Guelphites Remind MP’s Office That They’re Looking for Some Climate Action

On the last day of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, international delegates tried to reach a deal to further the cause of stopping a two degree increase to the global temperature that will lead to a climate catastrophe. Here in Guelph, a small group of young local climate activists wanted to remind our Member of Parliament that they want more climate action here in Canada too. Continue reading “Guelphites Remind MP’s Office That They’re Looking for Some Climate Action”

GUELPH POLITICAST #297 – Spread the Word, Err… Pollen

We’re picking up where we left off a couple of weeks ago with our countdown to Giving Tuesday, and we’re going to talk to a community group that’s focused on a very specific aspect of environmental protection. Guelph has its share of so-called “tree huggers”, but there’s only one group that’s trying to make this a better place for pollinating insects. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #297 – Spread the Word, Err… Pollen”

Schreiner Pushes Legislature to Act on Climate and Housing Emergencies

When the Speech from the Throne was delivered in the Ontario Legislature on Monday, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner called it an “uninspiring throne speech that sets no vision or path forward for Ontario.” While it dealt with the ongoing pandemic, Schreiner noted that there was no mention of either climate change or housing affordability, so it’s forced the Green Party leader to do what the Ontario government won’t, make these issues a priority. Continue reading “Schreiner Pushes Legislature to Act on Climate and Housing Emergencies”

Local Groups Demand More Climate Action, Less Climate Talk

A lot of people hope that substantive action on climate change will be a major issue in the current Federal Election, but they also know that it will take a lot of hard work and noise to make it the prevalent issue they want it to be. Although not as big as past climate strikes in Guelph, the one held on Thursday drew more than 50 people to St. George’s Square to raise their voices about the desperate need to fight climate change. Continue reading “Local Groups Demand More Climate Action, Less Climate Talk”

Climate Strike Planned Downtown This Thursday

A proud Guelph tradition returns this Thursday when several local groups will host a climate strike at noon in St. George’s Square. In the wake of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recent, and damning, report about the out-of-control warming of the planet, the consortium has some very important demands with local and national reach. Continue reading “Climate Strike Planned Downtown This Thursday”

Schreiner Lays Out Wish List for Provincial Budget This Week

Although the current Provincial government is unlikely to take any of his suggestions, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner laid out a five-point list of priorities that should be on the government to do list when they announce the budget this week. On Wednesday, the Government of Ontario will announce the 2021-2022 fiscal plan, and Schreiner thinks that the priority should be pandemic recovery and support. Continue reading “Schreiner Lays Out Wish List for Provincial Budget This Week”

Saxe Says We Don’t Have to Choose Between COVID and Climate

Once she was the highly respected Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, an independent officer meant to review and critique the Provincial government’s work on all matters concerning energy, the environment, and climate change. Less than a year into their mandate, the Ford government got rid of Dianne Saxe and her former position, but now as the Deputy Leader of the Green Party Saxe is ready put climate action front and centre. Continue reading “Saxe Says We Don’t Have to Choose Between COVID and Climate”

Shoes Sub for People in COVID Friendly Climate Protest

Exactly one year ago, a group of young people gathered in St. George’s Square to protest Canada’s lack of climate action, and to demand better from all levels of government. Since then, holding a protest with hundreds of people has gotten more difficult, and so has the job of getting attention for climate changes issues. Activists are forced to be more creative than ever, and that’s why if you passed by City Hall at lunch hour on Friday you saw rows and rows of shoes. Continue reading “Shoes Sub for People in COVID Friendly Climate Protest”

Federal Funding Will Help Deliver 20 More EV Charging Stations in Guelph

With the local economy re-opening from pandemic lockdown, more people are going to be going more places. For people with an electric vehicle (EV) going out can be tough if you’re not sure if there’s a charging station nearby if you need one, which is one reason why the Federal government is contributing $100,000 for a total of $320,000 in combined funding with the City for 20 new charging stations in Guelph. Continue reading “Federal Funding Will Help Deliver 20 More EV Charging Stations in Guelph”

U of G Students Push Admin to Looking Again at Divestment

Over 100 University of Guelph students led a solidarity process with the hereditary chiefs of the Wet’suwet’an territory on Wednesday on campus, and then they went inside to push the administration to divest the university from fossil fuels. Although the U of G Board of Governors voted down such a motion last year, Vice-President of Finance Don O’Leary promised the protestors that he would bring it up again. Continue reading “U of G Students Push Admin to Looking Again at Divestment”