McSherry Will Run for the PCs in Guelph in 2022

It’s been a busy week for candidates being acclaimed for next year’s election. The 2022 Ontario General Election is a little over nine months away, but Guelph now has three officially declared candidates with the addition of the Liberal candidate earlier this week, and now a Progressive Conservative candidate. Will either of them have the electoral clout to defeat the incumbent Guelph Member of Provincial Parliament? Continue reading “McSherry Will Run for the PCs in Guelph in 2022”

Local Liberals Acclaim Raechelle Devereaux for Next Year’s Election

It was an all-star Zoom affair on Monday night as Guelph Liberals acclaimed their candidate and launched their new election campaign. To be precise, this is for the Provincial election next year when voters decide the next government at Queen’s Park. As expected, Guelph Community Health Centre CEO Raechelle Devereaux will carry the baton for the Ontario Liberals in 2022, and the expectations of her colleagues are very high. Continue reading “Local Liberals Acclaim Raechelle Devereaux for Next Year’s Election”

Horwath Comes to Guelph in Campaign-Style Announcement

In a campaign-style announcement on Thursday morning, Official Opposition leader Andrea Horwath landed in Guelph with a couple of her NDP colleagues to talk about her party’s plan to promote the use of electric vehicles. The setting, next to some EV charging stations, was not subtle, and neither was the political message. In the home of Ontario’s first Green MPP, Horwath wanted to make the point that she’ll be better on the environment file. Continue reading “Horwath Comes to Guelph in Campaign-Style Announcement”

Schreiner Joins Paul as She Kicks Off a Don’t-Call-It-a-Pre-Election-Tour Tour

For the first time in 15 months, a political rally was held live and in-person in Guelph. The host was Guelph MPP and Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner, and the guest was his Federal counterpart, Annamie Paul. The pair were kicking off a summer tour, and announcing their intention to work closely on a myriad of issues, but for Paul, she did not want to call this a pre-election tour. Continue reading “Schreiner Joins Paul as She Kicks Off a Don’t-Call-It-a-Pre-Election-Tour Tour”

Schreiner Announces Green Party Plan for Housing, One Day After Rousting in Toronto Park

Almost 24 hours after Toronto Police rousted a homeless encampment in Trinity Bellwoods Party in Toronto, Green Party of Ontario leader and Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner revealed his party’s housing strategy. The goals of the plan focus on creating more affordable housing, more support for people experiencing homelessness, and additional funding to create more sustainable communities. Continue reading “Schreiner Announces Green Party Plan for Housing, One Day After Rousting in Toronto Park”

Ford Shuffles Cabinet and Key Ministers in Pre-Election Reset

This time next year, the Provincial Election will be complete, and a new government will be in charge of Ontario for another four-year term. For now, it’s kind of like there’s a new government as Premier Doug Ford took part in the regular pre-election tradition of shuffling the cabinet. Some ministers got new gigs, some back-benchers got promotions, and, as always, there were a few surprises. Continue reading “Ford Shuffles Cabinet and Key Ministers in Pre-Election Reset”

Schreiner Proposes People-Powered Revolution to Defeat Ford

Despite being up all night in the legislature on an urgent matter to debate the Government of Ontario’s use of the notwithstanding clause on third party election advertising, Mike Schreiner still took part in the Green Party of Ontario’s annual convention this weekend. In his keynote address, the Guelph MPP talked about all the ways the current government is doing it wrong, how the Green Party intends to do it right. Continue reading “Schreiner Proposes People-Powered Revolution to Defeat Ford”

Del Duca Tells Open Sources He Wants More Planning on Education (and Empathy)

Nearly a month after the Provincial government initiated a new round of lockdowns amid the third wave of COVID-19, there’s still no sign about when we might be able to start the process of re-opening. Liberal leader Steven Del Duca has some concerns about the way the pandemic response is currently being managed in Ontario, and he appeared on CFRU’s Open Sources Guelph last week to share them. Continue reading “Del Duca Tells Open Sources He Wants More Planning on Education (and Empathy)”

Opposition Leaders Start Countdown to 2022 Election

Exactly one year from today, the first Thursday of June, it will be Election Day for Ontario. A lot can happen in 365 days, and it probably will, but one-year out all the opposition parties agree that Ontario can’t afford another term under the Progressive Conservatives and Doug Ford, and they’re all getting ready to make their case as the obvious replacement. Continue reading “Opposition Leaders Start Countdown to 2022 Election”

Community Health Boss Seeking Provincial Liberal Nomination

This time next year, we will be in the middle of the Provincial election, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner will be defending his seat, and Premier Doug Ford will be protecting his government majority. Any plan to upset Ford’s desire for a second term will probably pass through the Guelph riding, which means this is going to be a very competitive riding when the writ is drawn up, and it got a little more competitive today. Continue reading “Community Health Boss Seeking Provincial Liberal Nomination”