GUELPH POLITICAST #230 – Messaging on a Bottle

It’s hard to imagine a more personal environmental issue for many in Guelph than water. We’re a community that gets our drinking water from ground sources, and that means we have to be even more guarded about potential threats to those sources, which has long included private water taking operations. Some big changes are coming in that sector as you might have heard, and we’re going to get perspective from an activist and a politician. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #230 – Messaging on a Bottle”

Toronto Makes Mask Mandatory, Other Municipalities to Follow?

In Toronto, starting next week, if you’re in a public building, you’re going to have to wear a mask. With more and more medical professionals recommending the wearing of masks as one of the best ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Canada’s biggest city has now made it the law of the land to wear a face covering in all indoor public spaces for the foreseeable future. Continue reading “Toronto Makes Mask Mandatory, Other Municipalities to Follow?”

Guelph Will Be a Part of Stage 2 Opening of Ontario

At their daily media briefing at Queen’s Park Monday, Premier Doug Ford and members of his cabinet announced that Ontario will begin Stage 2 of the economic re-opening at 12:01 am on Friday June 12. The hitch is that only some portions of the province will move on to Stage 2, as several areas in Ontario will remain at Stage 1 for the time being. Continue reading “Guelph Will Be a Part of Stage 2 Opening of Ontario”

Guelph’s Leaders Offer Messages of Hope and Encouragement

People around the world have been watching the events unfolding in the United States last weekend, and some of those people live in Guelph. As we struggle with our own feelings about the death of another Black man in police custody, and we think about our own roles in combating anti-Black racism, Guelph’s leaders have been offering words of comfort, understanding, and self-reflection. Continue reading “Guelph’s Leaders Offer Messages of Hope and Encouragement”

City Announces New Economic Recovery Efforts, Guthrie Looks For Aid

As the re-opening of the local and provincial economy seems stymied by the continually growing spread of COVID-19, the City of Guelph is announcing new ways of doing business thanks to the Our Food Future program sponsored by the City of Guelph and Wellington County. Meanwhile, Guelph’s political leaders are looking for more help from the Province. Continue reading “City Announces New Economic Recovery Efforts, Guthrie Looks For Aid”

Damning Canadian Forces Report Paints Grim Picture in Long Term Care

A damning 15-page report from Canadian Forces personnel assisting in long term care homes in Ontario paints a picture of the disgusting, and degrading conditions that some senior citizens live in at five Ontario properties. The report released to the public on Tuesday has increased the verocity and volume in demands for a full public inquiry, and the rolling of some political heads on the part of Premier Doug Ford.  Continue reading “Damning Canadian Forces Report Paints Grim Picture in Long Term Care”

Ontario Schools Now Officially Out for Summer, While Commission Coming for LTC

The last time that Ontario students stepped foot inside their classrooms was the day before March Break, and Tuesday it was revealed that they won’t be going back until after Labour Day. The fate of the school year is one of a couple of new announcements from Queen’s Park today, along with updates to the emergency orders, and the announcement that the Provincial government will be looking into what happened in long term care homes. Continue reading “Ontario Schools Now Officially Out for Summer, While Commission Coming for LTC”

Guelph’s Three Amigos Push Ontario Government on Commercial Evictions

In what’s becoming the biggest source of concern for many in Ontario as we rapidly approach the end of the third month in lockdown, representatives from the three levels of government for Guelph have teamed up to ask for rent help. Without immediate rent relief, Mayor Cam Guthrie, MPP Mike Schreiner, and MP Lloyd Longfield are warning the Ontario government about business owners and the “imminent threat of being locked out of their storefronts.” Continue reading “Guelph’s Three Amigos Push Ontario Government on Commercial Evictions”

Schreiner Calls for Overhaul in Long-Term Care and Mandatory Rent Relief

Guelph MPP and Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner held a media availability at Queen’s Park Monday morning to talk about his priorities before the Ontario Legislature holds its first sitting since April on Tuesday. In short, Schreiner has two priorities, the first is the situation in long term care homes, and the second is the outstanding need for rent relief for the province’s small businesses. Continue reading “Schreiner Calls for Overhaul in Long-Term Care and Mandatory Rent Relief”

Community Gardens are Now Essential in Ontario

May is usually the time where the weather is nice enough for people to finally start their gardening without fear of a late season snow fall, or frost. Of course, these are not usual times, and the idea of a community garden made the government a bit weary in these days when we’re supposed to socially distance ourselves. That is until now. Continue reading “Community Gardens are Now Essential in Ontario”