GUELPH POLITICAST #333 – The View from Brampton

On Monday, Patrick Brown announced that he would be running for re-election as the Mayor of Brampton. It was a no-brainer because it seemed pretty unlikely that he’s going to get back in the Conservative leadership race, but it’s far from certain that Brown has the political juice to even get his old (current) job back. This week, we look at Brown’s controversies through the eyes of someone that knows them best. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #333 – The View from Brampton”

Sachan Tells Open Sources He’s Representing a New Conservative Party

For the second election in a row, Dr. Ashish Sachan is the Conservative candidate running in Guelph. Representative of the Royal City’s growing diversity, Sachan is a proud new Canadian, and he’s eager to give back as Guelph’s Member of Parliament, but a Conservative hasn’t been elected in Guelph at either the Federal or Provincial level since 2003. Sachan is confident though that this will change once Guelphites look at the new Conservative Party. Continue reading “Sachan Tells Open Sources He’s Representing a New Conservative Party”

RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate

On this 31st day of the 2021 Federal Election campaign, the seven candidates running to represent Guelph finally met face-to-face (on Microsoft Teams). In a debate for students in both the Wellington Catholic District School Board and the Upper Grand District School Board, and organized by the students of Bishop Macdonell High School, Guelph’s young people sought answers to questions on the issues that are affecting them now and in the future.  Continue reading “RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate”

Chong Fills Important Role in O’Toole’s Shadow Cabinet

If the party is big enough, earning a place on the front bench as a member of the Official Opposition’s “shadow cabinet” is a pretty good way to gage the importance of a particular politician to the party. With that mind, political observers took notice Tuesday morning when Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong was named to the Conservative’s starting line-up as the critic for Foreign Affairs. Continue reading “Chong Fills Important Role in O’Toole’s Shadow Cabinet”