GUELPH POLITICAST #249 – Why We Need a Science Centre

When he’s not setting some of the most bizarre world records, Professor Jason Thomas, or as he’s more commonly known, The Great Orbax, can be found teaching physics at the University of Guelph, or out in the community instilling a love of science in people young and old. His latest project: taking that love, and turning into support for a new Guelph destination: a bricks-and-mortar science centre. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #249 – Why We Need a Science Centre”

GUELPH POLITICAST #247 – In the Land of Truthers

If you’ve been following the current state of affairs south of the border, you know that there are a lot of people living in false reality bubbles built on a mound of conspiracy theories. Social media companies are finally taking at least tacit steps to stop the flood of misinformation, but it’s becoming clear that the real fight against clashing realities is in our hands, and we all need to know how to fight back.  Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #247 – In the Land of Truthers”

University of Guelph Gets Federal Money for Environmental Upgrades

This long weekend, the University of Guelph will be giving thanks to the Federal government and MP Lloyd Longfield for about three quarters of a million dollars in new funding to upgrade campus’ environmental sustainability. This holiday weekend, the U of G is getting the gift of more energy efficiency, and more chargers for electric vehicles. Continue reading “University of Guelph Gets Federal Money for Environmental Upgrades”

GUELPH POLITICAST #237 – It’s Vaccine Hesitancy, and It’s Not New

What if we told you that vaccine hesitancy didn’t start with Jenny McCarthy? In 1722, not long after the first successful vaccination efforts were started in the west, there was an English preacher who argued that diseases were God’s punishment for sin, and any attempt to stop them with a vaccine was going against His will. That may sound crazy, but so do the modern world’s reasons for not getting your kids vaccinated. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #237 – It’s Vaccine Hesitancy, and It’s Not New”

Guelph Transit Sticking with Current Schedule, and Laying Off Workers

Guelph Transit announced Tuesday that the current service levels are going to stay exactly the same for the foreseeable future. Since the start of the pandemic, buses have been running at a reduced service level, and even though school will be re-starting again in a few weeks, the City of Guelph will be keeping those services on the Saturday schedule indefinitely, while making some difficult decisions about staffing. Continue reading “Guelph Transit Sticking with Current Schedule, and Laying Off Workers”

No Student Bus Pass for U of G Students this Fall, How Will That Effect Transit Budget?

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the new school year, but one of them was answered on Wednesday, and if you’re among the likely few University of Guelph students who are coming back to Royal City in September, you will have to get around town without your usual universal bus pass. The move not only leaves students in a transit lurch, but it blows a big hole in the City of Guelph’s transit budget. Continue reading “No Student Bus Pass for U of G Students this Fall, How Will That Effect Transit Budget?”

Lack of Students Will Seriously Impact Transit Funding, and Service

In a closed session at Wednesday’s council meeting on the COVID-19 response, council will hear information about the University of Guelph universal student bus pass, and the options they’ll need to consider if students don’t return to school for in-person classes in the fall. Less than eight weeks before the start of the school year, there are still a lot of unknowns about this important source of funding for Guelph’s transit system, and what happens if the City can’t collect. Continue reading “Lack of Students Will Seriously Impact Transit Funding, and Service”

Ontario Government Announces Safe Re-Opening Plans for Post-Secondary

As part of series of week-long announcements about re-opening the province, the Government of Ontario revealed Wednesday how they will approach the re-opening of post-secondary education. Starting in July, in-person classes will begin again in a limited fashion after consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, but what that looks like in practice will be another matter altogether. Continue reading “Ontario Government Announces Safe Re-Opening Plans for Post-Secondary”

Billes Resigns as U of G Chancellor Because of Divestment Vote

Last month‘s vote by the University of Guelph’s Board of Governors to divest from fossil fuel companies was the fiscally prudent move according to the financial committee. But while the committee was sure that the U of G would suffer no fiduciary consequences to divestment, there has been a different kind of loss for the university as a result. Martha Billes, the chancellor of the U of G has quit, and she say’s it’s because of the divestment vote. Continue reading “Billes Resigns as U of G Chancellor Because of Divestment Vote”

After Years of Advocacy, the U of G Board of Governors Approves Divestment

After almost seven years of pushing by the student advocacy group Fossil Free Guelph, the majority of the Board of Governors at the University of Guelph voted Wednesday to divest the institution’s endowment from companies that hold fossil fuel reserves. After a debate, and a few amendments, all but three board members followed the lead of Vice-President of Finance Don O’Leary, and voted to divest over the next five years. Continue reading “After Years of Advocacy, the U of G Board of Governors Approves Divestment”