VIDEOS: Students and Community Warn Ontario Gov the Fight Has Just Begun

The weather Monday was unseasonably warm, but the rhetoric was red hot in Branion Plaza at the University of Guelph. Students leaders, politicians, and community organizers joined a province-wide coalition to reaffirm their anger in proposed changes to tuition and student fees from the provincial government. Continue reading “VIDEOS: Students and Community Warn Ontario Gov the Fight Has Just Begun”

GUELPH POLITICAST #114 – Voices of First Nations in Protest

In the recently released Vital Signs report (more about that on the next Politicast), statistics revealed that 6,500 people in Guelph and Wellington County identified as First Nations. That’s about three per cent of the population, which isn’t huge, but is far from insignificant. We don’t always see them, but our First Nations friends have certainly been making themselves heard lately. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #114 – Voices of First Nations in Protest”

Residents and Activists Stop Chainsaws for the Day at Lafarge

Thursday night, a group called Friends of the Howitt Creek sent out a press release to all local media, the City of Guelph, and the developers of the Lafarge site to let them know there would be no trees cut down on Friday. They were going to protest… Continue reading “Residents and Activists Stop Chainsaws for the Day at Lafarge”

Protest Closes Cork Street and Pushes MP for Electoral Reform

Justin Trudeau may be over electoral reform, but nearly 30 communities across Canada today wanted the prime minister to know that they’ve not forgotten a promise he supposedly made over 1800 times. Here in Guelph, which has taken the idea of reform to heart, well over 200 people showed up in front of the constituency office of MP Lloyd Longfield to keep pushing him to push the issue in the House of Commons. Continue reading “Protest Closes Cork Street and Pushes MP for Electoral Reform”

Guelph’s Going to Protest Trump Too

You may have heard about the more than 200,000 people that are heading to Washington D.C. this weekend to protest incoming President Donald Trump. You may have read about the quartet of Guelph women who are going to join them. But if you can’t make the trip yourself, or even go to a solidarity march just down the road in Toronto at Queen’s Park, then there’s good news. The Royal City’s going to show their anti-Trump colours too. Continue reading “Guelph’s Going to Protest Trump Too”

VIDEO: Enthusiastic Crowd Demonstrates Against Planned Right to Life Memorial

For a last minute protest on a Friday before a long weekend, the rally against the so-called Garden of Grace at the Basilica of Our Lady brought out a number of very enthusiastic people of all genders concerned about the placement of a blatantly political monument on the grounds of Guelph’s biggest tourist attraction. Continue reading “VIDEO: Enthusiastic Crowd Demonstrates Against Planned Right to Life Memorial”

Guelph Protesters Amongst Line 9 Arrests

The days of rowdy protests in Guelph seem to have come and gone. Sure, there are still demonstrations, but it seems like no one is riled up enough to get arrested for the cause anymore, or maybe there are just no causes in Guelph worth getting arrested for. Among three activists arrested yesterday for protesting the Line 9 pipeline in Sarnia were two Guelph women. Continue reading “Guelph Protesters Amongst Line 9 Arrests”