2022 Election Preview: Pandemic Politics and How Ontarians Will Vote

This is a politics website, and it’s hard to escape the knowledge that an election is coming next year. Actually, there are two elections coming in 2022, but for the purposes of this lengthy analysis piece, we will focus on the first one, the Ontario provincial election. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost four years since Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives were elected, but let’s look back at how this term began, look at where we are now, and then look at what might be coming next… Continue reading “2022 Election Preview: Pandemic Politics and How Ontarians Will Vote”

RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate

On this 31st day of the 2021 Federal Election campaign, the seven candidates running to represent Guelph finally met face-to-face (on Microsoft Teams). In a debate for students in both the Wellington Catholic District School Board and the Upper Grand District School Board, and organized by the students of Bishop Macdonell High School, Guelph’s young people sought answers to questions on the issues that are affecting them now and in the future.  Continue reading “RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate”

Jahangir Tells Open Sources She Senses Opportunity for the NDP

Guelph NDP candidate Aisha Jahangir has a day job as a mental health nurse at the Hamilton-Wentworth detention facility. It’s unique perch to see first hand the effects of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of pandemic preventative measures, and Jahangir would like to take  that experience to Parliament Hill. While he’s running for a love of community, but she’s also running because she’d like to see some real change. Continue reading “Jahangir Tells Open Sources She Senses Opportunity for the NDP”

New Candidate for Guelph, Another Jahangir on the Ballot

The election is still a couple of weeks away, but this is the last weekend for anyone with thoughts of running in this election to turn in their papers. Suddenly, on Friday night, there were two more! In Guelph, we have a new independent candidate from one of the smaller parties, while Wellington-Halton Hills has completed their slate from the “Big Four” with candidate who’s name is familiar to local politicos. Continue reading “New Candidate for Guelph, Another Jahangir on the Ballot”

Horwath Comes to Guelph in Campaign-Style Announcement

In a campaign-style announcement on Thursday morning, Official Opposition leader Andrea Horwath landed in Guelph with a couple of her NDP colleagues to talk about her party’s plan to promote the use of electric vehicles. The setting, next to some EV charging stations, was not subtle, and neither was the political message. In the home of Ontario’s first Green MPP, Horwath wanted to make the point that she’ll be better on the environment file. Continue reading “Horwath Comes to Guelph in Campaign-Style Announcement”

Opposition Leaders Start Countdown to 2022 Election

Exactly one year from today, the first Thursday of June, it will be Election Day for Ontario. A lot can happen in 365 days, and it probably will, but one-year out all the opposition parties agree that Ontario can’t afford another term under the Progressive Conservatives and Doug Ford, and they’re all getting ready to make their case as the obvious replacement. Continue reading “Opposition Leaders Start Countdown to 2022 Election”

Aisha Jahangir Returns as NDP Candidate for TBD Election

There’s a Federal Election coming, but we don’t know when. It could be anytime because that is the nature of a minority government, and even in a pandemic, the possibility exists that the government will fall at any moment, even by its own hand. When that happens, local political parties will need candidates, and the Guelph NDP now has there’s. As a bonus, she already has experience running as a Federal candidate. Continue reading “Aisha Jahangir Returns as NDP Candidate for TBD Election”

Guelph NDP Picks a Fight with Schreiner Over Toll Roads

In what might be a sign that people are realizing that the Provincial Election is now a year-and-a-half away, the Guelph riding association of the Ontario New Democrats sent a press release to the media that didn’t attack the current Provincial government, but attacked the current MPP of Guelph instead. The president of the Guelph NDP is calling out Mike Schreiner for being the odd man out and not supporting an NDP private members bill. Continue reading “Guelph NDP Picks a Fight with Schreiner Over Toll Roads”

Jahangir Talks to OSG About Not Losing Sight of What Matters

Aisha Jahangir has a great resume to be the New Democratic candidate. She’s a mental health nurse, she’s been a labour organizer and negotiator for her fellow nurses, and she’s shown political interest before in running for school board. But can Jahangir make a case to Guelph that they should send an NDP Member of Parliament to Ottawa? Continue reading “Jahangir Talks to OSG About Not Losing Sight of What Matters”

GUELPH POLITICAST #177 – Aisha Jahangir, NDP Candidate

The slate of major party candidates for the riding of Guelph is complete, and of the five, just two of them have never before been a guest on the Guelph Politicast… Until now.  Well, one of them gets scratched off the list this week, at least. Prepare to say “Hello” to Aisha Jahangir, who is one of those five people trying to become Guelph’s next Member of Parliament. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #177 – Aisha Jahangir, NDP Candidate”