Guelph Museums Announce New Programming as They Re-Open

In another sign that activity in Guelph is starting to resemble something closer to normal, Guelph Museums has released details about the programs, events and exhibits that will hopefully draw you back to their two locations over the next couple of weeks. From tea time, to theatre, to remembrances of recent history, there’s a lot to see at the museums in a responsible, physically-distant way. Continue reading “Guelph Museums Announce New Programming as They Re-Open”

Social Media Use Can Have Negative Physical Effects, StatsCan

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the effects of social media use, and anecdotally, things have not been good. Most people are talking about the spread of conspiracy theories, election lies, and medical misinformation, but what about the physical effects of spending too much time on social media? Statistics Canada is here to tell you that there are some of those too, and the younger you are, the more likely you’ll feel them. Continue reading “Social Media Use Can Have Negative Physical Effects, StatsCan”

City Increase Online Access to Information Services

As we’ve so often heard, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our daily lives, and doing business at Guelph City Hall is one of those aspects. Even as we look forward to emerging from the second wave, the City of Guelph is looking to make it easier to access their services online, whether you want public information or whether you want to rent a picnic shelter. Continue reading “City Increase Online Access to Information Services”

Countdown to Lockdown: The State of COVID in Guelph on December 23

When you woke up this morning, it was two days till Christmas and three days till the start of a province-wide lockdown, and on this morning there was some good news and some concerning news. While the Government of Canada has approved the second vaccine for widespread distribution, there’s still no news about when our region might start getting the vaccine, but Public Health says they’re prepared when it happens. Continue reading “Countdown to Lockdown: The State of COVID in Guelph on December 23”

Renovations Are Back on at Guelph Police HQ

The City of Guelph is reporting that work on the renovations to Guelph Police Services headquarters are back underway after a summer of tumult where the old contractor was fired, another contractor was hired, and a lot concerns were levied from the public about another expensive construction that’s gone over time and over budget. So what progress can be made on the project now? Continue reading “Renovations Are Back on at Guelph Police HQ”

How Do You Want to Vote? The City of Guelph Wants to Know

Last week, Guelph city council met to talk about its future composition; how many councillors will be representing the people of Guelph, and from how many wards? This week, the City of Guelph would like feedback from you about how we’re going to vote in 2022. How do you feel about mail-in ballots, internet voting, or good old in-person Scantron sheets? City staff want to know! Continue reading “How Do You Want to Vote? The City of Guelph Wants to Know”

City Hires Perini Management to Oversee Police HQ Completion

Following up on last month’s sudden removal of Jasper Construction from the $34 million renovation of Guelph Police Services’ headquarters, a new contractor has been hired to complete the project. The City of Guelph announced Thursday that Perini Management will be taking over the project to ensure that the renovations are finally completed more than a year after they were supposed to be finished. Continue reading “City Hires Perini Management to Oversee Police HQ Completion”

Guelph is Starting Its Own Food Delivery Service, Obviously

Food delivery services have been a vital component to keeping the economy going in the pandemic, but there are hitches to services like Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats. Like groceries. How can you get services from fine local establishments like Rodolfo’s Rebel Foods and Wellington Brewery? Well, there is now a made-in-Guelph answer for that. Continue reading “Guelph is Starting Its Own Food Delivery Service, Obviously”

Guelph Police Say They Followed the Letter with Tabbara Disclosure, Now Stop Asking

The news on June 5 that Kitchener-South Hespeler MP Marwan Tabbara had been arrested by the Guelph Police Service on April 10, and that no one in the general public knew about it for almost four months, has prompted a lot of questions. After being under pressure the last week, Guelph Police have now released a statement on why no one said that a sitting Member of Parliament had spent part of the Easter long weekend in their custody. Continue reading “Guelph Police Say They Followed the Letter with Tabbara Disclosure, Now Stop Asking”

Construction to Begin on Bristol Street Dog Park at the End of the Month

In  a throwback to when there was just regular controversy unrelated to the pandemic, the City of Guelph has announced that construction will commence on the fenced-in leash-free dog area at the Bristol Street Park on June 29. The would be the second such amenity to built in Guelph, and it comes after the project was nearly ended in its entirety back in February. Continue reading “Construction to Begin on Bristol Street Dog Park at the End of the Month”