GUELPH POLITICAST #248 – Red Kettle Days

If the weather last weekend didn’t tip you off, Christmas is coming, and one of the most recognizable signs of the season is the legion of volunteers who stand by the red kettles of the Salvation Army collecting physical money for Christmas programs. This was hard enough in a time of “going cashless” but in the year of COVID, collecting physical money from someone in-person seems doubly unlikely. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #248 – Red Kettle Days”

Dr. Mercer Says Stop COVID By Watching What Your’re Doing at Home

Did you know that we’re in a second wave of COVID-19? The numbers from across Ontario certainly show we are, and, as predicted, it seems like this second wave is worse than the first. With the numbers quickly adding up in our area, and the fact that we were moved into level orange on Monday with much of the rest of the GTHA, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Nicola Mercer is asking all residents to step up to get that curve re-flattened. Continue reading “Dr. Mercer Says Stop COVID By Watching What Your’re Doing at Home”

Media Report Says Ontario Gov Rejected Public Health Advice on New Colour System

The colour-coded COVID-19 control system has been the subject of controversy and conversation since the moment it was released last week. But that controversy has gone up to a whole new level with a new media report that says while the plan was made in consultation with public health workers, it did not reflect their best advise on slowing the spread. Continue reading “Media Report Says Ontario Gov Rejected Public Health Advice on New Colour System”

GUELPH POLITICAST #245 – Still COVID [Fall Edition] with Dr. Mercer

The last time that Dr. Nicola Mercer appeared on this podcast it was July, and things seemed to be going pretty good. Much of the province had been under a Stage 2 re-opening for weeks, and we were on the cusp of Stage 3. The virus wasn’t gone, but the number of new and active cases was on the right trajectory, but there were at the time rumblings about what would happen in the fall. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #245 – Still COVID [Fall Edition] with Dr. Mercer”

Commission Says Long-Term Care Homes Need More People, More Time

It’s one of the worst kept secrets of the pandemic that it has disproportionately affected long-term care homes and the elderly. According to the people charged with investigating those effects, 55 per cent of long-term care homes have experienced COVID-19 outbreaks, and 75 per cent of all COVID fatalities were in long-term care, and as we enter the second wave, those investigators have come forward with some immediate advice. Continue reading “Commission Says Long-Term Care Homes Need More People, More Time”

City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the October 26 Meeting?

The end of October brings what will likely be a fairly lengthy discussion at council about the role the City should or needs to play in the creation of affordable and supportive housing in our town. Along with that agenda item there will be all the leftover items from the Committee of the Whole meeting plus a formal endorsement of a request for more financial aid from the upper levels of government. Continue reading “City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the October 26 Meeting?”

York Region Joins Other Areas Back in Stage 2

In what’s become a regular Friday occurrence for the last month, the end of the week came with an adjustment to the re-opening guidelines as the Government of Ontario tries again to slow the spread of COVID-19. This week, York Region joins Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa in Stage 2 as Ontario continues to deal with hundreds of new cases of the virus every day in a growing number of hot spots. Continue reading “York Region Joins Other Areas Back in Stage 2”

RECAP: Longfield, Schreiner, and Guthrie Answer COVID Concerns

On Wednesday evening, Guelph’s Member of Parliament, Member of Provincial Parliament, and Mayor all got together by phone for a virtual town hall. Over the space of an hour, Lloyd Longfield, Mike Schreiner, and Cam Guthrie answered questions from the community about the local response to the pandemic, and the issues we will face on health, welfare, and the economy as we enter the winter months. Continue reading “RECAP: Longfield, Schreiner, and Guthrie Answer COVID Concerns”

GUELPH POLITICAST #242 – This is Halloween

We know that small businesses everywhere are struggling, but every business is struggling in its own way. Halloween is Christmas for those businesses that sell costumes, make-up, and party supplies, but there’s definitely not going to be any parties this year, and even the possibility of Trick or Treating is in doubt. So what will Halloween look like, and where does that leave the people for whom Halloween is big business? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #242 – This is Halloween”

Back to Stage 2 for Toronto, Peel and Ottawa

The ever increasing number of new cases of COVID-19 in Ontario, especially in the three specific areas of Toronto, Peel, and Ottawa, has prompted the Government of Ontario to set back their re-openings. Starting Saturday at 12:01 am, those select areas of Ontario will roll back to Stage 2, as the Government of Ontario tries to avoid a post-holiday weekend flare up of the coronavirus. Continue reading “Back to Stage 2 for Toronto, Peel and Ottawa”