Mayor’s Forum Marks Mental Health Day with Suicide Prevention Discussion

Mental Health issues are enjoying increased awareness and attention in recent years, but on World Mental Health Day in Guelph, an event hosted by Mayor Cam Guthrie focused on one area of mental health that still struggles to get a lot of attention, suicide and suicide prevention. Continue reading “Mayor’s Forum Marks Mental Health Day with Suicide Prevention Discussion”

Guthrie Welcomes LUMCO and Finds Some Common Ground

The first meeting of the Large Urban Mayors’ Caucus of Ontario (LUMCO), with Guelph’s Mayor Cam Guthrie as the chair, took place on Friday. Although the meeting was closed to the public and the media, the mayor did take a few minutes to answer media questions after the meeting about what’s on LUMCO’s plate this term. Continue reading “Guthrie Welcomes LUMCO and Finds Some Common Ground”

LIVE BLOG: State of the City 2019

At the annual Chamber of Commerce event, Mayor Cam Guthrie will deliver live, from the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre on Stone Road in Guelph, the State of the City! Is the State of the City strong, or merely okay? Follow along here, or on Twitter, to find out. Continue reading “LIVE BLOG: State of the City 2019”

A Note on Guelph Politico Candidate Questionairres for 2018

As you may have noticed, Guelph Politico has begun posting the Candidate Questionnaires for people running to be Guelph’s mayor, its city councillors, or for trustee in one of its two English school boards. This would be the third time that Politico has run such questionnaires, but this time, they’re really ambitious. Continue reading “A Note on Guelph Politico Candidate Questionairres for 2018”

ELECTION 2018: The Final Ballot of Mayor, Council, and Trustee

66. After a spurt of new nominees over the last few days, there are 66 people running for mayor, city council, and school board trustee in Guelph. For your convenience, the complete list of candidates is below, incumbents are marked with an [X]. Continue reading “ELECTION 2018: The Final Ballot of Mayor, Council, and Trustee”

Mlynarz Runs for Mayor, and Yes, She’s In It to Win It

With nominations for the municipal election closing on Friday, Mayor Cam Guthrie had just over four days left before being acclaimed as the head of Guelph’s city council for another four years. On Monday morning though, one candidate came forward to say “Not so fast”, and she made it clear that she’s not going to let you hold her youth and inexperience against her. Continue reading “Mlynarz Runs for Mayor, and Yes, She’s In It to Win It”

Mlynarz Decides to Try for Mayor Instead

She came within a quarter of a per cent of taking second place in Guelph’s provincial election race, but it sounds like she’s not prepared to settle for second this fall by running in the municipal election. Aggie Mlynarz has announced that she intends to run for Mayor of Guelph against the incumbent Cam Guthrie on October 22. Continue reading “Mlynarz Decides to Try for Mayor Instead”