GUELPH POLITICAST #183 – Getting Critical on ‘Get Out the Vote!’

Every four years, Elections Canada runs a “Get Out the Vote” appeal that’s meant to encourage everyone to cast their ballot on the appointed day, but at best, it seems like only 60 per cent of us get that message. Is there a way to send that message better, and more to the point, are we sending out the wrong message and/or sending it the wrong way? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #183 – Getting Critical on ‘Get Out the Vote!’”

RECAP: Three Federal Candidates Talk Food Insecurity in First Election Debate

In an event hosted by Arrell Food Institute and The SEED, three of Guelph’s Federal Election candidates met in the first debate of the season to talk about issues of food insecurity, food sovereignty, and food accessibility. Continue reading “RECAP: Three Federal Candidates Talk Food Insecurity in First Election Debate”

GUELPH POLITICAST #180 – Elizabeth May’s Guelph Town Hall

Election season is almost here, so it would be realistic to expect that towns and cities across the country will be receiving special guests to help convince voters to turn one way or the other. Guelph has already had a few appearances from Federal party leaders, and one of them was Green Party leader Elizabeth May. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #180 – Elizabeth May’s Guelph Town Hall”

Bernier Comes to Guelph and Talks About Stuff (Non-partisan Headline)

After much controversy, Maxime Bernier landed in Guelph Friday night for a town hall style engagement with local People’s Party of Canada candidate Mark Paralovos. The nearly two-hour discussion covered a wide-range of topics, and the answers are as unlikely to persuade critics as they are likely to dissuade supporters. Continue reading “Bernier Comes to Guelph and Talks About Stuff (Non-partisan Headline)”

GUELPH POLITICAST #177 – Aisha Jahangir, NDP Candidate

The slate of major party candidates for the riding of Guelph is complete, and of the five, just two of them have never before been a guest on the Guelph Politicast… Until now.  Well, one of them gets scratched off the list this week, at least. Prepare to say “Hello” to Aisha Jahangir, who is one of those five people trying to become Guelph’s next Member of Parliament. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #177 – Aisha Jahangir, NDP Candidate”

RECAP: Elizabeth May Answers Questions and Talks About Green Ambitions

Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May brought her election message to Guelph on Monday night. Hoping to gain momentum heading into the fall campaign, around 200 people gathered in the University of Guelph’s Peter Clark Hall to hear from May, and ask questions about about the issues. Continue reading “RECAP: Elizabeth May Answers Questions and Talks About Green Ambitions”

People’s Party Cancels Bernier Event Due to “Safety Concerns”

What was supposed to be the most controversial political of the season has been cancelled out of “safety concerns.” The local Electoral District Association of the People’s Party of Canada has called off a town hall with party leader Maxime Bernier due to supposed fears of violence stemming from planned protests by local groups. Continue reading “People’s Party Cancels Bernier Event Due to “Safety Concerns””

Brace Yourselves, Maxime Bernier is Coming

He was one of the most controversial appointees ever in Stephen Harper’s cabinet, he came within a hair’s breath of becoming the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and then he struck out and started his own national political party. Is the Maxime Bernier message going to appeal to Guelph? We’re about to find out. Continue reading “Brace Yourselves, Maxime Bernier is Coming”

You Know Sue from Ontario Strong? She’s Got a Robocall Connection

A report by Postmedia has linked a series of text messages sent by someone who identifies themselves as “Sue” from “BC Strong” to iMarketing Solutions Inc., a marketing firm that was founded by the directors of Responsive Marketing Group. Why does that sound familiar? Remember the Robocall scandal of 2011? Continue reading “You Know Sue from Ontario Strong? She’s Got a Robocall Connection”

Jahangir Rounds Out Major Party Candidates for 2019 Election as NDP Pick

Aisha Jahangir has emerged as the New Democratic candidate for the riding of Guelph in this fall’s Federal Election. In all, 75 members of the local electoral district association endorsed the nurse and labour leader over her competition, Andy McCann-Pappin, a long-time activist and NDP campaigner in Guelph. Now the roster is complete for the five major party candidates for Guelph. Continue reading “Jahangir Rounds Out Major Party Candidates for 2019 Election as NDP Pick”