GUELPH POLITICAST #359 – Starting Fresh

For this first new podcast of 2023, let’s clear the air. In the process of going non-stop, 52 weeks a year on all the issues that come at us on a regular basis, how often do we just stop and take stock? How can we keep up with everything and not get caught in the undertow? How can we overcome that feeling that we’re not doing enough and stay hopeful in an ever changing world? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #359 – Starting Fresh”

RECAP: Library Board Learns About Card Changes and Fundraising Plans

Tuesday night marked the first meeting of the Guelph Public Library Board of Directors for this term, and it’s newly embiggened with two additional city council representatives. At this meeting, all the new and old members got an update about the now finished plans about the new main library building and next steps, which includes fundraising. In other news, learn about changes that staff are making to improve membership for everyone. Continue reading “RECAP: Library Board Learns About Card Changes and Fundraising Plans”

GUELPH POLITICAST #353 – Christmas With Lloyd

For the last couple of years, we’ve used the Christmas week episode of the podcast to sit down with an influential Guelphite and talk a little more broadly about life and politics while looking back at some of the year’s highlights. This week’s podcast interview comes to you via a Zoom call from the hallways of Parliament Hill, which was the site of what the Canadian Press calls the Biggest Story of the Year. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #353 – Christmas With Lloyd”

Top 10 Guelph News Stories for 2022

What a year! Perhaps you don’t need to be told, but from this side of the computer it was a very busy news year indeed. For the last 11-and-a-half months it’s felt like not a day’s gone by without some major breaking news, or another new development in long-term stories as our community absorbed one challenge after another. From new maps to new councils, and from election changes to changing issues, let’s count off the Top 10 Guelph news stories for 2022! Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph News Stories for 2022”

Advisory Committee Lays Out More Specific Plans for Downtown

It happened in the middle of the fall election campaign, but the new Strategic Advisory Group on downtown Guelph released a series of short to long-term goals that they hope to achieve to create a safer and more welcoming downtown core. The City of Guelph released a new update on Thursday saying that their aspirations have started to take shape with more formal directions, a “high-level, tactical roadmap to achieving the objectives” if you will. Continue reading “Advisory Committee Lays Out More Specific Plans for Downtown”

Advisory Group Sets Six Priorities For Homelessness and Downtown Issues

In the midst of an election where housing affordability, homelessness and mental health and addition issues are all on the frontburner, the City of Guelph is announcing some direction. Following up on a July vote by the current city council to approve a new Strategic Advisory Group on issues affecting downtown Guelph, the group itself has now announced its six strategic priorities to tackle those problems. Continue reading “Advisory Group Sets Six Priorities For Homelessness and Downtown Issues”

Hope and Healing at the Commemoration of Overdose Awareness Day

“International Overdose Awareness Day is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died and acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind.” That’s what the day is officially about, but it means something different to everyone who’s experienced loss caused by the drug crisis. All those experiences were marked today in a packed event in St. George’s Square. Continue reading “Hope and Healing at the Commemoration of Overdose Awareness Day”

U of G Students Move In This Weekend, and Safe Semester Begins!

You know fall is close when the students return to the University of Guelph. This weekend, it might be best for you to avoid this particular stretch of Gordon Street because over 5,000 students will be moving in to their dorms, and the U of G admin has some notes for them and the greater Guelph community. Meanwhile, the City of Guelph is looking to next weekend, and the start of the annual Safe Semester program. Continue reading “U of G Students Move In This Weekend, and Safe Semester Begins!”

New Seth Mural Revealed as Enhancement of Trans Canada Trail

Seth has left his mark all around Guelph. The award-winning artist and graphic novelist has his art displayed outside the Bookshelf, in the sculpture garden at the Art Gallery of Guelph, and now on the wall along the Trans Canada Trail behind the Matrix Building next to the river. Members of the Guelph Hiking Trail Club, the Matrix’s board, and the artist himself officially unveiled the new piece on Monday. Continue reading “New Seth Mural Revealed as Enhancement of Trans Canada Trail”

GUELPH POLITICAST #334 – Moving the Needle Downtown

When you think about helping Guelph’s most vulnerable downtown, you think of Chalmers. They’ve been doing it for decades, and they’ve continued to do it though good economic times and bad. While the politicians look for policy and funding remedies, the good people at Chalmers are on the frontlines of the issue every day, so how do they see issues of poverty, homelessness, and mental health as they currently stand downtown? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #334 – Moving the Needle Downtown”