City of Guelph Lays Off 601 Employees as Closures Continue

In a move that was perhaps inevitable, the City of Guelph announced Thursday that they are temporarily laying off 601 part-time and casual employees nearly one week after Mayor Cam Guthrie called for a state of emergency, and nearly four weeks after the closure of City facilities began. Continue reading “City of Guelph Lays Off 601 Employees as Closures Continue”

First Death From COVID-19 Confirmed in Guelph

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health confirmed Thursday afternoon that Guelph has lost one of its citizens to COVID-19. This tragic news comes as Ontario closes in on 3,000 cases, and as the number of confirmed fatalities from the pandemic hits 53. Continue reading “First Death From COVID-19 Confirmed in Guelph”

Three Cases of COVID-19 Found at Homewood

We know that there’s COVID-19 at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, we know it’s at Guelph General Hospital too, and now it’s at Homewood Health Centre. The world famous 300-bed mental health and addiction facility has declared an outbreak in one of their programs despite all their precautions. Continue reading “Three Cases of COVID-19 Found at Homewood”

GUELPH POLITICAST #215 – The Future, and Present, for Workers

What a difference a pandemic makes, huh? For years now, there‚Äôs been a grand debate about whether service industry workers deserve a living wage, whether or not they should be able to access employer benefits, and if we need to change our assumptions about the quality of work provided by mostly minimum wage employees at our retailers, grocery stores, and restaurants. Now, these are the people who are keeping our economy a float. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #215 – The Future, and Present, for Workers”

Hospital Looking to Hire 100 New People, Not Looking for Food Dontations

Guelph General Hospital is asking for help beyond the general warnings about social distancing, and covering your face when you talk. If you’re interested, and available, to lend your time and your energy to the Hospital under these difficult circumstances, they want you to know that they’re hiring as many as 100 people for a wide variety of positions, day and night, full-time and part-time. Continue reading “Hospital Looking to Hire 100 New People, Not Looking for Food Dontations”

Ontario Schools Will Stay Closed Till May

The Ontario government has made the not unexpected move to keep schools across the province closed for another month. Along with this decision, the Ministry of Education has also announced new plans for how Ontario’s students can continue their learning while at home, but there might still be issues in terms of the available resources. Continue reading “Ontario Schools Will Stay Closed Till May”

RECAP: Economic Questions Answered in Virtual Chamber Town Hall

With so many different questions, and so many different concerns about the economic fallout of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce gathered our city’s political leaders, virtually of course, to offer some answers. On Tuesday, Mayor Cam Guthrie, MPP Mike Schreiner, and MP Lloyd Longfield took your questions in a new form of public engagement. Continue reading “RECAP: Economic Questions Answered in Virtual Chamber Town Hall”

This Month at Council: Clair-Maltby, Lafarge, and an Emergency Meeting

Everything was proceeding normally for this month at council. We had the Committee of the Whole, we had the planning meeting, and then we had COVID, and all the best laid plans fell apart. Since at this point it seems unlikely that we’ll get another council meeting before May, this might be the monthly recap of council you will get for a while. Continue reading “This Month at Council: Clair-Maltby, Lafarge, and an Emergency Meeting”

Employee at Guelph No Frills Store Comes Down with COVID-19

For the second time in two days, an employee at a Guelph grocery store has been diagnosed with COVID-19. It’s the latest case for the Royal City as the global pandemic continues to collect newly inflicted people at breakneck pace, and as medical authorities in Ontario continue to call for people to do everything they can to stay away from each other. Continue reading “Employee at Guelph No Frills Store Comes Down with COVID-19”

Local Longo’s Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Grocery stores have been called essential services by the Provincial government, which is why the workers there are vulnerable to catching COVID-19. It’s happened before, and now it’s happened in Guelph, specifically at the Clair Road location of Longo’s. According to a company press release, a worker at Longo’s Guelph has tested positive for COVID-19, but the chain’s owner is saying that they’re handling it. Continue reading “Local Longo’s Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19”