CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Michelle Bowman, Ward 1 Councillor

“I became an environmental ecologist to help solve social-environmental problems. At this stage in my career, I can make a bigger impact in politics than in science. Our overall goal is to improve the wellbeing of Guelphites with the resources and influence available to us. My training and experience in multifaceted problem solving will help the city make objective and balanced decisions.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Michelle Bowman, Ward 1 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Justin Van Daele, Ward 4 Councillor

“Even during difficult financial times for most citizens, our council is out spending money like it’s never going to run out, especially if they keep taxing us as high as they are. It’s time for serious change and from what I’m hearing, Ward 4 is done being forgotten. I will make sure that doesn’t happen.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Justin Van Daele, Ward 4 Councillor”


“I am running for head of council so that I can help get us on a better path as a society: Where we all share the whole economic pie instead of giving most of it to a few corporations, leaving crumbs for the rest of us. One that leads to real environmental sustainability. To long overdue justice for indigenous peoples, as well as other people of colour.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Danny Drew, Mayor”


“Because Guelph needs a “Mayor” & we don’t have one. We have a “head of Council” under oath to THE CITY STATE & we have a GLOBAL MAYOR working for the World Economic Forum. Neither position works for us, in case you haven’t noticed.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Shelagh McFarlane, Mayor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings, Ward 4 Councillor

“I’ve always enjoyed helping constituents with their issues and concerns. I believe that the citizens of Ward 4 would continue to benefit from having a Councillor who has the knowledge and experience to effectively represent their needs and to continue supporting fiscal responsibility.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings, Ward 4 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Sam Elmslie, Ward 3 Councillor

I chose Guelph because it was the best of all the places I had been. I’ve made my most consequential relationships here, settled here, and can’t say enough about what the city has done for me personally. In return, I want to do my part to improve the lives of the people who live here. It’s already great. I just want to be part of the process of making it better. Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Sam Elmslie, Ward 3 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Dallas Green, Ward 3 Councillor

“The last Ward 3 Councillors have not taken homelessness and affordable housing seriously. That have voted against hundreds of new homes in Guelph as well as the “Home for Good” initiative, to help the homeless of Guelph. City council must start working together to provide the best for the city.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Dallas Green, Ward 3 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Lana Haines, Ward 5 Councillor

“I have always been active in the community and see this as an extension of my past work. I will advocate for a fiscally responsible and accountable local government. I believe having a team of people with diverse perspectives, who can work together, will benefit our city.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Lana Haines, Ward 5 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Cathy Downer, Ward 5 Councillor

“Guelph faces many challenges – climate change, impacts of growth, pandemic recovery, care for vulnerable people…and the list could go on. As a Guelph City Councillor I have taken a leadership role on many issues with positive outcomes. I want to continue with this important work with the support of Ward 5 residents.”
Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Cathy Downer, Ward 5 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Morgan Dandie, Ward 2 Councillor

“Since moving here, I have become involved in many aspects of the community, and now I want to be a Councillor for Ward 2 in order to provide service to the greatest number of people at the level of government closest to their day-to-day life. I believe I have the ability to to understand nuances of issues to address these seemingly different groups and collaborate to create a greater sense of community connection.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Morgan Dandie, Ward 2 Councillor”