Ontario Government Releases Pandemic Models, Changes Essential List

As promised, Premier Doug Ford released the modelling data and projections that have formed his government’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Accordingly, the numbers paint a pretty grim picture of the worse case scenario, and along with these new raised concerns, the government has also taken action to rein in the number of businesses that are still allowed to remain open as we enter the fourth week of lockdown. Continue reading “Ontario Government Releases Pandemic Models, Changes Essential List”

Then There Was One: AEFO Reaches a Deal with the Ontario Government

It turns out that the global pandemic has become great news for the Ontario government looking to end a school year of labour strife with workers and teachers. The Ministry of Education has secured a tentative deal with the Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO), which is the third of four teachers’ unions to end their job action with a new contract. Continue reading “Then There Was One: AEFO Reaches a Deal with the Ontario Government”

Ontario Schools Will Stay Closed Till May

The Ontario government has made the not unexpected move to keep schools across the province closed for another month. Along with this decision, the Ministry of Education has also announced new plans for how Ontario’s students can continue their learning while at home, but there might still be issues in terms of the available resources. Continue reading “Ontario Schools Will Stay Closed Till May”

Ford Acts on Price Gouging and Limits Groups to Five

Social media posts in the last few days have indicated that there’s a general concern out there about businesses taking advantage of the pandemic by gouging customers on highly in-demand items. In an announcement on Saturday, the Ontario government introduced some new measures designed to make businesses think twice before trying to profit from the pandemic. Continue reading “Ford Acts on Price Gouging and Limits Groups to Five”

Government of Ontario Announces Billions in New Funding to Fight COVID-19

The original plan was to unveil the fiscal 2020/2021 budget in the Ontario legislature tomorrow. Instead, the Government of Ontario announced this afternoon that they’re going to spend billions of dollars in the short-term to help the province fight the COVID-19 pandemic with new health spending, and economic support for workers and businesses. Continue reading “Government of Ontario Announces Billions in New Funding to Fight COVID-19”

Ontario Government Reveals List of Essential Business, Plus Hydro Rate Cut

All non-essential businesses in Ontario will be closed by midnight tonight as mandated by the Government of Ontario, and they’ve released a comprehensive list featuring 74 categories of businesses that will be allowed to remain open. At the same time, the Government has also announced that they will be providing rate relief for hydro prices by suspending time-of-use metering for the next month-and-a-half.  Continue reading “Ontario Government Reveals List of Essential Business, Plus Hydro Rate Cut”

Ford Declares State of Emergency for the Province of Ontario

It was an early morning for the Queen’s Park reporters as Premier Doug Ford declared an emergency in the province under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. The move follows the latest advice from Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health who last night recommended that that Ontarians avoid large gatherings of 50 people or more, and close down any place where 50 or more people are likely to get together. Continue reading “Ford Declares State of Emergency for the Province of Ontario”

Del Duca is the New Ontario Liberal Leader

From a field of six candidates, former Ontario cabinet minister Steven Del Duca has been easily elevated to the leadership of the Provincial Liberals. All it took was one round of voting at Saturday’s leadership convention in Mississauga to make Del Duca the main adversary for Premier Doug Ford in 2022’s Provincial Election. Continue reading “Del Duca is the New Ontario Liberal Leader”

Lecce Backs Down on Key Demands From Teachers

In a snap press conference held Tuesday afternoon, Ontario’s Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced that the government is backing off key demands for Ontario’s teachers including increased class sizes and e-learning requirements. The move puts the ball back in the court of the teachers’ unions less than 48 hours before another province-wide strike by Ontario’s Catholic school teachers. Continue reading “Lecce Backs Down on Key Demands From Teachers”

Schreiner Presents “Save Our Water” Petition in Legislature

Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner presented a petition in the Ontario Legislature today that asks for the Provincial government to take steps to protect Ontario’s water from exploitation by private businesses. There’s presently a moratorium for issuing new water taking permits in the province, but 3,500 signatories on the petition are asking Queen’s Park to do better. Continue reading “Schreiner Presents “Save Our Water” Petition in Legislature”