New Federal Money Helps Youth Facing Barriers to Employment

We know that the Federal Liberals have not had the greatest of luck in areas involving youth and jobs this year, but maybe that luck is changing locally. Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield announced $1.4 million in new multiyear funding for Second Chance Employment Consulting Friday, and it will make a very real difference in the lives of the service’s clients according to Second Chance’s executive director Chris Baginski-Hansen. Continue reading “New Federal Money Helps Youth Facing Barriers to Employment”

RECAP: Longfield, Schreiner, and Guthrie Answer COVID Concerns

On Wednesday evening, Guelph’s Member of Parliament, Member of Provincial Parliament, and Mayor all got together by phone for a virtual town hall. Over the space of an hour, Lloyd Longfield, Mike Schreiner, and Cam Guthrie answered questions from the community about the local response to the pandemic, and the issues we will face on health, welfare, and the economy as we enter the winter months. Continue reading “RECAP: Longfield, Schreiner, and Guthrie Answer COVID Concerns”

University of Guelph Gets Federal Money for Environmental Upgrades

This long weekend, the University of Guelph will be giving thanks to the Federal government and MP Lloyd Longfield for about three quarters of a million dollars in new funding to upgrade campus’ environmental sustainability. This holiday weekend, the U of G is getting the gift of more energy efficiency, and more chargers for electric vehicles. Continue reading “University of Guelph Gets Federal Money for Environmental Upgrades”

AGG and Guelph Museums Get Federal Money for BIPOC Programming

Two local cultural institutions are getting a big assist from the Federal government. In a virtual announcement today, Guelph Member of Parliament Lloyd Longfield announced on behalf of Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault that the Art Gallery of Guelph and the Guelph Civic Museum will receive $100,000 from the Federal government. The funds will help support BIPOC programing, and assist with their safe re-opening. Continue reading “AGG and Guelph Museums Get Federal Money for BIPOC Programming”

Federal Funding Will Help Deliver 20 More EV Charging Stations in Guelph

With the local economy re-opening from pandemic lockdown, more people are going to be going more places. For people with an electric vehicle (EV) going out can be tough if you’re not sure if there’s a charging station nearby if you need one, which is one reason why the Federal government is contributing $100,000 for a total of $320,000 in combined funding with the City for 20 new charging stations in Guelph. Continue reading “Federal Funding Will Help Deliver 20 More EV Charging Stations in Guelph”

Four Guelph Groups Get Federal Funds for Food Security

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about food insecurity, and how the pandemic has impacted how people can get safe, nutritious and affordable food. To that end, a virtual announcement this morning put the spotlight on four Guelph organizations receiving a combined $60,334 from the Federal government to purchase new equipment for the preparation, refrigeration and storage of food. Continue reading “Four Guelph Groups Get Federal Funds for Food Security”

Guelph’s Leaders Offer Messages of Hope and Encouragement

People around the world have been watching the events unfolding in the United States last weekend, and some of those people live in Guelph. As we struggle with our own feelings about the death of another Black man in police custody, and we think about our own roles in combating anti-Black racism, Guelph’s leaders have been offering words of comfort, understanding, and self-reflection. Continue reading “Guelph’s Leaders Offer Messages of Hope and Encouragement”

Women in Crisis Gets Federal Funds to Adapt to COVID-19

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis is one of hundreds of shelters and sexual assault centres to get financial assistance from the Federal government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. The money is meant to give these essential services a boost, and to get the resources they need to keep working through the pandemic, and according to the executive director of Women in Crisis, the money will be put to immediate use. Continue reading “Women in Crisis Gets Federal Funds to Adapt to COVID-19”

Guelph’s Three Amigos Push Ontario Government on Commercial Evictions

In what’s becoming the biggest source of concern for many in Ontario as we rapidly approach the end of the third month in lockdown, representatives from the three levels of government for Guelph have teamed up to ask for rent help. Without immediate rent relief, Mayor Cam Guthrie, MPP Mike Schreiner, and MP Lloyd Longfield are warning the Ontario government about business owners and the “imminent threat of being locked out of their storefronts.” Continue reading “Guelph’s Three Amigos Push Ontario Government on Commercial Evictions”

Wellington County Gets $750,000 to Help the Most Vulnerable Through Pandemic

One of the biggest issues with a stay-at-home order is that you have to have a home to stay at. For that reason, the Government of Canada announced last month that they were offering $157.5 million in funding to address the needs of the homeless during the COVID-19 crisis, and the County of Wellington will be getting $720,000 of that money to look after the short-term needs of our area’s most vulnerable. Continue reading “Wellington County Gets $750,000 to Help the Most Vulnerable Through Pandemic”