ELECTION RESULTS: Resounding Re-Election for Guthrie, 5 New Councillors

The results of the 2022 Guelph Municipal Election were predictable in some ways, but really quite surprising in others. Among the especially notable surprises is that while nine incumbents were running for re-election, only eight of them are coming back to the council table in the new term. As for those five new councillors, who are they exactly? Let’s go through the returns below! Continue reading “ELECTION RESULTS: Resounding Re-Election for Guthrie, 5 New Councillors”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings, Ward 4 Councillor

“I’ve always enjoyed helping constituents with their issues and concerns. I believe that the citizens of Ward 4 would continue to benefit from having a Councillor who has the knowledge and experience to effectively represent their needs and to continue supporting fiscal responsibility.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings, Ward 4 Councillor”

Municipal Election Nominations Update Week #16 – Ballot Complete!

It’s election season here in Guelph! The nominations are open for this fall’s Municipal Election, and interested residents are filing their papers to run for positions as mayor, for city council and for a spot on one of the local school boards. In the last update, we will look at the last minute break down of who’s new to the race, who’s running again, and who decided that they’re done with politics (for now?) Continue reading “Municipal Election Nominations Update Week #16 – Ballot Complete!”

RECAP: Ward 4 Reps and GNSC Head Get Last Word Before Budget Night

Less than 48 hours before the final decisions about the 2022 and 2023 budget have to be made, the Councillors from Ward 4 got the last word with their “Community Conversation.” Much of the conservation centred around the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition and the work being done by their associates in the west end, but a pretty good picture was painted about the need for some of that funding. Shall we go over the recap? Continue reading “RECAP: Ward 4 Reps and GNSC Head Get Last Word Before Budget Night”

Residents Win! Metrolinx No Longer Looking to Build TPS in Margaret Greene

Last summer, residents in the communities around Margaret Greene Park strained outdoor gathering limitations to tell City of Guelph officials and a couple of comms professionals from Metrolinx to share their outrage. It was a hot summer day, and nearly six months later on a cold winter’s day, Metrolinx has announced that the park is safe. They will not be placing a traction power station behind the park after all. Continue reading “Residents Win! Metrolinx No Longer Looking to Build TPS in Margaret Greene”

RECAP: Mayor & Ward 4 Councillors Talk Policing & Budget at Town Hall

It’s a known fact that Mayor Cam Guthrie got his start in politics as one of the councillors for Ward 4, and on Thursday night he virtually returned to his stomping groups with current Ward 4 Councillors Mike Salisbury and Christiner Billings. A cast of thousands (sort of) also joined Guthrie, Salisbury and Billings to talk about the 2021 Budget and issues of policing in Guelph in the second in a series of pre-budget virtual town halls. Continue reading “RECAP: Mayor & Ward 4 Councillors Talk Policing & Budget at Town Hall”

Police Board Follows Mayor’s Lead on Tackling Better Community Relations

Considering the moment, it’s understandable why a lot of eyes were on the Guelph Police Services Board meeting on Thursday. Mayor Cam Guthrie brought a series of motions to this meeting with the hope that they might answer community demands for more transparency and accountability to the community from Guelph Police, and, for the most part, everyone at the meeting agreed that these changes needed to be made. Continue reading “Police Board Follows Mayor’s Lead on Tackling Better Community Relations”

RECAP: Ward 4 Town Hall Rounds Out Direct Feedback on Budget ’20

The last town hall of the budget season unfolded Tuesday night at the West End Rec Centre as Ward 4 Councillors  Christine Billings and Mike Salisbury  answered constituent questions about the 2020 budget, and then talked to some west side concerns. You can read the live tweets below, or, if you don’t care for reading, you can watch the original live stream. Continue reading “RECAP: Ward 4 Town Hall Rounds Out Direct Feedback on Budget ’20”

FLASHBACK: The Last Stand of a Family Thrift Store

There are many people invested in the Baker Street redevelopment, a plan to revitalize what’s presently an underutilized section of the downtown core. A new main branch of the Guelph Public Library will be there, along with new commercial and residential opportunities, but if it’s seemed a long time in waiting for these changes, you’re right. Continue reading “FLASHBACK: The Last Stand of a Family Thrift Store”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings for Ward 4 Councillor

After a four-year hiatus, Christine Billings returned to council as one of two new representatives for Ward 4, and now she’s asking for four more. Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings for Ward 4 Councillor”