First Candidate Interviews Now Available in Open Sources Podcast!

For the next couple of weeks, the Open Sources Guelph election team (which is the same as the regular Open Sources team) are doing spot interviews with people running for city council on October 22’s municipal election.

We began last Thursday with incumbents Dan Gibson and James Gordon, and challengers Charlene Downey and Dominique O’Rourke.

Follow the link below, or search “Guelph Politicast” and download on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

Open Sources Guelph

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we were all ready to hunker down and focus on our first batch of municipal election interviews, but no, Doug Ford had to go and break constitutional norms because he wasn’t going to be stopped by some un-elected judge! Or something. Anyway, we’ll talk about all this notwithstanding talk, and then we’ll get right into the interviews.

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Two Neighbourhood Groups Worried About Bylaw Suspensions

The issues around bylaw (over) enforcement of driveway width have a number of people all over Guelph backing a notice of motion by Ward 1 Councillor Dan Gibson to suspend certain provisions of the zoning bylaw until a review is complete. In some Guelph neighbourhoods though, this idea is going to be a tough sell. Continue reading “Two Neighbourhood Groups Worried About Bylaw Suspensions”

Juanita Burnett Not Running For Trustee (Even Though She Is)

The deadline for adding or withdrawing your name for candidacy in this fall’s election was July 27, but there’s still one person who’s saying that she’s not in the running anymore. At least unofficially. In other words, Juanita Burnett doesn’t want to be your choice for school board trustee in Ward 1 and 5 of the Upper Grand District School Board. Continue reading “Juanita Burnett Not Running For Trustee (Even Though She Is)”

RECAP: Gibson Hosts Update on the Driveway Width Enforcement Concerns

Driveway width. It’s been the political controversy of the year, and as council prepares to hear the matter of a suspension of certain provisions of bylaw enforcement, members of the Guelph community gathered this evening at the Victoria Road Recreation Centre to get an update. Ward 1 Councillor Dan Gibson hosted a town hall on the matter, and this is the recap.  Continue reading “RECAP: Gibson Hosts Update on the Driveway Width Enforcement Concerns”

Guthrie and Stewart Pleased With AMO Meetings

As the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference winds up for another year, delegates from most of Ontario’s 444 municipalities are taking stock of their time with provincial government officials, and among them are members of the Guelph team. In the waning hours of this year’s conference, Guelph Politico talked to Mayor Cam Guthrie and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Scott Stewart about what was accomplished, and what the first AMO with the Ford government was like. Continue reading “Guthrie and Stewart Pleased With AMO Meetings”

Guelph is AA+ For Six Years Running (Financially Speaking)

In spite of all those public masturbators, Guelph continues to hold a very strong AA+ credit rating in the newest evaluation from Standard and Poors. In their humble estimation, Guelph looks very financially stable for the next few years, and, if we play our cards right, we might even get our credit status upgraded. Continue reading “Guelph is AA+ For Six Years Running (Financially Speaking)”

Council and Committee Meeting Dates Till 2019

We’re in the dog days of August, a time when there’s typically no city council meetings to occupy our political time. But this being an election year, the number of council and committee meetings this fall has been cut way back. Still, for those you making your fall schedules, here are the meetings coming up to make a note of. Continue reading “Council and Committee Meeting Dates Till 2019”

A Note on Guelph Politico Candidate Questionairres for 2018

As you may have noticed, Guelph Politico has begun posting the Candidate Questionnaires for people running to be Guelph’s mayor, its city councillors, or for trustee in one of its two English school boards. This would be the third time that Politico has run such questionnaires, but this time, they’re really ambitious. Continue reading “A Note on Guelph Politico Candidate Questionairres for 2018”

ELECTION 2018: The Final Ballot of Mayor, Council, and Trustee

66. After a spurt of new nominees over the last few days, there are 66 people running for mayor, city council, and school board trustee in Guelph. For your convenience, the complete list of candidates is below, incumbents are marked with an [X]. Continue reading “ELECTION 2018: The Final Ballot of Mayor, Council, and Trustee”