RECAP: Guelph Provincial Election Candidates Face Off in First Debate

On the second full day of the 2022 Ontario provincial election, some of the candidates vying to be the next Member of Provincial Parliament for Guelph met for a live and in-person debate at Bishop Macdonell High School. Candidates took turns answer the issues important to young people like mental health, housing affordability, climate change and more. You watch the debate on YouTube, or follow the live tweets below. Continue reading “RECAP: Guelph Provincial Election Candidates Face Off in First Debate”

Busy First Morning Back at Queen’s Park Begins With More Sticker Drama

Members of Provincial Parliament and their staffs returned to Queen’s Park on Tuesday for the commencement of another legislative session, the last one before the Provincial Election, which is presently expected on June 2. For opposition parties and interest groups, it was a chance to talk about the challenges and issues still being caused by the pandemic, and for the Premier, it was a chance to just play politics. Continue reading “Busy First Morning Back at Queen’s Park Begins With More Sticker Drama”

Schreiner Calls for “Significant” Mental Health Investment for Young People

Ontario’s school students were supposed to be going back to in-person learning on Monday, but Mother Nature had other ideas. This probably came as a relief to parents, young people, teachers and other school staff who now have an extra day to psych themselves up, which makes you think again about the mental health cost of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner was thinking about it too. Continue reading “Schreiner Calls for “Significant” Mental Health Investment for Young People”

Local Mental Health is Looking for Help on Giving Tuesday

You may have heard about the mental health toll on people because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You may also know that outside of the pandemic there have been concerns for years about how we’ve been unable to keep pace with the demand for more mental health assistance. The first problem has been feeding the second, so for this year’s Giving Tuesday, local mental health agencies are asking you to help them. Continue reading “Local Mental Health is Looking for Help on Giving Tuesday”

Mayor’s Talk Covers Pandemic Exhaustion and Reasons for Hope

For the second time, Mayor Cam Guthrie marked World Mental Health Day with a Zoom event, and fittingly, the pandemic was the topic of conversation in this 22nd annual Mayor’s Talk on Mental Health. You might have been concerned that it was going to be kind of a bummer for those in attendance, but the talk was surprisingly hopeful because even though we’re all exhausted at this point in the pandemic, it should be noted that so is the virus. Continue reading “Mayor’s Talk Covers Pandemic Exhaustion and Reasons for Hope”

GUELPH POLITICAST #284 – Expanding the Mental Health Landscape

Last week, ground was broken for the future Centre for Children’s Mental Health and Developmental Services Building, which will come to be known as the Grove. When it opens in 2023, the Grove will offer 30 service providers across three floors helping 9,000 local children, youth and their families needing mental health and developmental services, support and treatment each year, and all courtesy of a unique and generous partnership. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #284 – Expanding the Mental Health Landscape”

Ground Broken for New Youth Mental Health Centre, Plus New Funding

Even before the pandemic, services for area youth, especially mental health services, have been sorely lacking. A giant leap forward was initiated on Thursday with the ground-breaking for the new Centre for Children’s Mental Health and Developmental Services Building. When it opens in less than two years, it will be a hub over 30 service providers and be a magnet for over 9,000 local children, youths and their families. Continue reading “Ground Broken for New Youth Mental Health Centre, Plus New Funding”

Police and CMHA Formally Ask for Help to Expand IMPACT Program

The Integrated Mobile Police and Crisis Team (IMPACT) program has been widely considered a success in Guelph when it comes to responding to residents suffering a metal health crisis. Despite its success though, IMPACT is still limited by how many hours in the day it can operate, which is why local stakeholders are reaching out to the Government of Ontario for financial assistance to make IMPACT available 24/7. Continue reading “Police and CMHA Formally Ask for Help to Expand IMPACT Program”

GUELPH POLITICAST #267 – The Science of Trauma

Over 15 per cent of our region has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, which means that we are slowly but surely putting the pandemic behind us. But once everyone’s gotten a shot, there’s going to be an even longer term recovery project to consider, which is how we will mentally recover from the pandemic. The last great COVID-19 health crisis will be fought inside each of us. Are we prepared? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #267 – The Science of Trauma”

GUELPH POLITICAST #264 – Step Up and Do Better

Exactly one week from today, it’s the one-year anniversary of the declaration of a state of emergency in Ontario. The days leading up to March 17, 2020 were the first test of our collective mental health, watching the number of COVID cases steadily increase until things started locking down. But the struggles didn’t end last March, and they show no signs of abating this current month even though the end of the pandemic may be near. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #264 – Step Up and Do Better”