This Week in Press Releases – September 18-22, 2017

Every week, the City of Guelph and other groups send out notices to announce new events, imperatives, and information that you need to know. Here is this week in press releases. Continue reading “This Week in Press Releases – September 18-22, 2017”

VIDEO: Some Kinks and Confusion on the First Ride of the #99

Months of hard work led to this: the launch of the new Guelph Transit route system and schedule. The City of Guelph kicked things off with an inaugural ride on the new northbound #99 Mainline as members of city council, transit staff, and commuters all boarded the bust to see if all the prep and promotion had paid off. Continue reading “VIDEO: Some Kinks and Confusion on the First Ride of the #99”

The “Coles Notes” Version of Guelph Transit Changes

So this coming Sunday, taking the bus is going to slightly different than it has been in the last couple of years. There are a lot of new changes to get your head around, so to get you started, here is a break down of all the changes coming to the system as of September 3, which is hopefully the simplest way to explain it all… Continue reading “The “Coles Notes” Version of Guelph Transit Changes”

At Least Guelph Transit Uses Social Media…

In the year 2017, if you want to complain, you go to social media. A whole industry there is built on rating what rocks and what sucks, and that includes the way you get around your city. Online, there’s often not a lot of love for Guelph Transit, so I was curious, where do other municipalities stand when it comes to interacting with their customers online? It turns of that Guelph Transit is a leader in that regard. Continue reading “At Least Guelph Transit Uses Social Media…”

VIDEO: Guelph Central Station is Complete with Ribbon Cutting

It’s been a long, long road since ground was first broken on Guelph Central Station with the demolition of the old Greyhound Bus Terminal (2011), but the hub is now complete with the official ribbon cutting marking the end of renovations at the historic train station. In a ceremony this morning, Mayor Cam Guthrie, members of council, MP Lloyd Longfield, MPP Liz Sandals, and representatives from VIA Rail, Metrolinx, Greyhound and Guelph Transit re-opened the train station, ready to serve the future. Continue reading “VIDEO: Guelph Central Station is Complete with Ribbon Cutting”

Feds Kicking in Nearly $10 Million for Guelph Transit Upgrades

March has been a big month for transit news in the Royal City, so it’s apropos that it goes out like a lamb for city transit nerds with an announcement that the Federal government will be investing nearly $9.7 million in Guelph Transit improvements including new vehicles, new fair boxes, new shelters, and upgrades to traffic signalling. Continue reading “Feds Kicking in Nearly $10 Million for Guelph Transit Upgrades”

Media Questions, Transit Answers on the Realignment

On Friday morning, the City of Guelph officially began its charm offensive to get transit users ready for the new and amended schedules and routes being proposed for September. At a media brief, Transit General Manager Mike Spicer, Supervisor of Planning and Scheduling Nancy Button, and Route Performance and Scheduling Specialist Laura Catalano-Bragues answered questions about the initial phase of the realignment. Continue reading “Media Questions, Transit Answers on the Realignment”

FACEBOOK LIVE: Transit Changes Officially Announced and Follow-Up

So we got it out there a week early, but now Guelph Transit is officially looking for your feedback to the proposed routes and schedules for the realignment starting September 3. For those of you who took the time to post your reaction on Politico, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter, you’re up! Continue reading “FACEBOOK LIVE: Transit Changes Officially Announced and Follow-Up”

Guelph Transit Looking at Schedule and Route Shake-Up for September

Guelph Transit has a plan to revitalize its system with new schedules, adjusted routes and new services to “match transit service levels with passenger loads.” If implemented, the realignment will see some routes renamed, rescheduled or reorganized so that transit will no longer operate on a “pulse and wave” system, but will it be enough to get more people on the bus and get them where they’re going in a timely and convenient matter? Continue reading “Guelph Transit Looking at Schedule and Route Shake-Up for September”

GUELPH POLITICAST #60 – Mike Spicer, Guelph Transit General Manager

One-hour holiday service, no peak service in the summer, the cancellation of Free Ride Fridays with the Storm without notice, no service expansion for 2017, the firing of manager Phil Meagher, no restoration of 2015 service… This was not a good year for transit in Guelph, and probably not the plate you want set for you when you sit down at the desk as Guelph Transit’s new General Manager. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #60 – Mike Spicer, Guelph Transit General Manager”