RECAP: #ONelxn Candidates Face Off in Virtual Discussion on Social Justice

In the fourth local debate of this election, five of the seven Guelph candidates faced off to discuss matters of economic equality, environmental protection, and the improvement of healthcare and education. Hosted by the Guelph Coalition for Social Justice, and its member groups and agencies, it was a blockbuster 120 minutes of ideas and discussion, but don’t call it a debate. Check out the Twitter recap and the video below. Continue reading “RECAP: #ONelxn Candidates Face Off in Virtual Discussion on Social Justice”

None of the Above’s Not a Federal Party, and Taylor’s Not Running

Despite the fact that there’s a national appetite for the option, there will be no None of the Above official party candidates on the 2019 election ballot. According to an email from the party leader to local candidates, the party missed the deadline to be recognized as a national political party in this election, and candidates will now run as independents. One of them though will not be Guelph candidate Paul Taylor. Continue reading “None of the Above’s Not a Federal Party, and Taylor’s Not Running”

ICYMI: Taylor Plans to Reprise as None of Above Candidate in Fall Election

At the end of this week’s Guelph Politicast about injured workers and workers’ compensation, guest Paul Taylor announced his intention to run in this fall’s Federal Election as a candidate for the None of the Above Party. It will be the second time that Taylor has run under that party’s banner as a Guelph election candidate. Continue reading “ICYMI: Taylor Plans to Reprise as None of Above Candidate in Fall Election”

GUELPH POLITICAST #185 – A Labour Day Special

Monday is Labour Day, which most people mark as the unofficial end of summer, but Labour Day has, and should, stand for something more. In this era where labour is struggling so hard, doing more work for the same pay, and in a perpetual state of stress, should we not take some to make sure we keep the “labour” in Labour Day? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #185 – A Labour Day Special”

Schreiner Makes History in Competitive Guelph Race

Guelph made Ontario political history last night by electing the province’s first Green Party Member of Provincial Parliament. Mike Schreiner’s victory came after what looked like a very tight race in the riding, but in the end, Schreiner won his seat in what can only be described as a “blow out” result for the Green Party of Ontario leader. Continue reading “Schreiner Makes History in Competitive Guelph Race”

Notes From the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice Debate

Whether they had an appetite for change, or an appetite for politics, over 400 people flooded the Italian Canadian Club for the first Guelph debate of the 2018 Provincial Election. Standing room only gave way to organizers embiggening the room for more seats, as seven of the eight announced candidates sparred on a bunch of issues in a 150-minute set. Here’s what we learned… Continue reading “Notes From the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice Debate”