GUELPH POLITICAST #138 – Arthur Kerrey, Professional Graffiti Artist

Is graffiti an art form in its own right, or is it a nuisance, a sign of urban decay and increased crime? Depends on who you ask. For some people graffiti is gang-related, or done by hooligans that deface public property because they can. To others though it’s about frustrated artists looking for a canvas, and then they grow up to become successful artists. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #138 – Arthur Kerrey, Professional Graffiti Artist”

This Week in Press Releases – April 9-13, 2018

Every week, the City of Guelph and other groups send out notices to announce new events, imperatives, and information that you need to know. Here is this week in press releases. Continue reading “This Week in Press Releases – April 9-13, 2018”

City Celebrates First New Parkade in [Emphasis] 30 Years!

30 years. If today’s groundbreaking of the Wilson Street Parkade was a drinking game, the key phrase would be “30 years”. In remarks before the groundbreaking, Mayor Cam Guthrie, Chief Administrative Office Derrick Thomson, and executive director of the Downtown Guelph Business Association Marty Williams wanted to make sure everybody knows that this is the first new parkade in the city’s core in 30 years. Continue reading “City Celebrates First New Parkade in [Emphasis] 30 Years!”

LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for February 12, 2018

This month’s planning meeting will feature development priorities, the state of the city’s brownfields, and the redevelopment of the Uniroyal plant. You can click here for the agenda from City Hall, and you can click here for the Politico preview. For the complete blow-by-blow of tonight’s council meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow the tweets below. Continue reading “LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for February 12, 2018”

City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 12 Meeting?

It might be February, but this is the first planning meeting of the year as council will be asked to consider reports about he coming year of housing construction, the next several years of brownfield remediation, and the immediate future of one brownfield in particular. Continue reading “City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 12 Meeting?”

Forget Baker Street! Co-operators Moving Forward with New South End HQ

A few hours before a council meeting that would discuss the potential redevelopment of the Bakers St. parking lot for a new 200,000 square foot headquarters for the Co-operators, the insurers have reached an agreement with the City of Guelph to develop a new main building in the south end in time for a 2023 move in. Continue reading “Forget Baker Street! Co-operators Moving Forward with New South End HQ”

City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the July 17 Meeting?

City council is hourly trying to get things wrapped up before the August break, and this coming Monday they’ll have to act upon some urgent new business that will affect the fate of the downtown core into the immediate future. That might have been over the top, but if you read on you’ll see it’s a pretty big deal. Continue reading “City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the July 17 Meeting?”

GUELPH POLITICAST #83 – Live (ish) From National Aboriginal Day

Guelph marked another National Aboriginal Day on Wednesday bringing First Nations dance, music, culture and food to Downtown Guelph in front of City Hall for all to see. A few hundred people gathered on Carden Street to see a wide swath of Indigenous traditions brought to life, a reminder that as we strive for truth and reconciliation, there’s still a culture trying to thrive. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #83 – Live (ish) From National Aboriginal Day”

10 Interesting Factoids From Guelph150

There was a bit of controversy today with the Guelph150 banners, one of the entries being labelled taboo because the memory of the crime it references is still fresh in the heads of many Guelphites. But there’s still lots of Guelph History to learn from this interesting and informative Downtown Guelph Business Association promotion, and this is only 10 of them… Continue reading “10 Interesting Factoids From Guelph150”