It started in 2008 as a noble experiment, a daily blog covering the Guelph federal by-election called, uncreatively, “The Guelph By-Election Blog ’08.” Then, a simple, local, six week-long campaign turned into a 12-week long marathon as the whole country joined the campaign fun, but in the end, an idea was born. As 2009 began, Guelph Politico became an ongoing reality.

So what started as limited series, meant to work in association with an ongoing series of columns in Echo Weekly called “Guelph Beat”, soon became its own, unique enterprise. Over the next several years, Politico covered the occupation of the Hanlon Creek Business Park, the municipal election of 2010, the provincial and federal elections of 2011, and the robocall scandal when it erupted in 2012. Politico was a small blog, but one that was developing more and more influence, and it would need a new form that could take further into the future?


With the beginning of the 2014 municipal election, Guelph Politico started pushing its coverage further with more podcasts, questionnaires with the council and school board candidates, live-blogging of election events and debates, and videos. By 2015, Politico’s final evolution began with live coverage of city council meetings on Twitter, a regular scheduled podcast, and a plan to begin a crowd-funding effort on Patreon. Politico officially made its play to be a unique news and political source for the Royal City

Now, Guelph Politico continues to assert itself as a premiere media outlet in the City of Guelph with the weekly Guelph Politicast, live-blogs from city council, ongoing columns like the dine-safe guide “Mangez!” and the monthly Politico Calendar, and unique coverage on a variety of issues in the Royal City. Welcome to Guelph Politico, feel free to stick around for the long haul…

About the Founder of Guelph Politico…

When he’s not the main/only contributor to Guelph Politico, Adam A. Donaldson also contributes to GuelphToday.com as their city hall columnist and co-hosts a political and current affairs show on CFRU 93.3 fm called “Open Sources Guelph.” When not being political, Adam co-hosts the movies and pop culture show “End Credits“, and as a freelance writer he has contributed to various papers, periodicals and websites including Nerd Bastards, We Got This Covered, the Guelph Mercury, the Waterloo Region Record, Press+1, Lucid Forge, and Women’s Post. Adam was also named one of the Guelph Mercury’s 40 Under 40 in 2013 for his work with Ed Video Media Arts Centre.