RECAP: 3 Out of 6 Mayoral Candidates Talk Housing Issues

With early voting set to begin at the end of the week, Monday began appropriately with a mayoral debate. The venue was the Italian Canadian Club, the host was the Guelph and District Association of Realtors, and the topic was the only topic: housing. Cam Guthrie, John Edward Krusky, and William Albabish took the stage to talk about their ideas around Guelph’s housing issues, and the solutions they have to offer. Continue reading “RECAP: 3 Out of 6 Mayoral Candidates Talk Housing Issues”

More Candidate Debates Added to the Calendar This Week

If you’ve been disappointed by the lack of community events and debates with the local election candidates, then this is the week for you! Several new events have been announced for this week, just in time for the early voting that starts next weekend. On Thursday, a slate of virtual Q&As will be held with the six ward candidates, and you will be able to tune in. Continue reading “More Candidate Debates Added to the Calendar This Week”

To Debate or Not Debate? Ward 6 Candidates Ask the Question

There’s been a lot of questions about the lack of formal public debates in this election, but know it seems like there’s a question of who gets to debate. In the wake of the controversy around a certain Ward 1 candidate and their on-again, off-again campaign, at least one person running in Ward 6 has said that his appearance at the candidate forums that start next week at 10C is a proverbial bridge too far. Continue reading “To Debate or Not Debate? Ward 6 Candidates Ask the Question”

Finally! Some Election Deba… Er, Public Forums!!

The lack of live – in-person or otherwise – candidate debates, Q&As or forums in this municipal campaign has been a subject of local conversation. Well someone might have heard the complaints because there’s now a pair of forums for the local council candidates running in all six of Guelph’s wards over two weeks early next month. Sign up now for what might be the hottest tickets in town. Continue reading “Finally! Some Election Deba… Er, Public Forums!!”

RECAP: College Heights Students Had Probing Questions For Candidates

It might be the last debate of the campaign, but it was going to be a good one because the questions came from a long line of eager College Heights Secondary School students that attended Thursday morning’s match up in their own school’s cafeteria. Four of the more left-wing candidates, and, for once, a representative from the right flank talked about the issues that matter to Guelph’s young people. See video and live tweets below. Continue reading “RECAP: College Heights Students Had Probing Questions For Candidates”

UPDATE: Watch Some Debates Featuring the Guelph Election Candidates

Advanced polls are open this weekend. If you’re thinking that you would like to vote, and maybe haven’t been paying too close attention to the news, and you’ve now stumbled your way to the dregs of the internet and Guelph Politico, we’ve got a way for you to catch up. Below are two videos, each of a different Guelph Federal candidate debate from the last week. Press play, and get yourself informed. Continue reading “UPDATE: Watch Some Debates Featuring the Guelph Election Candidates”

RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate

On this 31st day of the 2021 Federal Election campaign, the seven candidates running to represent Guelph finally met face-to-face (on Microsoft Teams). In a debate for students in both the Wellington Catholic District School Board and the Upper Grand District School Board, and organized by the students of Bishop Macdonell High School, Guelph’s young people sought answers to questions on the issues that are affecting them now and in the future.  Continue reading “RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate”

RECAP: Guelph Candidates Cover *A Lot* of Issues in Chamber Debate

Guelph’s Federal election candidates from the four main parties met (virtually) for the first time in this campaign Thursday afternoon in the perennial Chamber of Commerce debate. Chamber CEO Shakiba Shayani took candidates through nearly every issue in the platform book in a two-hour plus event broadcast over Zoom that generated a lot of back-and-forth between the candidates, some of it contentious. Continue reading “RECAP: Guelph Candidates Cover *A Lot* of Issues in Chamber Debate”

Are You Ready for Some Federal Candidates Debates?!

There’s only about three weeks left before Election Day, and unless a candidate’s knocked on your door, or they’ve appeared on Open Sources Guelph, you probably haven’t heard from any of the people running locally yet. That will change next week as the four main party candidates meet virtually for the first of a couple of different debates that will help you make up your mind on who to vote for, or change it! Continue reading “Are You Ready for Some Federal Candidates Debates?!”

RECAP: Guelph Candidates Chat About Environmental Issues

Four of the five major party candidates in Guelph took part in one of the “100 Debates on the Environment” held across the country tonight, this one was at Centennial C.V.I. Barbs were traded as the candidates tried to position themselves, and their party, as the best to tackle the most existential crisis of our times. So how did it all turn out? Continue reading “RECAP: Guelph Candidates Chat About Environmental Issues”