Schreiner Pushes Legislature to Act on Climate and Housing Emergencies

When the Speech from the Throne was delivered in the Ontario Legislature on Monday, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner called it an “uninspiring throne speech that sets no vision or path forward for Ontario.” While it dealt with the ongoing pandemic, Schreiner noted that there was no mention of either climate change or housing affordability, so it’s forced the Green Party leader to do what the Ontario government won’t, make these issues a priority. Continue reading “Schreiner Pushes Legislature to Act on Climate and Housing Emergencies”

Schreiner Calls Out “Game Show Tactics” from Ford Government

As the province set a record for the second time this week for the most number of new COVID-19 cases in a single day, Premier Doug Ford took a beating from all opposition parties about his government’s recent action (or inaction depending on your point of view). Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner was among them, and in a statement Thursday he railed against “more game show tactics from Ford.” Continue reading “Schreiner Calls Out “Game Show Tactics” from Ford Government”

Schreiner Joins Horwath Call to Re-open Legislature

We’ve finished one week of the new lockdown measures here in Ontario, but we have not yet detected any benefit in terms of decreased daily new cases or the rapid rollout of the two approved COVID-19 vaccines. Official Opposition leader Andra Horwath is demanding answers, and she’s demanding to get them in-person from Premier Doug Ford and his ministers, and our own local MPP agrees. Continue reading “Schreiner Joins Horwath Call to Re-open Legislature”

Guelph NDP Picks a Fight with Schreiner Over Toll Roads

In what might be a sign that people are realizing that the Provincial Election is now a year-and-a-half away, the Guelph riding association of the Ontario New Democrats sent a press release to the media that didn’t attack the current Provincial government, but attacked the current MPP of Guelph instead. The president of the Guelph NDP is calling out Mike Schreiner for being the odd man out and not supporting an NDP private members bill. Continue reading “Guelph NDP Picks a Fight with Schreiner Over Toll Roads”

GUELPH POLITICAST #194 – “Back to School” with Mike Schreiner

This week, after a five-month long hiatus, it’s finally “Back to School” time for the Ontario Legislature. Observers have been wondering if the extended break might allow for a more collegial tone to fall on Queen’s Park, especially as the government faces a number of pressing and challenging issues. Who better to ask if this is the case than our own MPP Mike Schreiner? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #194 – “Back to School” with Mike Schreiner”

Local Poverty Advocates Concerned About Ontario Gov’s Move on Basic Income Pilot

Yesterday’s announcement that the Progressive Conservative government was reforming social assistance, while ending the Basic Guaranteed Income pilot started by the previous government, caught those combating poverty by surprise. In a word, the Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination is “dismayed.” Continue reading “Local Poverty Advocates Concerned About Ontario Gov’s Move on Basic Income Pilot”

Schreiner’s Surprised That Question Period’s Not Better on the Inside

It seems that dreams don’t come true in quite the way you think. After a rough month in the legislature where the new Ford government has cancelled cap and trade, ended green energy contracts, and generally thrown a monkey wrench into the best laid plans of Ontario’s progressives, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner rose in the legislature yesterday to smack everyone down for their partisan tendencies. Continue reading “Schreiner’s Surprised That Question Period’s Not Better on the Inside”

Meet Your New Ontario Cabinet and Parliamentary Assistants

The new Premier of Ontario was sworn in under the unrelenting summer sun today outside Queen’s Park. We’ve known for weeks that Doug Ford would be the new head of the province, but what abour your favourite ministries: Health! Infrastructure! Attorney General! Education! Well wonder no more! Below is the complete list of cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries in alphabetical order. Continue reading “Meet Your New Ontario Cabinet and Parliamentary Assistants”