GUELPH POLITICAST #215 – The Future, and Present, for Workers

What a difference a pandemic makes, huh? For years now, there’s been a grand debate about whether service industry workers deserve a living wage, whether or not they should be able to access employer benefits, and if we need to change our assumptions about the quality of work provided by mostly minimum wage employees at our retailers, grocery stores, and restaurants. Now, these are the people who are keeping our economy a float. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #215 – The Future, and Present, for Workers”

GUELPH POLITICAST #214 – Food Security and Sick Pay

It’s been noted frequently that the COVID-19 pandemic is touching just about every aspect of our society, but aside from healthcare, perhaps no two areas of everyday life have been more affected than how we shop, and how we work. How fortunate then that the University of Guelph has two experts to help us out with understanding that! Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #214 – Food Security and Sick Pay”

GUELPH POLITICAST #213 – Community Reporting on COVID-19

As of Tuesday night, there have been almost 200,000 worldwide cases of novel coronavirus and nearly 8,000 fatalities. In Canada, there are 424 confirmed cases, another 16 suspected cases, and so far only one death. The details are changing hourly, and all levels of government are scrambling to find the best way to respond. What we need right now is some community radio. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #213 – Community Reporting on COVID-19”

GUELPH POLITICAST #212 – The Clash Over Clair-Maltby Part 2: All About Parks

Last week, the Committee of the Whole heard about the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan Open Spaces Systems Strategy, staff’s proposal for how parkland and open spaces will be mapped out in the development of Clair-Maltby. Just about anything Clair-Maltby related is controversial, especially the debate about parkland placement, so how did the members of city council navigate this minefield? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #212 – The Clash Over Clair-Maltby Part 2: All About Parks”

GUELPH POLITICAST #211 – A Novel Podcast on Coronavirus

What started as a mysterious new illness that effectively shutdown the Chinese city of Wuhan is now a global health emergency as medical professionals around the world are trying to diagnose, quarantine, and contain the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as the kids are calling it. New cases seem to be popping up on an hourly basis, but how concerned should we be? Let’s talk to the professionals! Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #211 – A Novel Podcast on Coronavirus”

GUELPH POLITICAST Replay – Freedom to Read Week

We’re presently in the middle of Freedom to Read Week, a national celebration of free expression that takes place in libraries, schools and arts venues across Canada. It’s a powerful reminder that issues of free expression and censorship are still prevalent here in Canada, and in other places around the world, so we’re going to remind you of that with a couple of previous Politicast interviews. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST Replay – Freedom to Read Week”

GUELPH POLITICAST #210 – On Development Part III: Why Not YIMBY?

An ongoing segment here on the Politicast involves taking a closer look at development issues, and this week’s timely entry of the series will look at the under-appreciated cousin of NIMBYism, YIMBYism! NIMBY, or “Not in MY Backyard,” dates back to the 80s, and has become a controversial term when it comes to growth in Ontario’s cities, but one group in Waterloo Region is now trying to turn the tables. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #210 – On Development Part III: Why Not YIMBY?”

GUELPH POLITICAST #209 – Inside the Mind of Cam Guthrie

What goes on inside the head of Guelph’s mayor? When did he start to becoming interested in politics? What influenced him along the way? What considerations does he take into account as he makes decisions? If you’ve ever wondered about these, or similar questions, then this is going to be a podcast you’re going to want to press play on! Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #209 – Inside the Mind of Cam Guthrie”

GUELPH POLITICAST #208 – The Real 1917

One of the likely contenders to win Best Picture at this year’s Oscars is 1917, Sam Mendes’ film about two soldiers racing through enemy territory on a mission to save hundreds of their fellow soldiers. It’s good, but but how does the movie, and it’s exceptional attention to detail, stand up to the scrutiny of experts who know all the ins and outs of the Great War? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #208 – The Real 1917”

GUELPH POLITICAST #207 – What Can the Chamber Do For This Podcast?

Shakiba Shayani became the new President and CEO of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce on September 9, 2019, which was two days before the Federal election, during which the Chamber exerts tremendous influence as the organizers of the main local debate, and it was two months before the start of the annual municipal budget process, during which the Chamber President always presents. Talking about being thrown into the deep end. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #207 – What Can the Chamber Do For This Podcast?”