Masks For Everyone, Says Upper Grand District School Board

At a special meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board on Tuesday night, trustees heard the plans of their staff to ensure the safe re-opening of schools in Guelph and area in just a few weeks time. According to the staff report, the new school year is going to come with big challenges, and a big price tag, but confidence is high that it’s a good plan that will give school kids a taste of normalcy. Continue reading “Masks For Everyone, Says Upper Grand District School Board”

Guelph Libraries to Re-Open on August 4

Back in June, as the economy started to re-open and City services started to get back to normal, there was one particular service that was lagging behind as it sorted out its own safety requirements. For all those that have eagerly awaited a return to the library in order to do more than just pick up requested materials, you’re time is coming, and it’s on August 4. Continue reading “Guelph Libraries to Re-Open on August 4”