Bail to the Chief! DeRuyter Announces Retirement from Guelph Police

Though we’ve been wondering who might fill the 13 seats around the city council chamber for the next term, there’s now going to be an especially big seat to fill next year in an office on the other side of the tracks from City Hall. Continue reading “Bail to the Chief! DeRuyter Announces Retirement from Guelph Police”

Transit Riders: the City and a New Advocacy Group Want Feedback!

Undoubtedly, there are issues with Guelph Transit. You’ve got yours, you’ve probably talked about them on social media and to friends, but now, two different groups in the city are ready to listen. Continue reading “Transit Riders: the City and a New Advocacy Group Want Feedback!”

Guelph is AA+ For Six Years Running (Financially Speaking)

In spite of all those public masturbators, Guelph continues to hold a very strong AA+ credit rating in the newest evaluation from Standard and Poors. In their humble estimation, Guelph looks very financially stable for the next few years, and, if we play our cards right, we might even get our credit status upgraded. Continue reading “Guelph is AA+ For Six Years Running (Financially Speaking)”

Council and Committee Meeting Dates Till 2019

We’re in the dog days of August, a time when there’s typically no city council meetings to occupy our political time. But this being an election year, the number of council and committee meetings this fall has been cut way back. Still, for those you making your fall schedules, here are the meetings coming up to make a note of. Continue reading “Council and Committee Meeting Dates Till 2019”

UPDATE: City & Union Voting on Agreement Tuesday; Buses Could Be Back Friday

For the TL;DR set, both the Guelph City Council and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1189 will be voting Tuesday to ratify the tentative agreement reached late last night. If it’s passed by both parties, City of Guelph buses could be back on the road as early as Friday allowing for at least two days for inspection of the vehicles and for transit services to make sure all routes and positions are properly scheduled. Continue reading “UPDATE: City & Union Voting on Agreement Tuesday; Buses Could Be Back Friday”

ELECTION 2018: Billings In, Van Hellemond Out

In the final hours of nominations for the 2018 Municipal Election, there was at least one surprise. While Christine Billings finally made official her intention to run for re-election, Andy Van Hellemond withdrew his name for consideration for one of the Ward 2 council seats. Continue reading “ELECTION 2018: Billings In, Van Hellemond Out”

Mlynarz Runs for Mayor, and Yes, She’s In It to Win It

With nominations for the municipal election closing on Friday, Mayor Cam Guthrie had just over four days left before being acclaimed as the head of Guelph’s city council for another four years. On Monday morning though, one candidate came forward to say “Not so fast”, and she made it clear that she’s not going to let you hold her youth and inexperience against her. Continue reading “Mlynarz Runs for Mayor, and Yes, She’s In It to Win It”

Xinyi, Police Cars and NAFTA Added to Monday’s Meeting Agenda

This Monday will be the last meeting of council before the traditional summer break, and while it looked to be mostly low key, with only the Plastic Free Guelph presentation being the main point of discussion, there are a couple of interesting additions on the amended agenda. Continue reading “Xinyi, Police Cars and NAFTA Added to Monday’s Meeting Agenda”

Mlynarz Decides to Try for Mayor Instead

She came within a quarter of a per cent of taking second place in Guelph’s provincial election race, but it sounds like she’s not prepared to settle for second this fall by running in the municipal election. Aggie Mlynarz has announced that she intends to run for Mayor of Guelph against the incumbent Cam Guthrie on October 22. Continue reading “Mlynarz Decides to Try for Mayor Instead”