City, Police, and Public Health Outline New Lockdown Guidance for Guelph

The new Ontari0-wide lockdown went into effect on Thursday morning at 12:01 am, but it’s been reported in recent days that people still don’t know entirely what that means. In a joint statement, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and the Guelph Police Service tried to lay down some lines for Guelphites to follow about how to manage your quarantine, and what might happen if you break it. Continue reading “City, Police, and Public Health Outline New Lockdown Guidance for Guelph”

Ford Warns of “Unthinkable Consequences” as Ontario Declares New State of Emergency

Premier Doug Ford has raised the alarm in the last few days that the new modelling of COVID-19 cases was going to make people “fall out of their chair” when they saw it. Tuesday was the day that Ford not only released the new modelling, but the new provincial restrictions based on that modelling, and the Premier said that there are “unthinkable consequences” coming if we don’t change course. Continue reading “Ford Warns of “Unthinkable Consequences” as Ontario Declares New State of Emergency”

BEWARE: Far-Right Epoch Times Making the Rounds in Guelph Again

Did you receive this newspaper in your mail box this week? Congratulations, you’ve just received the latest issue of a misinformation juggernaut that was once the voice for a small Chinese spiritual movement that has since pasted itself to the far-right disinformation movement and pro-Trump media sphere. Given the events this week in Washington D.C. there are some things you should now about the Epoch Times. Continue reading “BEWARE: Far-Right Epoch Times Making the Rounds in Guelph Again”

Schools Closed Till January 25 By New Provincial Order

This coming Monday was supposed to be back to school day for all but post-secondary school students in southern Ontario, but the rising case numbers have been making both parents and educators thinking twice about going back to in-person classes so soon. On Thursday, Premier Doug Ford publicly agreed that it might be too  much of a risk to send thousands of students back to school right now. Continue reading “Schools Closed Till January 25 By New Provincial Order”

Vaccine Distribution Finally Begins in Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin

At a media even on Wednesday morning, Sarah Ricci of the Shelburne Long-Term Care home became the first person in Wellington, Dufferin or Guelph to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Ricci said “Today represents hope!” and in more than one way it does after a couple of days of confusion about exactly how many does of the Pfizer vaccine our public health authority would receive, and when they would get here. Continue reading “Vaccine Distribution Finally Begins in Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin”

COVID Outbreak Declared for Guelph Police as Local Vaccine Distribution Delayed

We talk a lot about the dangers faced by frontine workers during the pandemic, and Monday we saw that first hand with Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health declaring an outbreak at the Guelph Police Service. And since it doesn’t rain but it pours, public health itself announced Monday that they will not be rolling out vaccines today as originally planned. Continue reading “COVID Outbreak Declared for Guelph Police as Local Vaccine Distribution Delayed”

Schreiner Joins Horwath Call to Re-open Legislature

We’ve finished one week of the new lockdown measures here in Ontario, but we have not yet detected any benefit in terms of decreased daily new cases or the rapid rollout of the two approved COVID-19 vaccines. Official Opposition leader Andra Horwath is demanding answers, and she’s demanding to get them in-person from Premier Doug Ford and his ministers, and our own local MPP agrees. Continue reading “Schreiner Joins Horwath Call to Re-open Legislature”

Pfizer Vaccine Arrives in Guelph Next Week

In what is perhaps the best bit of good news we might receive in these waning days of 2020, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health has announced that they will be getting their first batch of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer next week. The vaccine will arrive on Monday January 4, and be ready for distribution the same day with a full rollout scheduled for Tuesday. Continue reading “Pfizer Vaccine Arrives in Guelph Next Week”

First Cases of New COVID Variant Found in Ontario on First Day of Lockdown

On the same day that Ontario officially enters a new 28-day period of lockdown, the Provincial government announced that the mutated strain of COVID-19 that has been ravaging the United Kingdom was detected here in our fair province. Two cases of the new COVID have been detected, and there’s no immediate indication how this new strain has appeared in Canada. Continue reading “First Cases of New COVID Variant Found in Ontario on First Day of Lockdown”

GUELPH POLITICAST #253 – Give Blood.

It’s the holiday season, and along with the usual need to give presents, food, and other festive delights is the life-or-death need to give blood. The hospital is still in business treating more than just COVID-19, and there are a myriad of medical emergencies that require blood from millions of generous donors from across Canada, including Guelph. ‘Tis the season for giving after all, so why not give blood? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #253 – Give Blood.”