TAAG Teams Up With Unions for Regional Transit Strategy

The Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) has teamed up with transit unions in Guelph, Brantford and Waterloo Region to promote a regional transit strategy that will better connect the three areas, and other smaller transit networks in rural areas. In a presentation on Tuesday night, the group unveiled a plan that they hope will appeal to regional governments to address the gaps in travelling between area municipalities. Continue reading “TAAG Teams Up With Unions for Regional Transit Strategy”

City Touts Microtransit Success While Looking for Master Plan Feedback

More savings equals success. That’s the “too long; didn’t read” of an information report to council about the first four months of microtransit in Guelph. Mircotransit might be one part of future transportation plan for Guelph, which is coming back again to the pubic for input. The City is Guelph is asking for more assistance to help shape the Transportation Master Plan. Continue reading “City Touts Microtransit Success While Looking for Master Plan Feedback”

U of G Students Face Big Transit Issues in the Fall

Students returning to the University of Guelph in a couple of weeks will notice several changes, and one of them will be access to their universal student bus pass, better known as a UPass. To put this bluntly, there will be no UPass this fall because the contract to provide one through Guelph Transit expired earlier this year, which added another logistical difficult for the U of G’s student government as they get ready to welcome their peers back to campus. Continue reading “U of G Students Face Big Transit Issues in the Fall”

Guelph Gets [Not Much of] a Response from Mulroney on Regional Transit Issues

Greyhound buses were a vital link for Guelph offering express services to and from Toronto and Kitchener. Those days are gone now, but don’t worry because the Ministry of Transportation Ontario has received the desperate letter from the Mayor, the University of Guelph and the Chamber of Commerce, and they are ready to help us! You know, if someone else wants to help us. Continue reading “Guelph Gets [Not Much of] a Response from Mulroney on Regional Transit Issues”

City Looking for Feedback on 10-Year Plan to Change Transit Routes

After last night’s discussion of the Transportation Master Plan, the City of Guelph is zooming in on one aspect of transportation planning that will be key to the TMP’s goal of getting people to make 19 per cent fewer trips by car. From now until Jun 20, the City is looking for feedback on proposed changes to transit routes that could be implemented over the next 10 years with the approval of the public and council. Continue reading “City Looking for Feedback on 10-Year Plan to Change Transit Routes”

Greyhound’s Canadian Operations the Latest COVID Casualty

In a big hit to interregional transit in Ontario and Quebec on Thursday, Greyhound announced that they were ceasing all Canadian operations effective immediately. The private bus operator is saying that they can’t afford to continue with what remains of their Canadian service, completing a rollback that began in western Canada over two years ago, and permanently affecting transit service to and from Guelph. Continue reading “Greyhound’s Canadian Operations the Latest COVID Casualty”

Belleville’s Transit Manger Touts On-Demand Transit Experience

On-demand transit is coming to Guelph this spring, and that may sound scary for people who take transit because they’re not generally predisposed to accepting change. On Tuesday night, the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) hosted a webinar with Paul Buck, the Manager of Transit Operations for the City Belleville. His town has instituted a transit on-demand option, and he thinks it works pretty well. Continue reading “Belleville’s Transit Manger Touts On-Demand Transit Experience”

Guelph Transit Rolls Out On-Demand Transit, Ends Community Bus

It’s been a tough year for transit as ridership and revenue took a huge dip because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Is it a good time to start experimenting with alternative delivery models for transit? We’re going to find out as Guelph Transit has announced that they’re introducing an on-demand transit model this spring for under-serviced routes, and they’re looking for help to plot the best way to do it. Continue reading “Guelph Transit Rolls Out On-Demand Transit, Ends Community Bus”

Federal Government Announces New Permanent Funding for Transit… in 2026

People aren’t using public transit the way they once did thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Federal government isn’t planning for transit this year, but transit in the years to come. An announcement this morning with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna promised $14.9 billion in new transit funding for the next eight years, but we’re not going see most of that till 2026. Continue reading “Federal Government Announces New Permanent Funding for Transit… in 2026”

Guelph Gets Boost in Gas Tax Funds; Needs Help With Transport Master Plan

Transit is an area of municipal services that’s been hit especially hard by the pandemic. Revenue has cratered because ridership is way down, so now would be the perfect time for the City of Guelph and other municipalities to hear that they’re getting more money to cover the cost. In an announcement today, Guelph received nearly $100,000 more in Gas Tax money from the Government of Ontario, and there’s more transportation news to consider. Continue reading “Guelph Gets Boost in Gas Tax Funds; Needs Help With Transport Master Plan”