Public Health Vax Clinic Popping Up Downtown on Friday Night

Still need a first or second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine? Wish that the vaccine clinic will come to you? Do you live or work in the downtown core? Then good news, because the stars are aligning for you this Friday night! Wellington-Dufferin-Gulph Public Health will establish a pop-up clinic at the closed intersection of Macdonell and Wyndham Streets on Friday for anyone to stop by and get one of their two COVID vaccine shots. Continue reading “Public Health Vax Clinic Popping Up Downtown on Friday Night”

GUELPH POLITICAST #281 – #CancelCanadaDay

It was a very unusual Canada Day, wasn’t it? In some ways, it was even more unusual than last year’s Canada Day in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic’s first wave, but there was a lot of room for some kind of outdoor festivities, but there wasn’t much in terms of will. In the aftermath of our frightening new understanding of our own history, is there a better way to mark Canada Day in 2021 than protest? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #281 – #CancelCanadaDay”

“No Pride for Genocide”: A Different Canada Day with a Different Message

It was tough navigating downtown on Thursday afternoon. At one intersection, Wyndham and Macdonell Street were closed for the enjoyment of patio dinners, while up the road, at Norfolk and Macdonell, the streets in front of the Basilica of Our Lady were closed for a very different holiday activity. Hundreds of people in Guelph used their Canada Day to support local Indigenous people as we all continue to cope with the reckoning around residential schools. Continue reading ““No Pride for Genocide”: A Different Canada Day with a Different Message”

Hundreds Take to the Streets in Guelph to Support Palestinians

As bombs fell and rocket fire was exchanged in Israel again on Saturday, hundreds of Guelph residents attended a march downtown to support the Palestinian people who are once again barring the brunt of this new wave of violence in the Middle East. The large Guelph turnout was one of a number of such protests around Canada Saturday as local anger over international affairs boiled over. Continue reading “Hundreds Take to the Streets in Guelph to Support Palestinians”

Anti-Lockdown Protests Week #4: No Speeches, No Interviews, Lots of Yelling!

For a month now, a small group of people have been gathering in Market Square every SAturday to protest Ontario’s COVID response. It’s impossible to distill the beliefs of everyone there into a simple sentence or paragraph, but there was one thing abundantly clear at the most recent gathering: Whatever welcome members of the local media had at these gatherings, it has more or less expired. Continue reading “Anti-Lockdown Protests Week #4: No Speeches, No Interviews, Lots of Yelling!”

VIDEO: A Call For Reasonable Compromise on the Patio Plan

Next Monday, city council will meet to ratify their decisions about the 2021-2023 patio program for downtown Guelph. Or change it. There’s been an undercurrent of dissatisfaction about the decision made to close downtown streets for special occasions only; some people want a summer-long closure, others want no closure or something in between. This has all the makings of A GREAT DEBATE! Continue reading “VIDEO: A Call For Reasonable Compromise on the Patio Plan”

Conspiracy Theories and Science Denial on Display Downtown at “COVID is Over” Rally

They said not to take “hugs over masks” literally, but there was one guy on the corner soliciting hugs. They said it wasn’t an anti-mask protest, but at one point a speaker stopped everything to burn a mask before the cheering crowd. The messages were mixed, but the messaging was as plain as day. The anti-mask movement landed in St. George’s Square Sunday afternoon attracting around 50 people, mostly maskless, all eager to deflect from the reality of the situation. Continue reading “Conspiracy Theories and Science Denial on Display Downtown at “COVID is Over” Rally”

Anti-Mask Event Planned for Downtown Guelph This Sunday

Guelph has done pretty well avoiding the kind of anti-mask, anti-COVID restriction demonstrations that have popped in other places. (A mask burning event last weekend in Idaho comes to mind.) But this weekend, the controversy comes to town, and it seems like have a Who’s Who in anti-masking, anti-vaxxing and conspiracy theories are going to be on hand for the festivities. Continue reading “Anti-Mask Event Planned for Downtown Guelph This Sunday”

Top 10 (Non-COVID, Non-Social Justice) Guelph News Stories of 2020

Before we literally and figuratively blow up 2020 (as depicted above), let us take a minute to remember some of the major news stories in Guelph over the last 12 months. Leaving behind the pandemic and the renewed call for social equality (both of which will be covered separately in their own pieces), let us consider the news that made this year one for the eternal annals of the City of Guelph. Continue reading “Top 10 (Non-COVID, Non-Social Justice) Guelph News Stories of 2020”

RECAP: Cobey Faces Tough Questions on Community Safety at Ward 1 Town Hall

From safety concerns downtown to property theft and damage in the far east end of the city, there were a lot of police issues discussed at Tuesday’s town hall meeting held by Ward 1 Councillors Dan Gibson and Bob Bell. From the impacts of COVID-19, to changes in Guelph’s crime severity index, to calls to “Defund the Police”, Police Chief Gord Cobey fielded a lot of questions, and offered a lot of answers. This is the recap… Continue reading “RECAP: Cobey Faces Tough Questions on Community Safety at Ward 1 Town Hall”