Ontario Government Announces No More Capacity Limits on November 15

After a couple of weeks of pressure from restaurateurs and other business owners about the Government of Ontario’s seemingly random removal of capacity limits on cinemas and sports venues, it looks like all limits are coming to an end by the mid-point of next month. In a typical late Friday announcement, Premier Doug Ford said that more limits will be lifted on Monday with an eye to end all COVID-19 precautions by the end of March. Continue reading “Ontario Government Announces No More Capacity Limits on November 15”

Ontario QR Codes for Vaccine Proof Now Available

Like the soft launch of any one of a hundred different apps, the digital vaccine verification code started appearing on Google Play and the App Store on Friday morning. Yes Virginia, you can now carry your vaccine certification on your phone with a Government of Ontario-approved QR code, and just a few days ahead of the one-month anniversary of the Province’s vaccine certification program. Continue reading “Ontario QR Codes for Vaccine Proof Now Available”

Ontario Opposition Parties Have “To Do” Ahead of Throne Speech

The next session of the Ontario Legislature begins promptly at 9 am on Monday morning with the Speech from the Throne. The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, will read a missive outlining the Government of Ontario’s priorities for the rest of their mandate, but the opposition leaders have some priorities of the their own, and they recently shared them with the media. Continue reading “Ontario Opposition Parties Have “To Do” Ahead of Throne Speech”

Because You Demanded It (and the Feds Didn’t) Ford Introduces Vaccine Certificates

After weeks of pressure, and weeks without a formal press conference, Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Health Christine Elliot joined Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr, Kieran Moore to announce a great idea they had: A vaccine certification program. If you want to go to select businesses starting on September 22, you will need to provide proof of vaccination. Continue reading “Because You Demanded It (and the Feds Didn’t) Ford Introduces Vaccine Certificates”

Sources Say a Change is Coming on Vaccine Certificates

After weeks of excuses – from saying that they didn’t want to create a two-tiered system, to saying that a piece of paper easily copied in Microsoft Word was fine as proof – there’s news Friday night that the Government of Ontario might be changing their minds on vaccine certificates. Sources are telling multiple media outlets that so-called vaccine passports are on the cabinet agenda next week, and not a moment too soon. Continue reading “Sources Say a Change is Coming on Vaccine Certificates”

Ford Kicks Off AMO Touting Ontario as COVID Success Story

This week is the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference, which typically takes place live and in-person in Ottawa, but for the second year in a row the whole thing is being held virtually. As usual, the Premier of Ontario kicked things off with a speech, and Doug Ford began AMO 2021 on a positive note touting Ontario’s success overcoming COVID-19 thanks to strong provincial/municipal relations. Continue reading “Ford Kicks Off AMO Touting Ontario as COVID Success Story”

Knives Already Out for Ontario Government’s Back to School Plan

Although it will not be formally announced until Wednesday, Ontario’s opposition parties are already unimpressed with the Government of Ontario’s back to school plan. No Ontario school students have received in-person learning since the end of March due to the third wave of COVID-19, and opposition politicians are concerned that the government is showing a dearth of pre-planning just one month ahead of the new school year. Continue reading “Knives Already Out for Ontario Government’s Back to School Plan”

Opposition Parties Want to Know About the Pandemic Plan for Fall

Across Ontario, new COVID-19 cases are as low as they’ve been since the pandemic started, and the vaccine rollout is proceeding at a quick clip with now the majority of Ontario fully vaccinated, but there are some lingering questions. Are we prepared for a potential resurgence of the virus in the fall? It’s a question all opposition parties are asking now that we’re just six weeks away from the start of the school year. Continue reading “Opposition Parties Want to Know About the Pandemic Plan for Fall”

Ford Shuffles Cabinet and Key Ministers in Pre-Election Reset

This time next year, the Provincial Election will be complete, and a new government will be in charge of Ontario for another four-year term. For now, it’s kind of like there’s a new government as Premier Doug Ford took part in the regular pre-election tradition of shuffling the cabinet. Some ministers got new gigs, some back-benchers got promotions, and, as always, there were a few surprises. Continue reading “Ford Shuffles Cabinet and Key Ministers in Pre-Election Reset”

Ontario Government Announces $10 Million to Find Remains on Residential School Sites

The shocking (or not-so-shocking) discovery of 215 young Indigenous children buried on the property of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School forced the country to ask a question: How many more kids are out there, unclaimed, and buried in unmarked graves? The Government of Ontario announced today that they’re going to help try and answer the question by offering $10 million to Indigenous communities across Ontario to find out. Continue reading “Ontario Government Announces $10 Million to Find Remains on Residential School Sites”