Mike Morrice Tells Open Sources There’s No Secret to His Success

There wasn’t much news coming out of last month’s Federal Election, but history was made locally up the road in the riding of Kitchener Centre. That district is the home of Mike Morrice, the first candidate from the Green Party of Canada to be elected to the House of Commons from Ontario. Last week, Morrice appeared on CFRU’s Open Sources Guelph to talk about making history and what happens now. Continue reading “Mike Morrice Tells Open Sources There’s No Secret to His Success”

As Paul Resigns, Schreiner Gives Thanks for Her “Bold and Daring Leadership”

Less than a week after the conclusion of the 2021 Federal Election, Green Party of Canada leader Annamie Paul announced that she will not be leading her party into the next one. At a press conference Monday morning, Paul told the country her decision, and shortly after another Green leader, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner, released a statement thanking Paul for “daring, bold and resilient leadership” as the Federal Greens now struggle again for direction. Continue reading “As Paul Resigns, Schreiner Gives Thanks for Her “Bold and Daring Leadership””

GUELPH POLITICAST #290 – Election Night in Guelph 2021!

It came and went, and now it’s over. The 2021 Federal Election belongs to the ages now, history was made with Canada’s pandemic election, and the decision of the Canadian people was that the government they elected in 2019 is the government they want to remain in charge, at least for now. All of this unfolded in four hours of completely unrehearsed radio madness on your campus and community radio station. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #290 – Election Night in Guelph 2021!”

Guelph Joins Nation-wide Trend of Voting for the Status Quo

After 36 days of campaigning and promises, Canadians, as a nation, seemed to have one singular thought: The government is working exactly the way we want. On Monday, Canadians went to the polls and voted for a government that looked very much like the government that was dissolved on August 16, and Guelph and area kept up with that trend returning many incumbents back to their seats in Ottawa. Continue reading “Guelph Joins Nation-wide Trend of Voting for the Status Quo”

Sachan Tells Open Sources He’s Representing a New Conservative Party

For the second election in a row, Dr. Ashish Sachan is the Conservative candidate running in Guelph. Representative of the Royal City’s growing diversity, Sachan is a proud new Canadian, and he’s eager to give back as Guelph’s Member of Parliament, but a Conservative hasn’t been elected in Guelph at either the Federal or Provincial level since 2003. Sachan is confident though that this will change once Guelphites look at the new Conservative Party. Continue reading “Sachan Tells Open Sources He’s Representing a New Conservative Party”

Longfield Tells Open Sources He Wants to Finish the Job on the Pandemic

This is the third election for Liberal candidate Lloyd Longfield, and he’s hoping for a third victory. If Longfield is successful on September 20, and he ends up serving another four-year term, that means a Liberal Party candidate will have served as Guelph’s Member of Parliament for over three decades. So why vote Liberal, and Longfield, again? He wants to see the pandemic through to the end. Continue reading “Longfield Tells Open Sources He Wants to Finish the Job on the Pandemic”

UPDATE: Watch Some Debates Featuring the Guelph Election Candidates

Advanced polls are open this weekend. If you’re thinking that you would like to vote, and maybe haven’t been paying too close attention to the news, and you’ve now stumbled your way to the dregs of the internet and Guelph Politico, we’ve got a way for you to catch up. Below are two videos, each of a different Guelph Federal candidate debate from the last week. Press play, and get yourself informed. Continue reading “UPDATE: Watch Some Debates Featuring the Guelph Election Candidates”

RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate

On this 31st day of the 2021 Federal Election campaign, the seven candidates running to represent Guelph finally met face-to-face (on Microsoft Teams). In a debate for students in both the Wellington Catholic District School Board and the Upper Grand District School Board, and organized by the students of Bishop Macdonell High School, Guelph’s young people sought answers to questions on the issues that are affecting them now and in the future.  Continue reading “RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate”

Attendance at Advanced Polls Up Says Elections Canada

The big question in this campaign, aside from all the issue-based questions, is how many people are going to come out to the polls in the middle of the pandemic’s fourth wave. Well, they certainly showed up for the advanced polls if a first glance at numbers from Elections Canada are to be believed as the early voting period in this election has seemed to yield a 20 per cent increase in turnout over 2019. Continue reading “Attendance at Advanced Polls Up Says Elections Canada”

Bowman Says This is Last Chance Election for the Planet on Open Sources

In Guelph’s riding this election, there are a lot of experienced politicians running. In fact, Green Party of Canada candidate Dr. Michelle Bowman is one of only two candidates running in Guelph who have never been a candidate before, but the environmental scientist doesn’t see that as a bad thing. As she told Open Sources Guelph last week, an emphasis on climate action is what’s desperately needed now more than political experience. Continue reading “Bowman Says This is Last Chance Election for the Planet on Open Sources”