Community Responds to Pride Flag Ripped Down at Guelph School

It’s Pride Month, and that means 30 days of celebration and recognition for the members of our community who identify as LGBTQ+. So the rainbow flags are flying on flag poles all around town, but it seems like there are people in Guelph who cannot actually take any pride in Pride. In fact, some delinquent person or persons tore the Pride flag right off the pole of an area school over the weekend. Continue reading “Community Responds to Pride Flag Ripped Down at Guelph School”

Guelph Marks Discovery of Mass Grave at B.C. Residential School

The discovery of a mass grave with the remains of 215 children at the Kamloops Indian Residential School has re-opened a national sorrow, and prompted new demands for accountability and reconciliation. Guelph is no exception as key Royal City institutions have lowered their flags to half-staff in recognition of the loss while community activists organize a vigil at Guelph’s most recognizable landmark. Continue reading “Guelph Marks Discovery of Mass Grave at B.C. Residential School”

Guelph Schools Stop In-person Learning as Local Infection Rate Doubles

It was the news nobody wanted to hear on an Easter Monday, everyone was going back to school on Tuesday to stay home again on Wednesday. On Monday night, the two local school boards and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health all announced their intention to cease in-person learning after Tuesday, for two weeks, as the province struggles with a rapid increase in new COVID cases from the third wave. Continue reading “Guelph Schools Stop In-person Learning as Local Infection Rate Doubles”

Schools Closed Till January 25 By New Provincial Order

This coming Monday was supposed to be back to school day for all but post-secondary school students in southern Ontario, but the rising case numbers have been making both parents and educators thinking twice about going back to in-person classes so soon. On Thursday, Premier Doug Ford publicly agreed that it might be too  much of a risk to send thousands of students back to school right now. Continue reading “Schools Closed Till January 25 By New Provincial Order”

GUELPH POLITICAST #236 – What Will School Look Like?

This is the last week of summer, and it’s typically a time of great excitement for kids and parents alike. This year though, there is also more than a little amount of trepidation because going back to school means something very different in the era of COVID-19. Perhaps this will help. We’re going to look at what your school might look like when you, or your child, are heading back to it in the next couple of weeks. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #236 – What Will School Look Like?”

Gazzola Apologizes But For What is Still an Unanswered Question

It’s not the firs time that someone’s been removed from a position of authority because of something they posted on social media, but this is perhaps the most high-profile instance to happen in Guelph. Marino Gazzola, the now ousted chair of the Wellington Catholic District School Board, has formally apologized for some kind of negative social media posts though no one can say what those were. Continue reading “Gazzola Apologizes But For What is Still an Unanswered Question”

Guelph’s Leaders Offer Messages of Hope and Encouragement

People around the world have been watching the events unfolding in the United States last weekend, and some of those people live in Guelph. As we struggle with our own feelings about the death of another Black man in police custody, and we think about our own roles in combating anti-Black racism, Guelph’s leaders have been offering words of comfort, understanding, and self-reflection. Continue reading “Guelph’s Leaders Offer Messages of Hope and Encouragement”

Upper Grand and Wellington Catholic Waiting for Key Docs to Finish 2020/21 Budget

At the Upper Grand District School Board Meeting last Tuesday, a series of meetings about the budget for the 2020/2021 school year were cancelled because the board is still waiting for documents from the Ministry of Education that they need to finalize the budget. With a deadline of June 30 for the final budget to be submitted to the ministry, school boards across Ontario have 30 days to get their financial plans in order even through there are still so many questions that have to be answered. Continue reading “Upper Grand and Wellington Catholic Waiting for Key Docs to Finish 2020/21 Budget”

Ontario Schools Now Officially Out for Summer, While Commission Coming for LTC

The last time that Ontario students stepped foot inside their classrooms was the day before March Break, and Tuesday it was revealed that they won’t be going back until after Labour Day. The fate of the school year is one of a couple of new announcements from Queen’s Park today, along with updates to the emergency orders, and the announcement that the Provincial government will be looking into what happened in long term care homes. Continue reading “Ontario Schools Now Officially Out for Summer, While Commission Coming for LTC”

Two More COVID-19 Cases in Waterloo Region as Local Events Reconsider Cancellation

The news these days is pretty much all Coronavirus, all the time, and every hour brings new cancellations and quarantines, including, as of lunch hour on Thursday, the Prime Minister of Canada. With everything from major sporting events, movie premieres, conferences, and other crowd-filled activities being cancelled, everyone’s on guard for the next outbreak. Even here in Guelph. Continue reading “Two More COVID-19 Cases in Waterloo Region as Local Events Reconsider Cancellation”