Opposition Leaders Start Countdown to 2022 Election

Exactly one year from today, the first Thursday of June, it will be Election Day for Ontario. A lot can happen in 365 days, and it probably will, but one-year out all the opposition parties agree that Ontario can’t afford another term under the Progressive Conservatives and Doug Ford, and they’re all getting ready to make their case as the obvious replacement. Continue reading “Opposition Leaders Start Countdown to 2022 Election”

Community Health Boss Seeking Provincial Liberal Nomination

This time next year, we will be in the middle of the Provincial election, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner will be defending his seat, and Premier Doug Ford will be protecting his government majority. Any plan to upset Ford’s desire for a second term will probably pass through the Guelph riding, which means this is going to be a very competitive riding when the writ is drawn up, and it got a little more competitive today. Continue reading “Community Health Boss Seeking Provincial Liberal Nomination”

Ford Apologizes for Third Wave Missteps, Promises Plans for Sick Days

Nearly a week after the last time he was in front of cameras, Premier Doug Ford came out of quarantine for a minute on Thursday morning to say he was wrong. Apologizing for the overreach of the COVID restrictions he announced last Friday, Ford appeared emotional as he talked about what he did wrong, why he wants a second chance, and why now is finally the time to get serious about paid sick days. Continue reading “Ford Apologizes for Third Wave Missteps, Promises Plans for Sick Days”

Schreiner Calls Out “Game Show Tactics” from Ford Government

As the province set a record for the second time this week for the most number of new COVID-19 cases in a single day, Premier Doug Ford took a beating from all opposition parties about his government’s recent action (or inaction depending on your point of view). Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner was among them, and in a statement Thursday he railed against “more game show tactics from Ford.” Continue reading “Schreiner Calls Out “Game Show Tactics” from Ford Government”

Del Duca Makes Campaign Stop to Tell Ford to Stop Campaigning

Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca took centre stage across the road from Victory Public School. He was back in Guelph for one reason on Tuesday morning: to mark sure everyone in Ontario knows that he thinks Doug Ford is doing a bad job managing the pandemic, and that a new Liberal government elected after next year’s Provincial campaign will make some changes. Continue reading “Del Duca Makes Campaign Stop to Tell Ford to Stop Campaigning”

Ontario’s 2021 Budget Focuses on Pandemic, Pandemic Relief and Vaccines

“Protecting People’s Health and the Economy” is the title on the 2021 -2022 Ontario Budget. Billed as “the second Budget the government has delivered during the pandemic,” and the first Budget for current Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy, the Government of Ontario aimed to address ongoing issues with the pandemic and province-wide vaccination program. The tally for the next fiscal year: $186 billion. Continue reading “Ontario’s 2021 Budget Focuses on Pandemic, Pandemic Relief and Vaccines”

March Break is Actually Going to be April Break This Year

Ontario school students and their parents will likely remember last year’s March Break as the last time that there was in-person learning until this past September. The pandemic hit our shores on the same week as March Break in 2020, and with school only recently going back to in-person learning here in Ontario, the Minister of Education has decided that March Break will happen, just happen a month later. Continue reading “March Break is Actually Going to be April Break This Year”

Opposition Rallies for Paid Sick Days, Quicker Vaccine Distribution

There are some good signs that the case count of COVID-19 infections is going down, but we are still far from the end of the line. Perhaps that’s why Ontario Liberal leader sent an open letter to his fellow opposition leaders this Monday to ask for their support in getting paid sick days back on the agenda, which is only the latest proposed measure to get such a vital protection for Ontario’s workers. Continue reading “Opposition Rallies for Paid Sick Days, Quicker Vaccine Distribution”

Media Report Says Ontario Gov Rejected Public Health Advice on New Colour System

The colour-coded COVID-19 control system has been the subject of controversy and conversation since the moment it was released last week. But that controversy has gone up to a whole new level with a new media report that says while the plan was made in consultation with public health workers, it did not reflect their best advise on slowing the spread. Continue reading “Media Report Says Ontario Gov Rejected Public Health Advice on New Colour System”

At Guelph Stop, Del Duca Says It’s Not Too Late for Ford to Do Better

The whistlestop tour is a time honoured tradition in politics, especially for the new leader of a political party trying to develop relationships and name recognition. Steven Del Duca is no exception, but he’s trying whistlestop his way through a pandemic, and an increasingly perilous situation where the number of new COVID-19 cases is on a definite increase. So what does Del Duca have to add to the situation? Continue reading “At Guelph Stop, Del Duca Says It’s Not Too Late for Ford to Do Better”