GUELPH POLITICAST #193 – Election Night (Abridged)

Monday was Election Night, and the end of a long campaign that was only 40 days long, but was a tough-fought slugfest that took no prisoners on the hustings, or in the radio booths, of the nation. It’s much to the relief of a nation that it’s over (for now!), but there was some great stories and insights on CFRU on Election Night that demand to be preserved. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #193 – Election Night (Abridged)”

On OSG Longfield Says that Despite Everything, He’s Still the Best Choice for Guelph

For Open Sources Guelph, the election came to an end on Thursday with the final interview of this Federal Election cycle. Last, but certainly not least, was the man that presently holds the job as Guelph’s Member of Parliament, Lloyd Longfield. Did he make the case to Guelph voters to send him back to the House of Commons again? Continue reading “On OSG Longfield Says that Despite Everything, He’s Still the Best Choice for Guelph”

Dyck and Klevering Make Pre-Advanced Polls Pitch on OSG

It was another round of back-to-back interviews this past Thursday on Open Sources Guelph. Our guests this week were two well-known voices who appeared on the show before, one is the Green Party’s Steve Dyck, and the other is independent candidate Kornelis Klevering. What did they have to say before the advanced polls open? Continue reading “Dyck and Klevering Make Pre-Advanced Polls Pitch on OSG”

Truscott and Paravolos Visit Open Sources Guelph

It was back-to-back candidate chat this past Thursday on Open Sources Guelph as two of the candidates stopped by the studio. In the first half, we had Christian Heritage Party candidate Gordon Truscott, and in the second half, we had People’s Party Candidate Mark Paralovos. What all did they have to say? Continue reading “Truscott and Paravolos Visit Open Sources Guelph”

Jahangir Talks to OSG About Not Losing Sight of What Matters

Aisha Jahangir has a great resume to be the New Democratic candidate. She’s a mental health nurse, she’s been a labour organizer and negotiator for her fellow nurses, and she’s shown political interest before in running for school board. But can Jahangir make a case to Guelph that they should send an NDP Member of Parliament to Ottawa? Continue reading “Jahangir Talks to OSG About Not Losing Sight of What Matters”

Burnett Tells OSG She Wants to Make a Better National Marriage Through Communism

Juanita Burnett is running for the third time to represent Guelph, and the first time for the Federal seat. She’s been the steadfast Communist candidate since 2014, in a town that literally helped found the Canadian wing of the Communist Party in 1921. Burnett was the first guest on this elections round of candidate interviews on Open Sources Guelph. Continue reading “Burnett Tells OSG She Wants to Make a Better National Marriage Through Communism”

GUELPH POLITICAST #186 – Live-ish from Move-In Day

It’s a strange sight every year; one day campus is all but empty, and the next day it’s bursting with life. Saturday was Move-In Day at the University of Guelph as thousands of first year students moved in to their dorms, made new friends, and got their first taste of adulting as they began their academic pursuits (whatever they may be). Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #186 – Live-ish from Move-In Day”

Schreiner Has Thoughts on the Budget and Other Matters on OSG

Last week’s revelation of the Ontario Budget is the latest in a line of announcements from the Ontario government meant to amaze or confuse. From tax credits, to new license plates, to fewer restrictions on booze, the budget was meant to have something for everyone, but what did Guelph’s MPP and Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner think of it? Continue reading “Schreiner Has Thoughts on the Budget and Other Matters on OSG”

GUELPH POLITICAST #164 – The Rookies (OSG Interviews)

Today, students and community groups on campuses across Ontario will go on strike to protest the Ontario government’s Student Choice Initiative, which could defund in part, or entirely, a lot of different campus clubs, services, and yes, media. One such impacted group would be CFRU, the community radio station that operates out of the University of Guelph. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #164 – The Rookies (OSG Interviews)”

Check Out James Gordon’s Appearance on Open Sources

Less than 48 hours after City Council passed the 2019 Budget, Ward 2 Councillor James Gordon came by CFRU to tell us about it, and other issues, on a recent episode of Open Sources Guelph.

You can listen to the show by following the link below, and you can also download Open Sources Guelph on the Guelph Politicast network via iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify on whatever mobile device you listen to podcasts on.

This week, Open Sources Guelph will give up cynicism for Lent. Just kidding! We might as well give up breathing!! So considering that, we’ll spend this week talking about the end of the Liberal Party of Canada, and the death knell of the New Democrats. Good thing we didn’t give up hyperbole for Lent either. In any event, we’ll welcome back an old friend from Ward 2 to talk about the budget, and all the latest issues from City Hall.

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