Watch and Listen to All The Available Local Candidate Debates!

Election Day is Monday October 24, and while seven per cent of us have already cast our ballot, 93 per cent of us have not. Perhaps you need some help deciding. Wouldn’t it be great if you could scan all the available candidate debates in one convenient place? Welcome! Below, you will be able to find the videos and audio recordings of various candidate debates featuring the mayoral candidates, and people running in all the wards. Continue reading “Watch and Listen to All The Available Local Candidate Debates!”


“I am running for mayor of Guelph because I believe that we can do better. This city has had enough of high taxes, unaffordable living, failing infrastructure, petty theft crime, and more. I want to make sure that the city is a place where everyone feels welcome and has an opportunity to succeed. I want us to be a city where people are proud of their community and feel connected with each other.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – William Albabish, Mayor”

Wards 4, 5 and 6 Candidates Get Their Turn to Talk About SDG Goals

On Wednesday, 10C Shared Space’s SDG Cities office held the second of two in-person campaign events. The anti-debate (so to speak) has a chance for candidates from Wards 4, 5 and 6 to meet and exchange ideas about how Guelph city council could best achieve the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, like environmental protection and social equity. So what were some of the ideas generated by this motley crew? Continue reading “Wards 4, 5 and 6 Candidates Get Their Turn to Talk About SDG Goals”

Former City Councillor Moziar Passes Away at 86

In this time of municipal campaigning, it’s sadly poignant that we say one last goodbye to a previous member of city council. Last weekend, former two-term Ward 2 City Councillor Dan Moziar passed away away. Moziar is being remembered for his consequential work as a councillor, his active political life, and being a proud alum of Queen’s University. Continue reading “Former City Councillor Moziar Passes Away at 86”

RECAP: 5 Mayoral Candidates Answer Audience Questions at Dublin United

With a little over two weeks to go until Election Day, the vast majority of the mayoral candidates were finally able to put their heads together at the same debate. The venue was the Dublin Street United Church, and the questions covered a variety of matters from housing and affordability to transit and the environment. Did any of the challengers make a case for their election, or did Guthrie convince you to stay the course? Continue reading “RECAP: 5 Mayoral Candidates Answer Audience Questions at Dublin United”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Raymond Sartor, Ward 2 Councillor

“I was born and raised in Ward 2 with Family Roots in Guelph for over 100 years – I retired early after a successful business career owning several successful businesses employing many people. I love Guelph and wish to work hard to help the City prosper.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Raymond Sartor, Ward 2 Councillor”

Collaborative Problem Solving the Goal with Candidate Panel at 10C

At 10C Shared Space today there was a candidate forum that tried to put the emphasis on sharing in lieu of debating. About a dozen of the candidates running in Wards 1, 2 and 3 came out in front of a live studio audience for the first to two council candidate forums to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, as outlined by the U.N., and how we can incorporate those goals into the solutions for the challenges facing Guelph. Continue reading “Collaborative Problem Solving the Goal with Candidate Panel at 10C”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Justin Van Daele, Ward 4 Councillor

“Even during difficult financial times for most citizens, our council is out spending money like it’s never going to run out, especially if they keep taxing us as high as they are. It’s time for serious change and from what I’m hearing, Ward 4 is done being forgotten. I will make sure that doesn’t happen.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Justin Van Daele, Ward 4 Councillor”

More Candidate Debates Added to the Calendar This Week

If you’ve been disappointed by the lack of community events and debates with the local election candidates, then this is the week for you! Several new events have been announced for this week, just in time for the early voting that starts next weekend. On Thursday, a slate of virtual Q&As will be held with the six ward candidates, and you will be able to tune in. Continue reading “More Candidate Debates Added to the Calendar This Week”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings, Ward 4 Councillor

“I’ve always enjoyed helping constituents with their issues and concerns. I believe that the citizens of Ward 4 would continue to benefit from having a Councillor who has the knowledge and experience to effectively represent their needs and to continue supporting fiscal responsibility.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings, Ward 4 Councillor”