Guelph Announces First Downtown Dining District for this Weekend

As approved by Guelph City Council last month, the City of Guelph will open the proverbial door for the first downtown dining district this weekend. The intersection at Wyndham and Macdonell Streets will be closed to allow restaurants to extend their patios into the streets for the weekend in what the City is calling a “pilot” to assess the viability of these districts before more of them are approved. Continue reading “Guelph Announces First Downtown Dining District for this Weekend”

Protestors Make It Clear in Canada Day March: ‘Defund the Police’

The slam of a hammer against wood echoed throughout the street. It was the sound of a demonstrator hitting the post of a sign depicting a gravestone into the carefully manicured grass in front of the Guelph police headquarters late on Wednesday. Like many communities across Canada, Guelph activists spent the anniversary of the country’s birth demanding an end to police brutality, and to add their voices to the “Defund the police” movement.
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Toronto Makes Mask Mandatory, Other Municipalities to Follow?

In Toronto, starting next week, if you’re in a public building, you’re going to have to wear a mask. With more and more medical professionals recommending the wearing of masks as one of the best ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Canada’s biggest city has now made it the law of the land to wear a face covering in all indoor public spaces for the foreseeable future. Continue reading “Toronto Makes Mask Mandatory, Other Municipalities to Follow?”

Contractor on Guelph Police HQ Renos Fired After Months of Delay

In news that’s giving City Hall watchers serious flashbacks involving the word “Urbacon”, the general contractor working on the $34 million renovation of the Guelph Police Service headquarters has been removed from the project. The City of Guelph assures us though that this is not the same as the 2010 debacle that resulted in millions of dollars being paid out to the contractor who was fired from the 1 Carden Street construction project a decade ago. Continue reading “Contractor on Guelph Police HQ Renos Fired After Months of Delay”

Police Investigating a Cough Attack at Market Square

Since Guelph started Stage 2 of Ontario’s economic re-opening plan, there have been a couple of disturbing incidents involving people coughing on employees in area stores. Now the trend has extended to re-opened City amenities with the report of an incident at Market Square from the weekend that someone intentionally coughed on a City of Guelph employee at the wading pool on Sunday. Continue reading “Police Investigating a Cough Attack at Market Square”

RECAP: Cobey Promises Change in Ward 2 Town Hall on Policing

Before the start of the pandemic, there was a town hall scheduled by the Ward 2 City Councillors Rodrigo Goller and James Gordon to talk about safety and policing in Guelph with Police Chief Gord Cobey. COVID-19 cancelled that in-person meeting at the Evergreen Seniors’ Centre, but a couple of months later, the virtual version of that same town hall seemed even more well-timed as about 40 people wanted to talk about issues of racism. Continue reading “RECAP: Cobey Promises Change in Ward 2 Town Hall on Policing”

City of Guelph Receives $100,000 for Tourism-Based Economic Recovery

There’s really no measurement for which industry has been hit the worst because of COVID-19, but not being able to leave your home the last couple of months has meant not only could you not go anywhere in town, but you really couldn’t go anywhere in anyone else’s town either. The Federal government is looking to do their part to help encourage tourism again as areas continue to re-open in the weeks to come, and Guelph is a recipient of some of that new funding. Continue reading “City of Guelph Receives $100,000 for Tourism-Based Economic Recovery”

City Hires a New Chief Planner to Carry Out Heavy Agenda

The Chief Planner is a pretty big hole to fill in the roster of City Hall senior staff, especially when there’s so much planning to do, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Well, that important position is no longer vacant as the City of Guelph announced Friday that they’ve filled the substantial shoes of the City’s now retired Chief Planner. Continue reading “City Hires a New Chief Planner to Carry Out Heavy Agenda”

School Board Endorses Police Presence Task Force Creation

A discussion held over from last week’s special meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board was no less easier to resolve seven days later. At Tuesday evening’s virtual meeting of the Board, the creation of a new task force to look at police presence in schools was debated, and so was the first attempt by the Board to due outreach on the subject with a proposed town hall that’s now going to take place in September. Continue reading “School Board Endorses Police Presence Task Force Creation”

The City of Guelph Sets Dates on Re-Opening Some Facilities

Earlier this week at the COVID-19 response meeting of city council, senior staff discussed the plans to start the re-opening of City facilities in the weeks to come. On Friday, a list of dates were released and you can now mark your calendar for when you can start enjoying splash pads, pools, and even public washrooms again across Guelph again. Continue reading “The City of Guelph Sets Dates on Re-Opening Some Facilities”