillors. During that time the population of Guelph has increased from roughly 88,000 to 135,000, an almost 50 per cent increase. As such the demands on the 12 councillors have increased significantly and any councillor will tell you it is no longer a part-time commitment that is required to do the job properly. It is expected (and legislatively required by the province) that Guelph grows another 50 per cent to about 200,000 by 2050. These facts among others required the City to conduct a Council Review. Continue reading “OP-ED: Democracy Guelph Still Not Dissuaded from Supporting 12-Person Council”

OP-ED: Jay Wilson Talks About “Arts’ Immeasurable Value”

Lately we’ve seen the effects of the pandemic on the performing arts. Audiences have disappeared. Live performances have been replaced by online performance attempts. Artists are struggling. However, on the positive side, I’ve witnessed first-hand a storytelling experience that uses simple technology – the telephone – to bring joy to those who are locked away from social interactions and who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Continue reading “OP-ED: Jay Wilson Talks About “Arts’ Immeasurable Value””

Reporter’s Notebook: How Did it Feel to Get Vaccinated?

Since the advent of the first COVID-19 vaccine, and well before that during the course of their development, there was a lot of concern, both legitimate and erroneous, about the potential side effects. Doctors and public health officials have been pretty open about what to expect when you get the shot, but there’s no substitute for your own experience. So, for posterity, the author Guelph Politico will record here his reaction to his first COVID vaccine shot. Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: How Did it Feel to Get Vaccinated?”

VIDEO: A Call For Reasonable Compromise on the Patio Plan

Next Monday, city council will meet to ratify their decisions about the 2021-2023 patio program for downtown Guelph. Or change it. There’s been an undercurrent of dissatisfaction about the decision made to close downtown streets for special occasions only; some people want a summer-long closure, others want no closure or something in between. This has all the makings of A GREAT DEBATE! Continue reading “VIDEO: A Call For Reasonable Compromise on the Patio Plan”