“Our Democracy is Valid”: Student Allies Mark Legal Win Over Province

Student leaders from a coalition that won a landmark legal challenge against the Provincial government over making certain student fees optional spoke from Queen’s Park on Friday morning. Representatives of the groups, who were supported in Queen Park’s media room by the New Democrat education critic, said that the ruling shows that “our democracy is valid.” Continue reading ““Our Democracy is Valid”: Student Allies Mark Legal Win Over Province”

CSA Cancels Debate After Being Pressured to Include PPC Candidate

A panel with the local Federal Election candidates that was supposed to take place in the University Centre courtyard at the University of Guelph tonight has been cancelled. The organizers are blaming Provincial Free Speech policies mandated on Ontario universities, which was forcing them to include a candidate of a certain party in the debate. Guess which one? Continue reading “CSA Cancels Debate After Being Pressured to Include PPC Candidate”

GUELPH POLITICAST #170 – Kayla Weiler, Outgoing VP of the CSA

It’s the end of April, and that means it’s the end of the main school year. If you’re a student that works on campus, that also means its turnover time; you’re either entering a new position, or your leaving a position you invested a whole year in. Kayla Weiler is in the latter category. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #170 – Kayla Weiler, Outgoing VP of the CSA”

PODCAST SPECIAL: Student Groups Push Back Against Student Choice Initiative

Nothing sours your journalistic objectivity more than being emotionally invested in the story, but that’s the way it is for proposed changes to post-secondary funding called the Student Choice Initiative. The move might take away important funding for campus groups, and it might take away funding for an important factor to Guelph Politico‘s success. Continue reading “PODCAST SPECIAL: Student Groups Push Back Against Student Choice Initiative”

VIDEOS: Students and Community Warn Ontario Gov the Fight Has Just Begun

The weather Monday was unseasonably warm, but the rhetoric was red hot in Branion Plaza at the University of Guelph. Students leaders, politicians, and community organizers joined a province-wide coalition to reaffirm their anger in proposed changes to tuition and student fees from the provincial government. Continue reading “VIDEOS: Students and Community Warn Ontario Gov the Fight Has Just Begun”

U of G Prepares For Fight Over Student Fees

The announcement that the Ontario government will cut 10 per cent from tuition fees, and allow students to opt out of certain fees, has lit a fire under campus organizers. In the last few weeks, the voices of dissent have been getting louder as students and student leaders get ready for a big, province-wide demonstration of solitude. Continue reading “U of G Prepares For Fight Over Student Fees”

GUELPH POLITICAST #116 – A St. Patrick’s Day Special

Things were going pretty well. It wasn’t perfect, but it seemed like Town and Gown had found a way to perfectly co-exist inside the City of Guelph thanks to the diligence of City Hall, the police, the university, and student groups. And then Homecoming happened… Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #116 – A St. Patrick’s Day Special”

CSA Makes International News for Its Musical Selection

Normally, the distribution of the student bus pass is not controversial for the University of Guelph’s Central Student Association, but then they did the unthinkable by including a top hit from 1972 in their music playlist while handing out the stickers to summer students. A walk on the wild side, indeed. Continue reading “CSA Makes International News for Its Musical Selection”

GUELPH POLITICAST #74 – The Central Student Association

Today is the last day for University of Guelph students to vote in a run-off election for next year’s President of the Central Student Association. It’s no small position, but getting undergrad students to vote for the person representing them to the university admin, the provincial and federal governments, and on all matter of student issues is no small feat itself. Fortunately, next year’s slate of Vice-Presidents is already in place. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #74 – The Central Student Association”

CSA Re-Opens Vote to Determine Fate of the UPass

With the fate of the University of Guelph Universal Bus Pass (UPass) in the balance, the Central Student Association at the U of G is reopening voting tomorrow (Wednesday) in an effort to meet quorum and approve of the new cost structure, phasing in a $50 increase over five years. Continue reading “CSA Re-Opens Vote to Determine Fate of the UPass”