Couch Surfing, Tree Climbing and Fires Mark Another U of G Homecoming

The University of Guelph is very disappointed with the party animals who came out to celebrate Homecoming (#HOCO) on Saturday. A large unsanctioned party broke out – as usual – along Chancellors Way, but this was bigger and possibly more dangerous as demonstrated through numerous posts on social media on Saturday. The U of G has said they don’t condone the behaviour, but they might end up paying for it. Continue reading “Couch Surfing, Tree Climbing and Fires Mark Another U of G Homecoming”

POLICE NOTES: Hatchet Bust, Missing Washers & Dryers, and Laundry Room Heist

There are 145,000 stories in the Royal City, and this is some of them. Looking at a week’s worth of media releases from the Guelph Police Service, there’s a lot going on in our little city crime-wise speaking, so let’s run down some of the charges, issues, and requests for information from the Guelph Police Service over the last seven days. Continue reading “POLICE NOTES: Hatchet Bust, Missing Washers & Dryers, and Laundry Room Heist”

Mac’s Back – For Real – With Lots of Questions

After flicking his campaign website off and on earlier this week, it seems that Ward 1 council candidate Thai Mac is now all the way back in just two weeks after saying that he was unofficially pulling out. In his latest statement, Mac made a lot of accusations about an unnamed Ward 1 candidate, and added that he’s talked to local LGBTQ+ advocacy groups about how he can do better in the future. Continue reading “Mac’s Back – For Real – With Lots of Questions”

En français! Kids and Politicians Raise the Franco‑Ontario Flag at City Hall

You may be unaware that September 25 is Franco-Ontario Day, an occasion to honour the history and community around French-speaking Ontarians. Since this year’s Frano-Ontario Day falls on Sunday, there was an early commemoration on Friday at Guelph City Hall. Local politicians were joined by over 100 students from Guelph’s two French language schools as they literally let their French flag fly. Continue reading “En français! Kids and Politicians Raise the Franco‑Ontario Flag at City Hall”

Police and U of G Get Ready for Homecoming Weekend

On Saturday, the Guelph Gryphons football team will face-off against the Queen’s Gaels at Alumni Stadium, but the real action might not be on the football field, but out in the city itself. With Homecoming comes parties, and that means there’s a danger of parties getting out of control, which is something neither the Guelph Police Service or the University of Guelph admin want to happen on what’s sure to be a very busy weekend. Continue reading “Police and U of G Get Ready for Homecoming Weekend”

The Night’s Taken Back Again at First In-Person March Since 2019

The first Take Back the Night march dates back to 1978 in San Francisco, but after all this time the goal remains the same no matter where you march: to protest violence against women, particularly sexual assault. That has been expanded to all victims of gender-based violence whether they’re women, queer, non-binary, or men, but for the first time in a couple of years they all got together again to “Take Back the Night.” Continue reading “The Night’s Taken Back Again at First In-Person March Since 2019”

Finally! Some Election Deba… Er, Public Forums!!

The lack of live – in-person or otherwise – candidate debates, Q&As or forums in this municipal campaign has been a subject of local conversation. Well someone might have heard the complaints because there’s now a pair of forums for the local council candidates running in all six of Guelph’s wards over two weeks early next month. Sign up now for what might be the hottest tickets in town. Continue reading “Finally! Some Election Deba… Er, Public Forums!!”

Mac’s Back, Or Is He? Questions Remain About Candidate’s Unofficial Status

On Tuesday, Ward 1 voters were suddenly wondering if they had a new candidate on the ballot. Or make that an old candidate on the ballot. As previously reported, council candidate Thai Mac left the 2022 election race a few weeks ago after some social media posts of questionable taste started to get passed around, even though he will technically remain on the ballot. So is Mac still looking for your vote? Continue reading “Mac’s Back, Or Is He? Questions Remain About Candidate’s Unofficial Status”

West End Community Garden Scores More Investment

You can see it from the road, a massive community garden on the same property as St. Peter Catholic Elementary School on Westwood Road. For almost two years now, community members in the Westwood and Willow area in the west end have developed a well-used and well-loved facility to fight food insecurity in this area of Guelph, and again their hard work is being recognized. Continue reading “West End Community Garden Scores More Investment”

GUELPH POLITICAST #340 – The Post-Pandemic Plastic Problem

Have you ever stopped to think about all the waste generated in the last 30 months since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic? How many masks, gloves, wipes, syringes and containers we’ve thrown away? It’s an interesting question, and some scientists are trying to get answers about all this extra garbage we’ve created and the effect it’s having on our environment. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #340 – The Post-Pandemic Plastic Problem”