Dyck Wants to Be Green For the 2019 Federal Election in Guelph

We’re still nine months out from Election Day, but the local ballot is starting to take shape with a familiar face making it known that he intends to represent the Green Party going in to the 2019 Federal campaign.  Continue reading “Dyck Wants to Be Green For the 2019 Federal Election in Guelph”

Steal These Ideas! Schreiner Wants PCs to Take His Climate Change Plan

Enough is enough! Mike Schreiner has waited five months for the PC Provincial government to announced their plan to act on global climate change, so he and the Green Party came up with one of their own. They think it’s going to work out so well for Ontario that they’re giving it away for free! Continue reading “Steal These Ideas! Schreiner Wants PCs to Take His Climate Change Plan”

GUELPH POLITICAST #131 – Back With the Back-Grounder

News is the art of delivering the day’s information in an organized and coherent way, but stories don’t just happen with a beginning, middle and end all in one day. Some of the biggest stories, including the most important stories, trace their roots back many years. In the news, there’s an important function to not just understand the day’s events, but the events that led to the day’s events. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #131 – Back With the Back-Grounder”

Schreiner Makes History in Competitive Guelph Race

Guelph made Ontario political history last night by electing the province’s first Green Party Member of Provincial Parliament. Mike Schreiner’s victory came after what looked like a very tight race in the riding, but in the end, Schreiner won his seat in what can only be described as a “blow out” result for the Green Party of Ontario leader. Continue reading “Schreiner Makes History in Competitive Guelph Race”

VIDEO: Schreiner Promises a Guaranteed Basic Income for Ontario

Mike Schreiner said that it was clear from Wednesday’s all candidates meeting at HOPE House that not enough is being done to support people that live in poverty. So on Thursday afternoon, Schreiner played his campaign card to do more be promising to increase social assistance with a guaranteed basic income. Continue reading “VIDEO: Schreiner Promises a Guaranteed Basic Income for Ontario”

Schreiner Ahead in a Very Close Guelph Race

They say that every vote counts, but that may be especially true for Guelph voters in this election if one very specific poll is to be believed. Earlier this week, the Toronto Star suggested that Guelph should vote for Mike Schreiner, and it seems that Guelphites might actually be listening. Continue reading “Schreiner Ahead in a Very Close Guelph Race”

Suzuki, May, and Cast of Thousands Rally to Support Schreiner

It was an afternoon of song and dance, spoken word, fiery political rhetoric, and hope that Guelph’s future, in the short term, will be Green. The campaign for Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner held what was billed as the “largest political rally in Guelph history” Saturday at the Hanlon Convention Centre. Continue reading “Suzuki, May, and Cast of Thousands Rally to Support Schreiner”

Schreiner and May Smell Electoral Success in Open Guelph Race

“Guelph is a green town,” declared Elizabeth May. The Green Party of Canada leader meant small ‘g’, not capital ‘G’ of course, but if it all goes according to plan, then this time next year, May and her Ontario counterpart, Mike Schreiner, will be able to boast that Guelph is both “green” and “Green”. Continue reading “Schreiner and May Smell Electoral Success in Open Guelph Race”

Schreiner Proclaimed Green Party Candidate for Guelph for Spring Election

In an utterly unsurprising result, Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner was acclaimed by unanimous vote as the Green candidate for Guelph in next spring’s provincial election. Schreiner becomes the first candidate of any party to be named in advanced of next year’s campaign, and from the sounds of the Green Party gathering at Riverside Park Sunday, they intend to make a dent in the province’s political culture when the votes are counted June 7. Continue reading “Schreiner Proclaimed Green Party Candidate for Guelph for Spring Election”