City Engineer Gets a Promotion to the Command Level

Just in time for the annual meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario this coming week, the City of Guelph has named the latest addition to its executive staff with Kealy Dedman being promoted as Guelph’s new Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services. Continue reading “City Engineer Gets a Promotion to the Command Level”

MANGEZ! Dine Safe Guide for August 1-15, 2019

Twice-monthly, Guelph Politico posts the latest inspection results from the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Unit inspection of local restaurants, hotels, cafes, grocery stores and other businesses that handle food. We call it “Mangez!”, and this column highlights the latest inspections done by WDGPH, and the results they’ve posted. Continue reading “MANGEZ! Dine Safe Guide for August 1-15, 2019”

Expanded GO Train Service Coming to Guelph this Fall

Although it’s not the two-way, all-day GO Train service that the region’s been asking for over the last decade, the Government of Ontario announced that GO Train service will be expanding again in time for the new school year. Continue reading “Expanded GO Train Service Coming to Guelph this Fall”

Kitchener Post Moving to All-Digital at the End of the Month

If you’re concerned about the erosion of the local media landscape, then this probably won’t be the best news you’ll hear this week. The Kitchener Post, a weekly newspaper that has been publishing in Kitchener since 2011, will be eliminating its print publication at the end of the month and will be going all digital. Continue reading “Kitchener Post Moving to All-Digital at the End of the Month”

S&P Extends AA+ Credit Rating For a Seventh Year

A prime indicator for the financial health of the Corporation of the City of Guelph, Standards & Poors has affirmed its AA+ credit rating for the City for a seventh straight year while adding that the outlook is still stable. Continue reading “S&P Extends AA+ Credit Rating For a Seventh Year”

GUELPH POLITICAST #183 – Getting Critical on ‘Get Out the Vote!’

Every four years, Elections Canada runs a “Get Out the Vote” appeal that’s meant to encourage everyone to cast their ballot on the appointed day, but at best, it seems like only 60 per cent of us get that message. Is there a way to send that message better, and more to the point, are we sending out the wrong message and/or sending it the wrong way? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #183 – Getting Critical on ‘Get Out the Vote!’”

RECAP: Three Federal Candidates Talk Food Insecurity in First Election Debate

In an event hosted by Arrell Food Institute and The SEED, three of Guelph’s Federal Election candidates met in the first debate of the season to talk about issues of food insecurity, food sovereignty, and food accessibility. Continue reading “RECAP: Three Federal Candidates Talk Food Insecurity in First Election Debate”

GUELPH POLITICAST #182 – Maxime Bernier’s Guelph Town Hall

As we count down to the start of the 2019 Federal Election, we will likely see several special guests from the various political parties come to town, including the leaders themselves. Of course, you’ll recall that at least two party leaders have already come to the Royal City, in last week’s bonus episode you heard from one, and this week, you’ll hear from another. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #182 – Maxime Bernier’s Guelph Town Hall”

Longfield Announces New Funding for Youth Employment at Second Chance

Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield popped by Second Chance Employment Services in Downtown Guelph Wednesday to announce nearly half-a-million dollars in new funding to help support young people looking for work. The money will fund a program at Second Chance to give youth the skills and insight they need to find, and keep, their first job. Continue reading “Longfield Announces New Funding for Youth Employment at Second Chance”

GUELPH POLITICAST #181 – Kevin Bowman, 123 Guelph

London has done it. Cambridge and Kingston might do it. But how about Guelph? How about the other 440 cities, towns and villages in the Province of Ontario? Because they can do it if they want thanks to the last provincial government! Get your mind out of the gutter because the “it” we’re talking about is ranked ballots for municipal elections. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #181 – Kevin Bowman, 123 Guelph”