Guthrie Doesn’t Make Friends With Tory Retweets

Mayor Cam Guthrie has received some backlash for posts on Twitter endorsing statements made by provincial and federal Conservative officials this week, including a response from an elected school board trustee. Continue reading “Guthrie Doesn’t Make Friends With Tory Retweets”

Students Walkout In Protest Over Ford Cuts, Market Square Filled

High school students at over 500 high schools across Ontario walked out of their classrooms on Thursday to protest changes made to the provincial education system by the government under Premier Doug Ford, including in Guelph where hundreds rallied on Carden St. and shared stories of how the changes will impact their lives. Continue reading “Students Walkout In Protest Over Ford Cuts, Market Square Filled”

Students March on Queen’s Park; Schriener Supports Petition

 The Canadian Federation of Students launched their “We the Students” movement on a cold Tuesday with a press conference, march to Queen’s Park and a rally in front of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Over 150 students chanting and drums beating, saying the “students united will never be defeated,” among other chants. Continue reading “Students March on Queen’s Park; Schriener Supports Petition”

Guelph NDP Start New (Election) Year with New Exec Committee

The local New Democratic Party riding association met at the main branch of the Guelph Public Library on Saturday for their annual general meeting. A new president was elected,  leadership positions filled, and plans began for the 2019 Federal Election campaign. Continue reading “Guelph NDP Start New (Election) Year with New Exec Committee”

Guthrie Meets with Ford, But They Didn’t Discuss You Know What

Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie met with Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford on Monday, where they talked jobs, affordable housing and transportation. What they did not talk about though, was the latest controversy involving Bill 66. Continue reading “Guthrie Meets with Ford, But They Didn’t Discuss You Know What”