Open Sources’ Next Five Council Interviews Now Posted

It’s now time for Week #3 of Open Sources Guelph’s coverage of the 2018 Municipal Election. Here are five more interviews this week with people running for the next term of Guelph City Council.

Last Thursday’s episode featured discussions with Barbara Mann, Mary Thring, Jason Dodge, Indu Arora, and Mark MacKinnon. If you missed the live show on CFRU, you can now hear the podcast version of the show.

Follow the link below, or search “Guelph Politicast” and download on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

Open Sources Guelph

Welcome to week #3 of our Municipal Election coverage here on Open Sources Guelph! We continue on maximizing our minimums with live (ish) interviews with as many candidates running for city council as possible for the next couple of weeks. Today. we’ve got five more interviews as we creep ever closer to Election Day on October 22. 

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CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Mark MacKinnon for Ward 6 Councillor

Mark MacKinnon is the only Ward 6 councillor running for re-election, and he’s hoping that his constituents in Guelph’s Far South aren’t looking to run a clean slate. Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Mark MacKinnon for Ward 6 Councillor”

RECAP: Small But Inquisitive Group Grills Councillors at Ward 6 Town Hall

It’s sometimes hard to get people to think about municipal politics on a warm summer night, let alone come out for a town hall, but a small group of Ward 6 constituents came out to the Clair Road Emergency Services Centre to hear from Councillors Mark MacKinnon and Karl Wettstein on a myriad of topics. Here’s what we all talked about. Continue reading “RECAP: Small But Inquisitive Group Grills Councillors at Ward 6 Town Hall”

GUELPH POLITICAST #108 – Gibson and MacKinnon on Being a Councillor

Not to alarm you guys, but there’s a municipal election in October. There is certainly anticipation for this event in local democracy, and there’s already a working list out there about who on the present council is running and who is still just a maybe. But let’s forget the horse race for a moment, and talk about the job itself. More than that let’s talk about what the job looks like after doing it for the last three years. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #108 – Gibson and MacKinnon on Being a Councillor”

Feds Kicking in Nearly $10 Million for Guelph Transit Upgrades

March has been a big month for transit news in the Royal City, so it’s apropos that it goes out like a lamb for city transit nerds with an announcement that the Federal government will be investing nearly $9.7 million in Guelph Transit improvements including new vehicles, new fair boxes, new shelters, and upgrades to traffic signalling. Continue reading “Feds Kicking in Nearly $10 Million for Guelph Transit Upgrades”

MacKinnon Still Considers Cost to Stream Council Meets Reasonable

On budget night, there was an unusual request amongst the potential expenditures presented by the councillors. The honour went to Ward 6’s Mark MacKinnon who proposed that the City spend $20,000 to live stream the city council meetings on the City of Guelph website, and though the motion got voted down by the rest of council, MacKinnon still thinks that it was potentially $20,000 that would have been well spent considering the return on investment in enhancing our democracy. Continue reading “MacKinnon Still Considers Cost to Stream Council Meets Reasonable”

BUDGET 2016: MacKinnon Expands on No Vote

Shortly after the razor thin vote of 7-6 in favour of the 2016 Budget, Ward 6 Councillor Mark MacKinnon sent out the above tweet. I decided to ask him to expand on his comment, and although he, like many councillors, was committed to bringing in a lower increase for the next year, that actually wasn’t the crux of where he disagreed with the approved budget. Continue reading “BUDGET 2016: MacKinnon Expands on No Vote”

Budget 2015 Update – Opening Moves

The year started off with council already contentious about the budget process. Mayor Guthrie had announced his intention to bring a motion to the January 19 council meeting that would state that the city government should set itself the goal of not raising taxes anymore than the rate of inflation for the coming fiscal year. Of the seven councillors out of 12 that responded to the Guelph Tribune‘s request for comment, four were against the motion and three were against. Although the motion has since been delayed, some feel as though the mayor was going too far too soon. Continue reading “Budget 2015 Update – Opening Moves”

Mark MacKinnon (Ward 6) – Candidate Questionnaire

Ward 6 is only one of two wards in the city of Guelph where both incumbents are running for re-election, and Mark MacKinnon hopes that there’s room for an upset in his backyard. Continue reading “Mark MacKinnon (Ward 6) – Candidate Questionnaire”