Garvie Concerned About the Direction of a Second Ford Term

On the same day that both Mike Schreiner and Andrea Horwath announced that COVID-19 had temporarily knocked them out of in-person campaigning, Guelph hosted its first visit from a provincial party leader that’s not based in this riding. Communist Party of Ontario leader, and former Guelph Communist Party candidate, Drew Garvie stopped by, and he told Guelph Politico that he’s got concerns going into the last few weeks of the campaign. Continue reading “Garvie Concerned About the Direction of a Second Ford Term”

Burnett Tells OSG Why the Communists Have the Best Ideas this Election

Six times. Juanita Burnett has run for office six times. ” Something I’ve learned as an activist is that somebody has to do the things, and if you stick around, you’re often the one,” Burnett said in her candidate interview on last week’s Open Sources Guelph. The Communist Party candidate believes sixth time’s the charm, and that people are looking for real left-wing change as an antidote to four years living under Doug Ford. Continue reading “Burnett Tells OSG Why the Communists Have the Best Ideas this Election”

RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate

On this 31st day of the 2021 Federal Election campaign, the seven candidates running to represent Guelph finally met face-to-face (on Microsoft Teams). In a debate for students in both the Wellington Catholic District School Board and the Upper Grand District School Board, and organized by the students of Bishop Macdonell High School, Guelph’s young people sought answers to questions on the issues that are affecting them now and in the future.  Continue reading “RECAP: All the Candidates Finally Face Off in Bishop Mac Debate”

Dineen Talks to Open Sources About Running for the Communists on its 100th Anniversary

Earlier this year, the Communist Party of Canada celebrated its 100th anniversary as a political entity in Canada. The party organized in a barn on Metcalfe Street in 2021, which was, at the time, on the outskirts of Guelph, so in this centenary year it was pretty important that the Communists have a candidate in this Federal Election. Tristan Dineen is that candidate, and he’s ready for you to help him put “people and planet over profit.” Continue reading “Dineen Talks to Open Sources About Running for the Communists on its 100th Anniversary”

GUELPH POLITICAST #275 – 100 Years After the Meeting on Metcalfe Street

On Monday May 23, 1921, a small group of people gathered in a barn on the outskirts of Guelph to found the Communist Party of Canada. It was three years after the Russian Revolution, and there was already widespread concern about the spread of Marxist ideas, but economic stagnation, a global pandemic, and societal disillusionment post World War I made people hungry for some kind of change to the status quo. Sound familiar? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #275 – 100 Years After the Meeting on Metcalfe Street”

GUELPH POLITICAST #193 – Election Night (Abridged)

Monday was Election Night, and the end of a long campaign that was only 40 days long, but was a tough-fought slugfest that took no prisoners on the hustings, or in the radio booths, of the nation. It’s much to the relief of a nation that it’s over (for now!), but there was some great stories and insights on CFRU on Election Night that demand to be preserved. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #193 – Election Night (Abridged)”

Rowley Rallies Local Communists With Election Agenda

The Communist Party of Canada started in Guelph in 1921 in a barn off Metcalfe Street. That was the outskirts of town back in the 20s, but nearly 100 years later, it was the CUPE Hall just off the University of Guelph campus that hosted the current Communist Party leader Elizabeth Rowley. It just took her a little bit of extra time for to get there… Continue reading “Rowley Rallies Local Communists With Election Agenda”

GUELPH POLITICAST #23 – Miguel Figueroa, Leader, Communist Party of Canada

Party leaders don’t come to Guelph a lot, and its rarer still that you get a chance to do a sit down interview with said leader. Welcome to the Communist Party of Canada. On Thursday, Miguel Figueroa, leader of the CPC, was in Guelph to support his local candidate Tristan Dineen, and to talk candidly with young people at the University of Guelph about society’s ills about how the ideals of communism might be the cure. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #23 – Miguel Figueroa, Leader, Communist Party of Canada”

Naturally, Guelph has a Communist Candidate

When we say “Naturally, Guelph has a Communist Candidate,” we mean it. The Communist Party of Canada began in a barn in what was once rural Guelph in 1921, and with another Federal race officially underway, it would be almost unnatural if no one locally came forward to carry the pink (o) flag. Now, following in the footsteps of Drew Garvie and Juanita Burnett, Tristan Dineen will be representing Guelph Communists in 2015. Continue reading “Naturally, Guelph has a Communist Candidate”

GUELPH POLITICAST #11 – Juanita Burnett, Communist Party of Ontario

Both the national and provincial Communist Party have made their presence known in Guelph the last several years, and why not? It’s only fitting because the party, the second oldest registered political party in the country, was started right here in Guelph in 1921. For the last several years, Drew Garvie has carried the Communist flag – as it were – in the Royal City, but with Garvie moving on to Toronto, the local Communist Party has turned to Junita Burnett to speak for the working class in the 2014 Provincial Election. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #11 – Juanita Burnett, Communist Party of Ontario”