How is Guelph Marking Remembrance Day This Year?

Remembrance Day is a pretty deal in Guelph, and yes it’s a pretty big deal across Canada, but Guelph is the hometown of Col. John McCrae, who’s famous poem is recited every November 11 at commemorations around the country. For this Remembrance Day, those commemorations will at least be semi-normal once again, and while there will be no parade, their will be some hybrid public events. Continue reading “How is Guelph Marking Remembrance Day This Year?”

Guelph Museums Announce New Programming as They Re-Open

In another sign that activity in Guelph is starting to resemble something closer to normal, Guelph Museums has released details about the programs, events and exhibits that will hopefully draw you back to their two locations over the next couple of weeks. From tea time, to theatre, to remembrances of recent history, there’s a lot to see at the museums in a responsible, physically-distant way. Continue reading “Guelph Museums Announce New Programming as They Re-Open”

CITY PAGES: The Museum, Feedback, and Money For Small Businesses

The City of Guelph puts out a lot of information on a weekly basis, and while it all ends up on the City’s website somewhere, wouldn’t it be easier to just scroll through it all on one easy-to-read article on Guelph Politico here…? Continue reading “CITY PAGES: The Museum, Feedback, and Money For Small Businesses”

Guelph Museums Re-opening, and Assistance for Non-Profits Announced

In other signs that life is slowly turning back to some semblance of normalcy, the City of Guelph announced Monday that they’ve set re-opening dates for Guelph Civic Museums. For other non-profits struggling because of the pandemic, the City also announced Monday how they will be implementing the council-approved $350,000 in funding to assist non-profits with emergency funding. Continue reading “Guelph Museums Re-opening, and Assistance for Non-Profits Announced”

GUELPH POLITICAST #208 – The Real 1917

One of the likely contenders to win Best Picture at this year’s Oscars is 1917, Sam Mendes’ film about two soldiers racing through enemy territory on a mission to save hundreds of their fellow soldiers. It’s good, but but how does the movie, and it’s exceptional attention to detail, stand up to the scrutiny of experts who know all the ins and outs of the Great War? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #208 – The Real 1917”

VIDEO – Local Veterans Talk about Their Service at McCrae House

It’s Remembrance Day across Canada today, but the annual ceremony of remembering those that served – the ones that came home and the ones that did not – began on Sunday at McCrae House with an event called “Thank a Veteran.” Several local vets across many decades of service gathered their to tell stories, share memories, and remind us why Remembrance Day is a sacred occasion. A few of them talked to Guelph Politico in this special video. Continue reading “VIDEO – Local Veterans Talk about Their Service at McCrae House”