GUELPH POLITICAST #356 – The New Kids on the Block Part 1

On Open Sources Guelph we talk to all members of city council regularly, so it seemed fitting to kick off this new council term last fall by talking first to the five new councillors. For the next couple of weeks on this podcast, we’re going to collect those initial interviews starting with the new reps from the odd number wards in Guelph as we get to know the new players at the council table. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #356 – The New Kids on the Block Part 1”

ELECTION RESULTS: Resounding Re-Election for Guthrie, 5 New Councillors

The results of the 2022 Guelph Municipal Election were predictable in some ways, but really quite surprising in others. Among the especially notable surprises is that while nine incumbents were running for re-election, only eight of them are coming back to the council table in the new term. As for those five new councillors, who are they exactly? Let’s go through the returns below! Continue reading “ELECTION RESULTS: Resounding Re-Election for Guthrie, 5 New Councillors”

Collaborative Problem Solving the Goal with Candidate Panel at 10C

At 10C Shared Space today there was a candidate forum that tried to put the emphasis on sharing in lieu of debating. About a dozen of the candidates running in Wards 1, 2 and 3 came out in front of a live studio audience for the first to two council candidate forums to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, as outlined by the U.N., and how we can incorporate those goals into the solutions for the challenges facing Guelph. Continue reading “Collaborative Problem Solving the Goal with Candidate Panel at 10C”

Mac’s Back – For Real – With Lots of Questions

After flicking his campaign website off and on earlier this week, it seems that Ward 1 council candidate Thai Mac is now all the way back in just two weeks after saying that he was unofficially pulling out. In his latest statement, Mac made a lot of accusations about an unnamed Ward 1 candidate, and added that he’s talked to local LGBTQ+ advocacy groups about how he can do better in the future. Continue reading “Mac’s Back – For Real – With Lots of Questions”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Erin Caton, Ward 1 Councillor

“Since moving to Guelph, I have run into a variety of issues like missing sidewalks, unsafe trail crossings, poor cycling infrastructure, dangerous driving and more. As a seasoned project manager, I am a problem solver and I really enjoy helping people.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Erin Caton, Ward 1 Councillor”