Wellington-Halton Hills is a big riding, extending from Puslinch to Centre Wellington and out east all the way to Erin and Halton Hills, so experience counts, and it’s hard to get more experience than Ted Arnott who’s represented the area since 1990. Can anyone challenge 32 years of longevity in what’s a fairly safe Conservative riding? Diane Ballantyne would like to volunteer.

Make no mistake, this is an uphill climb for the NDP candidate, who’s running for the second time to represent Wellington-Halton Hills at Queen’s Park. In 2018, Ballantyne finished in second place, and increased the share of the NDP vote in the riding by nearly 10 per cent. Not too shabby, but Arnott secured 54 per cent of the vote. Arnott would go on to become Speaker of the House, and Ballantyne would go one to win election as the Ward 6 councillor on Wellington County council.

Now it’s time for the rematch, but is Wellington-Halton Hills in the market for a change? It’s hard to have a better NDP-friendly resume than Ballantyne, who, aside from her position on County Council, is also a teacher at Centre Wellington District High School, sits on a committee with the College of Nurses of Ontario, and is a board member of the United Way of Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin. And on this first edition of the Wellington-Halton Hills Politicast, Ballantyne will make her case to cap Arnott’s run at eight terms.

Ballantyne joins us to talk about why she’s running again for this office, why Arnott offers such stiff competition, and what it will take for NDP leader Andrea Horwath to become the next Premier. She will also talk about the issues facing Wellington-Halton Hills, and how they compare with the issues facing other parts of the province. Also, she’ll discuss whether or not COVID-19 will be a factor in the campaign, and how she intends to make a winning impression on the campaign trail.

So let’s head back to that riding next door on this premiere edition of the Wellington-Halton Hills Politicast!

To learn more about Diane Ballantyne and her campaign, you can visit her website here.

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