Submitting to Pressure, Ontario’s Going Back Under State of Emergency

After several days of sustained pressure, and an increasing number of new daily COVID-19 cases, the Government of Ontario finally bowed to the demands of doctors and public health workers around the province and issued a stay at home order. As of 12:01 am on Thursday, Ontario will be under its third state of emergency order since the start of the pandemic in a last ditch effort to get the virus, and its variants, under control. Continue reading “Submitting to Pressure, Ontario’s Going Back Under State of Emergency”

City, Police, and Public Health Outline New Lockdown Guidance for Guelph

The new Ontari0-wide lockdown went into effect on Thursday morning at 12:01 am, but it’s been reported in recent days that people still don’t know entirely what that means. In a joint statement, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and the Guelph Police Service tried to lay down some lines for Guelphites to follow about how to manage your quarantine, and what might happen if you break it. Continue reading “City, Police, and Public Health Outline New Lockdown Guidance for Guelph”

More Food Trucks in Guelph? Have Your Say

Interested in having more variety in terms of mobile food options? Well, the City of Guelph wants you’re feedback in regards to food trucks, and the by-laws that allow or prevent their entry in the Guelph food scene. There’s a vexing lack of food trucks in the city, but in many cities there’s a tension between that side of the business and more traditional restaurants, and it would be safe to say that Guelph is no exception. So is the city opening a can of worms with this debate? Perhaps, but regardless, the city is looking for feedback on the issue. Continue reading “More Food Trucks in Guelph? Have Your Say”