RECAP: Guelph Sports Groups Agree That They Need More Space (Plus Video)

On Thursday night, Councillor Dan Gibson hosted a town hall at City Hall that gathered representatives from many different sports groups around the city to look at the challenges facing local sports and to begin the process of organizing. Despite the forward momentum on the South End Community Centre, it was the main point of the town hall that we’re still lacking space for just about every sport you can think of. Continue reading “RECAP: Guelph Sports Groups Agree That They Need More Space (Plus Video)”

ELECTION RESULTS: Resounding Re-Election for Guthrie, 5 New Councillors

The results of the 2022 Guelph Municipal Election were predictable in some ways, but really quite surprising in others. Among the especially notable surprises is that while nine incumbents were running for re-election, only eight of them are coming back to the council table in the new term. As for those five new councillors, who are they exactly? Let’s go through the returns below! Continue reading “ELECTION RESULTS: Resounding Re-Election for Guthrie, 5 New Councillors”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Dan Gibson, Ward 1 Councillor

“Having served on city council for the past 8 years, I am committed to continue advocating for equitable City investment in the east end of our City (Parks, Trails, Road Improvements), as well as transparent, accountable and financially responsible local government.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Dan Gibson, Ward 1 Councillor”

Municipal Election Nominations Update Week #9

It’s election season here in Guelph! The nominations are open for this fall’s Municipal Election, and interested residents are filing their papers to run for positions as mayor, for city council and for a spot on one of the local school boards. Each week, this space will break down who’s new to the race, who’s running again, and where we’re still waiting for someone to show an interest! Continue reading “Municipal Election Nominations Update Week #9”

RECAP: Cobey Faces Tough Questions on Community Safety at Ward 1 Town Hall

From safety concerns downtown to property theft and damage in the far east end of the city, there were a lot of police issues discussed at Tuesday’s town hall meeting held by Ward 1 Councillors Dan Gibson and Bob Bell. From the impacts of COVID-19, to changes in Guelph’s crime severity index, to calls to “Defund the Police”, Police Chief Gord Cobey fielded a lot of questions, and offered a lot of answers. This is the recap… Continue reading “RECAP: Cobey Faces Tough Questions on Community Safety at Ward 1 Town Hall”

Councillors Want a Reconsideration on Whitelaw Development Vote

Two city councillors want their colleagues to take a second look at a proposed development on Whitelaw Road that was rejected by council just last month. Councillor Mark MacKinnon didn’t get a chance to vote for the project in council, but he and Councillor Dan Gibson are hoping that they might be able to convince a majority of council to change their mind and vote for it to. Continue reading “Councillors Want a Reconsideration on Whitelaw Development Vote”

GUELPH POLITICAST #204 – The 106 Beaumont Saga

There are signs that many people in our community want 2020 to be the year of housing. After a long, unsustainable hiatus on the development of supportive, social and affordable housing, all parties are eager to attack a problem that’s only ever getting worse. Sounds good, but do you remember what happened the last time everyone was eager for action on homelessness? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #204 – The 106 Beaumont Saga”

Motion Sickness: How One Request for Info Pitted a Neighbourhood Against City Hall

Somewhere in William Winegard Public School, someone was rhythmically beating a drum. The slow tap of that drum was always there in the background, and it did nothing for the mood on the second floor, where, in the library, Ward 1 Councillor Dan Gibson was walking a fine line between outrage and need. Continue reading “Motion Sickness: How One Request for Info Pitted a Neighbourhood Against City Hall”

Guelph Politico’s Top 10 News Stories of 2018!

December means end of the year lists, and when you’re a Guelph news site, that means taking account of the last 12 months worth of stories and deciding which were the 10 most compelling. Here’s the year in news according the finest mind of Guelph Politico! Continue reading “Guelph Politico’s Top 10 News Stories of 2018!”

Issues, Concerns and Pop Culture Discussed at Ward 1 Forum

Ward 1’s eight candidates faced off Wednesday night at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Reverend John Borthwick hosted the forum – not a debate – and asked the candidates about their plans, the issues from their fellow Ward 1 residents, and, surprisingly, their favourite pop culture artifact. Continue reading “Issues, Concerns and Pop Culture Discussed at Ward 1 Forum”