RECAP: Candidates Trade Vaguely Complimentary Agendas at Chamber Debate

Once again, it was left to centre-left only at a local provincial election debate, which was especially surprising given that Wednesday it was the Guelph Chamber of Commerce’s turn to ask the questions. Three of the four main party candidates covered a wide spectrum of issues from healthcare to transportation to affordability and economic opportunity. Submitted for your approval, the recap of the most recent Guelph candidates debate. Continue reading “RECAP: Candidates Trade Vaguely Complimentary Agendas at Chamber Debate”

RECAP: #ONelxn Candidates Face Off in Virtual Discussion on Social Justice

In the fourth local debate of this election, five of the seven Guelph candidates faced off to discuss matters of economic equality, environmental protection, and the improvement of healthcare and education. Hosted by the Guelph Coalition for Social Justice, and its member groups and agencies, it was a blockbuster 120 minutes of ideas and discussion, but don’t call it a debate. Check out the Twitter recap and the video below. Continue reading “RECAP: #ONelxn Candidates Face Off in Virtual Discussion on Social Justice”

RECAP: Lots of Agreement on Sustainability Issues at 10C Town Hall

Less than two hours after they last all saw each other at Bishop Macdonell High School, three of the main party candidates running in Guelph this provincial election faced off again at 10C Shared Space. The topic for this town hall was how each candidate, and their parties, might work towards accomplishing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which covers everything from mental health to the environment, and there was lots of general agreement. Continue reading “RECAP: Lots of Agreement on Sustainability Issues at 10C Town Hall”

RECAP: Guelph Provincial Election Candidates Face Off in First Debate

On the second full day of the 2022 Ontario provincial election, some of the candidates vying to be the next Member of Provincial Parliament for Guelph met for a live and in-person debate at Bishop Macdonell High School. Candidates took turns answer the issues important to young people like mental health, housing affordability, climate change and more. You watch the debate on YouTube, or follow the live tweets below. Continue reading “RECAP: Guelph Provincial Election Candidates Face Off in First Debate”

Ford Asks Lt. Gov. to Dissolve Legislature to Officially Begin Election

The media release from the Government of Ontario was succinct and to the point. “Premier Doug Ford today confirmed that the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, has accepted the premier’s advice to sign a proclamation dissolving the 42nd Parliament of the Province of Ontario.” Ontario’s general election officially began at 4 pm and started a month-long countdown to Election Day. Continue reading “Ford Asks Lt. Gov. to Dissolve Legislature to Officially Begin Election”

Lots of Criticism for Ontario’s New Year Pandemic Planning

Yesterday’s announcement from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore outlined the next phase of the pandemic fight: Kids are going back to in-person school next Wednesday, not everyone will be able to be tested now, capacity limits at large indoor settings will be reduced further, and fourth doses are coming to long-term care residents. Not everyone was pleased with the new directions though, or thinks they go far enough. Continue reading “Lots of Criticism for Ontario’s New Year Pandemic Planning”

2022 Election Preview: Pandemic Politics and How Ontarians Will Vote

This is a politics website, and it’s hard to escape the knowledge that an election is coming next year. Actually, there are two elections coming in 2022, but for the purposes of this lengthy analysis piece, we will focus on the first one, the Ontario provincial election. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives were elected, but let’s look back at how this term began, look at where we are now, and then look at what might be coming next… Continue reading “2022 Election Preview: Pandemic Politics and How Ontarians Will Vote”

Local Liberals Acclaim Raechelle Devereaux for Next Year’s Election

It was an all-star Zoom affair on Monday night as Guelph Liberals acclaimed their candidate and launched their new election campaign. To be precise, this is for the Provincial election next year when voters decide the next government at Queen’s Park. As expected, Guelph Community Health Centre CEO Raechelle Devereaux will carry the baton for the Ontario Liberals in 2022, and the expectations of her colleagues are very high. Continue reading “Local Liberals Acclaim Raechelle Devereaux for Next Year’s Election”

Community Health Boss Seeking Provincial Liberal Nomination

This time next year, we will be in the middle of the Provincial election, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner will be defending his seat, and Premier Doug Ford will be protecting his government majority. Any plan to upset Ford’s desire for a second term will probably pass through the Guelph riding, which means this is going to be a very competitive riding when the writ is drawn up, and it got a little more competitive today. Continue reading “Community Health Boss Seeking Provincial Liberal Nomination”

Feds Announced More Money to Battle Opioid Crisis

On Thursday, Guelph Member of Parliament Lloyd Longfield met with some of the people on the frontline of Guelph’s drug strategy, while highlighting millions in new funding to help combat the ongoing opioid crisis in Guelph and other Canadian communities. At the same time, Guelph Police are warning the public of a new drug treat tied to three overdoses. Continue reading “Feds Announced More Money to Battle Opioid Crisis”