City of Guelph Announces Relaxed Restrictions on Parks

Unless people are just passing through, Guelph’s parks have been empty for the better part of the last two months, but some of those restrictions are now being lifted, and just in time for a nice stretch of spring weather. Although people are being asked to maintain social distancing, they will now be able to do it while kicking the ball around at the park. Continue reading “City of Guelph Announces Relaxed Restrictions on Parks”

Public Health Issues Statement on Death at Assessment Clinic

These are scary times, and one would think that showing up at a medical clinic might give one a little bit of hope and safety. Yesterday though, the COVID-19 assessment centre saw a bit of tragedy of its own as a person reportedly passed away Friday morning at the clinic, which forced the temporary closure of the facility. Continue reading “Public Health Issues Statement on Death at Assessment Clinic”

Hospital Says the Outbreak is Over; Public Health Warns No Easter Parties

Last week, the Globe and Mail noted that the Guelph General Hospital had been hit the hardest among all of Ontario’s hospitals in terms of staff infected by COVID-19. The week before that, Guelph General announced that there was an outbreak in one of their wards that precipitated the announcement of State of Emergency in Guelph. This Thursday, according to the Hospital, the outbreak is over. Continue reading “Hospital Says the Outbreak is Over; Public Health Warns No Easter Parties”

Guelph First Case of COVID-19 Confirmed at St. Joe’s

It’s been a long time coming, but Guelph has its first confirmed case in COVID-19, and in terms of the people who are the most vulnerable to the pandemic, it’s been found in the worst possible place. Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health confirmed Tuesday that a case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Guelph, and the patient is a resident of St. Joseph’s Health Centre. Continue reading “Guelph First Case of COVID-19 Confirmed at St. Joe’s”

First Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in Wellington County Found

Wellington County has had its first confirmed case of COVID-19, but the novel coronavirus has not yet touched the City of Guelph. The announcement came Sunday afternoon that one of the news cases of COVID-19 was diagnosed close to home, and the 66-year-old man who was diagnosed with it, and is now recovering at Louise Marshall Hospital in Mount Forest, has no history of travel, or contact with a known case. Continue reading “First Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in Wellington County Found”

GUELPH POLITICAST #211 – A Novel Podcast on Coronavirus

What started as a mysterious new illness that effectively shutdown the Chinese city of Wuhan is now a global health emergency as medical professionals around the world are trying to diagnose, quarantine, and contain the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as the kids are calling it. New cases seem to be popping up on an hourly basis, but how concerned should we be? Let’s talk to the professionals! Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #211 – A Novel Podcast on Coronavirus”