Opposition Rallies for Paid Sick Days, Quicker Vaccine Distribution

There are some good signs that the case count of COVID-19 infections is going down, but we are still far from the end of the line. Perhaps that’s why Ontario Liberal leader sent an open letter to his fellow opposition leaders this Monday to ask for their support in getting paid sick days back on the agenda, which is only the latest proposed measure to get such a vital protection for Ontario’s workers. Continue reading “Opposition Rallies for Paid Sick Days, Quicker Vaccine Distribution”

Ford Warns of “Unthinkable Consequences” as Ontario Declares New State of Emergency

Premier Doug Ford has raised the alarm in the last few days that the new modelling of COVID-19 cases was going to make people “fall out of their chair” when they saw it. Tuesday was the day that Ford not only released the new modelling, but the new provincial restrictions based on that modelling, and the Premier said that there are “unthinkable consequences” coming if we don’t change course. Continue reading “Ford Warns of “Unthinkable Consequences” as Ontario Declares New State of Emergency”

Schools Closed Till January 25 By New Provincial Order

This coming Monday was supposed to be back to school day for all but post-secondary school students in southern Ontario, but the rising case numbers have been making both parents and educators thinking twice about going back to in-person classes so soon. On Thursday, Premier Doug Ford publicly agreed that it might be too¬† much of a risk to send thousands of students back to school right now. Continue reading “Schools Closed Till January 25 By New Provincial Order”

Schreiner Joins Horwath Call to Re-open Legislature

We’ve finished one week of the new lockdown measures here in Ontario, but we have not yet detected any benefit in terms of decreased daily new cases or the rapid rollout of the two approved COVID-19 vaccines. Official Opposition leader Andra Horwath is demanding answers, and she’s demanding to get them in-person from Premier Doug Ford and his ministers, and our own local MPP agrees. Continue reading “Schreiner Joins Horwath Call to Re-open Legislature”

One Week After Passing Omnibus Bill, Ontario Gov’t Wants to Talk Conservation

A little over a week after passing a budget omnibus bill that forced some sudden and substantive changes to the Conservation Authorities Act, the Minister of the Environment is now inviting everyone to take part in a working group to get input on developing new regulations for conservation authorities, and how best they should be governed. Continue reading “One Week After Passing Omnibus Bill, Ontario Gov’t Wants to Talk Conservation”

Guelph NDP Picks a Fight with Schreiner Over Toll Roads

In what might be a sign that people are realizing that the Provincial Election is now a year-and-a-half away, the Guelph riding association of the Ontario New Democrats sent a press release to the media that didn’t attack the current Provincial government, but attacked the current MPP of Guelph instead. The president of the Guelph NDP is calling out Mike Schreiner for being the odd man out and not supporting an NDP private members bill. Continue reading “Guelph NDP Picks a Fight with Schreiner Over Toll Roads”

Media Report Says Ontario Gov Rejected Public Health Advice on New Colour System

The colour-coded COVID-19 control system has been the subject of controversy and conversation since the moment it was released last week. But that controversy has gone up to a whole new level with a new media report that says while the plan was made in consultation with public health workers, it did not reflect their best advise on slowing the spread. Continue reading “Media Report Says Ontario Gov Rejected Public Health Advice on New Colour System”

Commission Says Long-Term Care Homes Need More People, More Time

It’s one of the worst kept secrets of the pandemic that it has disproportionately affected long-term care homes and the elderly. According to the people charged with investigating those effects, 55 per cent of long-term care homes have experienced COVID-19 outbreaks, and 75 per cent of all COVID fatalities were in long-term care, and as we enter the second wave, those investigators have come forward with some immediate advice. Continue reading “Commission Says Long-Term Care Homes Need More People, More Time”

Schreiner Amendment on Sick Notes Passes Second Reading

As the second wave of the pandemic continues to flare, the Ontario Legislature is moving forward on a small measure of assistance for workers with an amendment to the Employment Standards Act that will no longer force workers to get a sick note at their employer’s request. Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner’s private members bill has passed second reading, and it’s well on it’s way to amending the law. Continue reading “Schreiner Amendment on Sick Notes Passes Second Reading”

Ontario Government Moves to Scrap Ranked Ballots for 2022

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, local economies teeter on the brink, and there are sweeping demands for social justice reforms, so naturally, the Ontario government has decided that now is not the time for change. If you were hoping that Guelph, or other Ontario municipalities, might be able to vote with Single-Transferable Vote (STV), or Ranked Ballots, in the 2022 municipal elections, get a new hope. Continue reading “Ontario Government Moves to Scrap Ranked Ballots for 2022”